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Because most of the time is spent at home, why shouldn’t your home look an impressive place, very close to your imagination and personal choices? Make your home very personal and affirmative for you, so that you can spend quality time there.  Here you would get to know some latest furniture pieces to act as a nice and personal addition to your home. Be yours and buy yours. Get to know some important furniture pieces which not only make your place the best place to fulfill your needs but also let’s you save money even making your home look amazing at the same time.


Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Floor Mirror

Available in different sizes, Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Floor Mirror is ready to do magic at your at your home. It makes you feel wow and look yourself the best way when you are ready to go outside. It’s a brand from Vilo and made from fine material. Place it anywhere at your home, may it be your bedroom, drawing room or lounge, this floor mirror will make the place look amazing.


Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Mirror

Do you have many belongings? but have no appropriate place to put them the right way. Do you need a proper place to cater to the scattered things at one place? Do you need much space to arrange your things well? If yes, Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Mirror will be the one answer to your all questions.
Available in mix and match shades of grey, this Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Mirror is available in different sizes and is ready to do wonders in your bedroom. So, mow you can say home fantastically and live in a very managed way.

Vintage Greys- Server/TV Stand

When beautiful mix and match shades of grey do magic, vintage is the one and only name. Because this amazing vintage greys –server/TV stand is one of its type in quality, design and special prize and multiple sizes, it is one of the wonderful piece of furniture to break the silence at home and fill it with life.


Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Chest

If you have many things to be handled at the single important place and have comparatively less space to store multiple things, this vintage greys bedroom set chest will be the best choice. A very positive point about this furniture piece is that you are not bound for its placement at specific place because it comes in many sizes, you are free to buy a size that is best suited according to available place in your bedroom or any other room where needed.
We are happy to share that these beautiful mix and match shades of grey will definitely do magic in your home or office as per need. Well, all the above products are available at reasonable price with no compromise on quality. If you want to know more products from Vilo, you can browse at Affordable Vilo Furniture.
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