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The United Weavers of America has a lengthy list of collections of outdoor and indoor rugs, colors, sizes, and designs. Because all the designs are very carefully crafted by experienced technical staff, United Weavers do wonders to serve best and that’s why it has become a very popular brand that naturally belongs to the USA. Here we will discuss important features of some rugs and explore the specific rug with its image.


United Weavers Bali Cyprus Blue Area Rug

This colorful and exotic rug is the true picture of liveliness and creativity. It provides luxurious appeal to your lounge or living space by the use of lively colors which can easily gain the attention of people of all age, making everybody at home to gather and mingle at one space and spent a wonderful time together.
This striking piece is bound to put extra energy in space with its beautiful shades of ivory white, deep blue, fuchsia, and golden yellow. Made with the Olefin material, this collection comes from Bali, initiated with blue color, made by machine in 0.43 pile height, and is successful in managing long-lasting durability and stain resistance.



United Weavers Dallas Tres Red Area Rug

The beautiful Tres red area rug adds southwestern feel to your room. This genially made exotic rug is the combination of modern as well as classic looks and is perfect in its design, color to create n emphatic attention as it is a collection from Dallas, machine-made from Polypropylene material with the pile height of 0.31, red in color, rectangle in shape. The maroon color normally looks best with traditional designs, but here is the perfect combination of traditional with modern, so this rug is attractive enough in its look.




United Weavers Rhapsody Nebula Multi Rug

If you are an artist or feel arts in your heart, you will fall in love with this artistically designed rug. This rug is known for its creative designs, inventive styles, and stimulating colors. It is called the creator of dramatic and poetic look for its style and rhythmical colors. It is the bold combination of blues, reds, purples, and neutral colors that are harmonically combined together. United Weavers Rhapsody Nebula Multi Rug is a collection from Rhapsody, machine made with the pile height of 0.31, rectangle in shape, multi in color.
This rug will also be perfect for you if have kids or pets at home because these colors are not easy to fill with dirt or make you feel that something is split on it. Also, it is very durable because of cotton backing and long-lasting glamour.
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