The Unbelievable Tencel Full Ivory Is a Reality Now: Discover the Top Reasons

Can you imagine that it’s stunningly silky soft and comes with a lot of potential? The unbelievable Tencel Full ivory belongs to brand Malouf. We trust that quality sleep is as important for us as quality food. Because the Tencel bed linens are made with luxuriously smooth fiber, which is specifically taken from eco-friendly resources which help to pamper your skin from the unpleasant and non-favorable environments. It is silky soft, naturally pure, made with extra soft fibers and thus it is great for people with sensitive skin or people who really care for retaining the beauty of their skin.
As Tencel has a luxurious smooth fiber structure made from the stunningly soft fibers to keep you feeling extra soft, the whole night, making your sleep deep and calm. A very distinctive feature that creates the exact demand for the Tencel is its quality to manage moisture and regulate the temperature that helps to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Some additional features include.
  • Extra deep pockets and oversized dimensions for the mattress with the depth of 6”-22”
  • Universal fit design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit
  • Include sheet sets or pillowcases
  • Extracted from botanical fibers
  • Performance and feel outperforms traditional sheet material

Why It Is Moisture Wicking?

Because the Tencel is made of very small fibers, which are called fibrils. Fibrils wick 50% more moisture that is more effective than cotton.

Why It Is Stunningly Soft?

If you look at wool and cotton, you will see that both have rough fiber surfaces which can ultimately cause skin irritations. The Tencel, on the other hand, is extremely soft and thus does not cause skin irritations.
TENCEL can be produced from raw materials, and the procedure during cultivation uses 10-20 times less water as compared to cotton. Also, it is important to note that it uses a closed-loop system and this ultimately makes it extremely eco-friendly.
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