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Because the quality of Mohawk is just you will definitely love, Mohawk offers perfect rugs for pets and kids at home. Not only that, but you can find the perfect rugs for every place of your home with beautiful colors and designs. Dream also Comes True, so look your favorite rug at famous categories of Mohawk which include Trasitional, Contemporary, Traditional, and Casual. As the naming is important, Mohawk has named the beautiful, creative and ever rejoicing collections as Augusta, Aurora, Berkshire, Metropolitan, Muse, Nomad, Providence, Savannah, Studio and Woodbridge. The designs in each collection are very skillfully created. Some are comprised of painterly inspired washes of color and abstract geometrics, some uses the latest trend of mixing textures, some have thick texture and tonal style, and so on. Surfing it more you will find a wonderful features that makes Mohawk the beautiful addition to any room of your home for its fashionable styles and colors, very durable and resistant.