Momeni is Always Into Quality in Less Price

Looking for quality rugs at reasonable prices, then Momeni Delhi Collection Rugs are of your type. We do it for you because sometimes your pocket has a very limited amount, but still, you do not want to compromise on quality, the right combination of beautiful colors and eye-catching designs. These rugs exquisitely hand tufted and hand carved. Born with simplicity, beauty, and elegance, this unique collection is made of 100% wool.

Moreover, if you love colors, you feel quite good that Momeni Delhi collection Rugs are the perfect combination of exclusive colors and designs, these rugs are available in shades of beige, black, blue, brown, gold, green, gray, ivory, multi, navy, orange, red and yellow. With the name of these colors, it looks that these are simply these colors, but the real fact is that Momeni has chosen very unique and different shades from within the boundary of these colors.

Just after the color and design, we will talk about size. Momeni Delhi Collection Rugs come in very appropriate sizes that will naturally fit in your any room. These sizes include 3×5, 4×6,5×8, 8×10 and a runner. If your room is square, the square-shaped rugs will be more suitable and in the same way rooms with the rectangle size would be a perfect match with a rectangular shaped rug in the same direction.

As far as categories are concerned, these rugs are categorized into Broadloom, Roll Runners, Area Rugs and NOVOGRATZ. If you look at designs, every rug and its color combination are one of its kind and is amazingly outstanding. This brand is made in India by master craftsman, and thus it bears the name Delhi Collection.

Delhi Collection designs include DL-22 BLACK which is the geometrical and artistic design of well-done black, red and other shades. The other very similar design is DL-22 CHARCOAL which also has a geometric design, but has a different color combination.

Moreover DL-32 BEIGE is a very simple design that consists of a longitudinal pattern in gray and white colors. Let’s discuss the designs one by one. DL-33 PAPRIKA and L-33 SILVER: This is a modern area rug design that shows the pattern of overlapping petals. These are suitable for classic and contemporary surroundings. DL-40 MOCHA and DL-40 RED: These are the perfect blend of very beautiful design of big and small flowers of light brown and dark brown colors, and red and black color.

Other designs include DL-44 BLUE, DL-47TI, DL-48 BLUE, DL-48 RED, DL-48’ YELLOW, DL-49 ORANGE, DL-51 NAVY. L-54 MULTI, DL-55 GREY, DL-55 BLUE, DL-55 YELLOW, DL-57 BLACK, DL-59 MULTI BLUE, DL-59 MULTI RED, DL-62 MULTI, DL-65 RUST, DL-65 SILVER, DL-66 BLUE, and DL-69 BEIGE.

If you would like to get more information about these reasonable rugs, you can see the webpage DELHI Collection and find more stuff with beautiful pictures of rugs.

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Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′

Decent, sophisticated, natural, mild and highest quality Chinese wools, this Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ is one of their type. These Chinese rugs have softest of hands and shine that is unsurpassed. Momeni NEW WAVE COLLECTION BLACK NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ has carving for added depth and a Tibetan like weave which makes them different from others. Too Momeni have similar products with minor changes in sizes and colors. Available in 30% discount, Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ gives new looks to many homes. Well, these 100% wool pile rugs are the part of many who love wild life. Even if they didn’t get opportunity to travel to wild, they can still experience and feel it at home.

Well, if you really love wildlife and had visits for this longing, Momeni NEW WAVE COLLECTION BLACK NW-09 Rug 2’X3’ would remind you of those days and will keep making you ready for the next visits. Loving the wild life and experiencing it is something that is unmatched with any other treasury. Animals are innocent and they act very naturally for their prey. Many of them have family like human beings, which they live in and enjoy with their family. Mothers and father take care of their children in the same way as us, and feed them up, till they are grown young.

The main important target for every parent is to protect them from other wild animals and they do efforts to save their child and themselves from other animals. This way the days and nights are spent. We can see all this is different channels like national geographic, discovery and other different local channels. But going in wild places, looking for them, hiding for days and nights, seeing them with naked eye and capturing this amazing experience has no substitute.

Not everyone is such a lucky person to have this in their lives. But, going there is hot always a happy experience for many because all this is surrounded by lot of risks. So, whenever, you tend to get such an amazing experience in your lives, be very alert and go just after you get much information on saving yourself from these treasures and coping up with any unwanted happenings.

One of the very important points is that to not come out of your cars or jeeps, without seeing around. Any wild animal can be pointing on you. Also, take survival kits and first aid box with you. The survival kits will include all equipments to save yourself and your fellows from any unwanted attack. For preparing the perfect survival kit, you can see different tutorials available online and read different relevant articles, but make sure your survival kit is complete and contain quality contents.

Well, you may not have plan to visit to wild place, but you love the treasury experienced by others, this Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ will make you feel the wild life even at your own home and the quality and price makes you conscious to spread it at your favorite spaces in your home.

