Your Imagination Comes True! Dreamed Open Front Desk and Chair Is There To Know

Who says that studying has to be boring? We bet the open front desk and chair that we are introducing you to, is going to transform the way your children picture or perceive themselves studying. Our children desk and chair has served as the catalyst that has brought back children and well let’s to an extent even the elders back to the desk.

Well! Where to begin from? However, let’s just start with the design of this desk with chair which with its black pedestal frame is a beautiful addition to any classroom or even to a room not to mention that it can fit students of all sizes. Since the top question of many buyers is none other than its thickness then you would be relieved to know that it has a thickness of .75 inch along with a laminate top that along with being high pressure features a convenient pencil groove.

For those who are concerned about how it can be raised then you would be pleased to know that its height legs allow it to be raised as much as by 3 inches and that too in one inch increment. Similarly, this open front desk and chair also has ample space for storage. Therefore, whether you wish to keep your book or whether you wish to keep your supplies, paper, journals, files and/or stationary, it has space for it all.

However, a distinct and unique attribute of this children desk and chair is that it features hooks at both of its sides for hanging student jackets and/or backpacks. For all those who are in love with its pedestal frame would be further amazed to know that it has been designed in a manner that it is capable of imparting stability along with offering adjustable height legs.

This open front desk and chair is being offered in the ever green, timeless, elegant and classic black color. Now let us take a look into the material of this desk with chair that is none other than sturdy plastic. Keeping in view that air circulation is but utmost important this chair features slatted black. Therefore, it means that apart from offering you utmost physical comfort owing to its superior design, it also allows for air circulation.

Last but not the least we have also taken care of the anti-slip feature. Therefore, this open front desk and chair has added to it legs the anti-slip floor caps that helps this desk with chair from sliding thus adding to its safety profile. However, there is another advantage associated with this anti-slip floor caps feature,that is that it helps reduce the distracting noises associated with its movement.

Finally we are now ready to tell you about the price of this open front desk and chair and for sure we would not disappoint you in this aspect as well. This children desk and chair is being offered at highly reduced prices along with our free shipping offer.

Therefore, take advantage of this offer and buy this immediately before we run out of the stock of it.

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