The New and Effective Methods to Choose Right Paint Brushes and Rollers

The selection of the right paint brushes and rollers is as important as choosing the right paints and of course the right colors for your home. Therefore, make sure you exclusively select the most professional brushes for painting your walls if you wish to have the most professional results.

Let’s take a look at the different form of brushes available in the market and let’s determine their suitability for painting your walls.

The Foam Brushes

You must have been seeing the foam brushes for long now and must have seen its rise in popularity. Well, let us tell you that the foam brushes are deemed more suitable for intricate work including molding, painting and window casings.

Since the foam brushes are typically meant for single usage as these are easy to tear and hard to clean, one thing is for sure that these are certainly not an economic choice.

Man Made Bristle Brushes

Another popular brush is the man made bristle brush. It would also be important to mention here that these latex, water-based and acrylics paints.

However, before you buy it, we should alert you to certain features of these. Before you proceed to buy it make sure you look into the fact that these brushes possess a thick head of bristles. However, it is not all as you also need to vouch for the fact that the brush you are about to buy does not have gaps in the middle as the cheap brushes are known to have.

Therefore, look out for bristles that are evenly distributed rather than the ones that may have gaps in the middle and may not be deemed quality ones.

The Polyester Synthetic Brushes

Once you come across polyester synthetic brushes, you will notice that these are available in split-ended bristles and straight bristles. However, if you ask us split end polyester not only offers better coverage rather fewer strokes are enough to paint the wall surface.

Last but not the least it would be relevant to mention here that the polyester synthetic brushes are a good match when it comes to latex paints.

Natural Bristle Brushes

Another popular form of brushes are the natural bristle brushes which are made from animal hair. Therefore, these are good to go along with the oil-based paints.

Why? Because the water-based and latex paints will dry out the bristles of the natural bristle brushes.

Foam Rollers

There are many people who love foam rollers and for those who wonder how to paint walls with foam rollers should know that foam rollers are known to give a finish similar to that produced by a paint sprayer.

Therefore, if you are also the one who loves the finish similar to that of a paint sprayer should consider using foam rollers for the painting of their place.

Since the foam rollers are also available in the wheel shape, this allows the user of the foam roller to get into the corners of the walls easily and thus be able to apply professional strokes.

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