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The 21st Century’s Method to Choose The Perfect Colour, Texture and Size for Your Rug

Choosing appropriate rugs for different rooms is a tricky business! If your choice is fine, your home will be a perfect place in décor but if there is any flaw in the choice, your room will give a feeling of awkwardness and will be totally a mismatch with the other setting. Well, there are three important factors that you would come across while choosing rugs.
The first thing that you may select for your rug is the right colour or right combination of colours. If your room is already a cluster of many colours, you might choose a rug of a single colour or combination of very few and less textured colours. Also, sometimes it happens that your rug is very first thing for your room fits so, it becomes easier to go for furniture and other accessories that will coordinate afterwards.
Rugs are the largest piece furniture in your room décor. The importance of right colour and right toned rug is no matter the priority. So, be sure to keep an account of these when selecting a rug for your floorings. Don’t take the selection of right rug as the second piece of work when decorating your outdoors or indoors because a bold patterned, true and bright coloured rugs are the heart and soul of our place.
Texture is the the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance. Choosing the right texture for your rug is very important, however, this matter is often overlooked and omitted. A room that uses right blend of colours and textures always looks good and amazing place where you would like to spent more time. So, an easy way for making an attractive room is the selection of right texture of your rug.
The best way to choose the texture of your rug is to look at the texture of your existing furniture and playing the contrast game. For example, if the seating arrangement is quite hard, the soft and fluffy rug will be a good choice. In the same way, if furniture uses soft velvet like fabric, the hard material like sisal will give a good look and feel.
People often deny the importance of size for their rugs, but size and the right allocation of where place for these rugs is very important. Rugs in the drawing room looks fine when the rug is used till the front portion of sofas. When the rug is used under the dining table, it should cover the place where the chairs will be dragged for sitting and so on.
The rooms that are square in size, square rugs will look fine in them, but the rooms that are rectangle will surely look fine, when rectangle rug is used in the right direction.
For your convenience in choosing the rug with right colours, textures and sizes, Momeni Bliss Collection brought wonderful rugs at reasonable prices. So, now you can choose your favourite rugs from Momeni Bliss Collection just according to your room size and furniture.
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The Unusual Space and Stunning Designs are in your pocket Now! Let us know how..

Do you love more space? Creating more space or making the current space look to look spacious is the dilemma now a days. People tend to have better living style combined with soothing content for their minds. Our daily routine life is quite hectic and making more space or making the same space look more spacious and attractive are very important to make life calm. This is important because only a relaxed mind is able to give good performance at school, college, university, office, or at home.

Especially, when you return home from a hectic work day, you need comfort and if you really get the desired mental energy, your all lost energy is magically gained. And what a fantastic idea will it be if you get this energy from your own home because you have made it a soothing living comfort zone. Moreover, a very positive fact associated with this is that you not only get energized for a day, but also you very affirmatively energize for the next challenging working day.

When it comes to making your home a comfort zone, we can talk about different ideas like  floorings, colouring and decorating the walls, making attractive ceilings, using fine quality furniture, using plants, lamps and other decorative pieces. There are multiple ideas in short. And one of them is the use attractive rugs. Here we will discuss that, what can you do to make your place more spacious in look and a relaxing one the comfort wise, with the use of these rugs.

Rugs are very commonly used in outdoors and indoors at home, and if your indoors use good floorings, furniture and other decorative items, the use of fine rugs will enhance the beauty and space. In the same way, if your outdoors have a beautiful garden and floorings, use of these rugs will complete the soothing phenomenon.

Would you like to make your place stunning combined with the effect of comfort? If yes, then you can look the rugs at Momeni where you can finally make your outdoor or indoor area look more in space, very imaginative, full of fantastic colours and all this is combined with very creative designs that are the result of the efforts of experts at Momeni Baja Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. Yes, they make it happen! These rugs are made from 100% POLYPROPYLENE which is the choice of many quality lovers.

All Momeni Baja Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs are made with fine material that make its first impression just the same way you want to get from your guests and family members. Also, the designs are very creative, made very artistically to give an outstanding look to your drawing rooms, lounge, children’s’ room or outdoor areas.

When we talk about colours, we will find the combination of very eye catching, and dazzling colours that give soothing effect to your eyes. Well, you can choose your colours from attractive shades of black, blue, green, grey, ivory, multi, orange, red, taupe and yellow. So, now you can décor your outdoors and indoors areas with beautiful colours combined with artistic and inventive designs that are very attractive.

Your idea of making the space look more spacious is marvellous, so Momeni Baja Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs are available in different sizes like 10×14, 2×3, 2×4, 4×6, 8×11 and many at very reasonable prices that will surely fit to your pocket with no compromise on quality.

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