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Designed very differently, using new colors and their beautiful combinations in an ultimate and fantastic way, here we go and describe key features of some very beautiful rugs that belong to United Weavers. Containing more than 4000 products in the good discount, United Weavers is popular among its customers. Since the list of beautiful rugs is long, we have selected some rugs. So, here are the descriptions of few rugs from United Weavers.

United Weavers Abigail Sia Magenta Rug

Cool in colors, this rug gives an exotic look and feel to the whole décor of your room. It worth enough to show its legacy with intricate area rugs which has a large medallion and thick edging that splash stunning atmosphere. Bound with the manifestation to display the natural hues of magenta pink, beautiful sky blue and burnt orange, United Weavers Abigail Sia Magenta Rug gives the designer look and feel.
Moreover, this Abigail Sia Magenta Rug is popular for its durability, cotton backing and a stain-resistant for a perfect lifestyle. It is made with Olefin Frieze, has a beautiful magenta color, the construction is machine-made, pile height is 0.35, the collection is Abigail and it belongs to the country Turkey.

United Weavers Monaco Carlo Navy Rug

If you love the dark blue along with your specific choice of traditional rugs, this gorgeous conventional style rug would be good option for you. It boldly displays beautiful bold navy blue and ivory white-colored tones. When you see it in detail, you will be amazed by stunning fringe detail on the edges and cotton backing. Its design is so obvious that you will 100% agree with its potential to be a focal point of your room décor. It is a collection from Monaco and belongs to Turkey. Moreover, it is machine-made, navy in color, made from the polyester material and has a pile height of 0.24.


 United Weavers Abigail Honora Blue Rug

If you would like to put energy into your décor, and make your room lively and vibrant, you will discover that the true enhancement to the transitional design by an ultra-rich deep blue-toned background color. This emits an undiscovered beauty, gives designer look and feel. But the most appealing advantage is that this wonderful rug reflects true durability, cotton backing, and stains resistance which agrees to your relevant lifestyle needs. Moreover, made from Olefin Frieze material, United Weavers Abigail Honora Blue Rug this blue colored machine-made rug has the 0.35 pile height, weave type and the construction is machine-made, shape is a rectangle, origin country is Turkey, the collection is Abigail and size is 12’6”x 15’.

If you are excited about United Weavers rugs and would like to explore more rugs, visit the United Weavers Product Page.

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