Where Tradition, Quality, and Style has a Fine Match! Momeni Gramercy Collection

Gramercy is truly a high-end rug, with sophisticated designs that mostly use the touch of traditional patterns. The colors and designs that Gramercy uses are normally soft, elegant and full of grace. What are you thinking? Are you thinking that we are talking about some very expensive rug? Come on! The story is different here. Together with the use of high quality 100% wool and inimitable qualities, you can buy Gramercy at a very reasonable price.
Momeni Gramercy Collection is the rug that gives the effect of a high-notch product that is available at high rates, but Momeni has made the things possible just the same way as it had been doing for the last decades. So, if you think you can buy this elegant rug in a very economical price, you are right! The dream has come true so now get the same luxurious look at a reasonable price with no compromise on quality.
Gramercy Collection is unique… Let us know why? All rugs in Gramercy Collection have earth and muted tones and have very simple designs. These rugs have open baked, hand-loomed in India, and are made of 100% wool. The wool that is used in making each one of these is rug is itself quality wool and that’s why the look and feel of higher-end knotted pieces and luxury is obvious. Gramercy Collection rugs are very popular for their warm, inviting, and cozy looks, and that’s why they give a look of home wherever they are spread.
The elegant designs of these rugs are worth noting, made by the masterminds, these rugs give a perfect classic and traditional look. Followed by the simple color schemes and subtle designs, these rugs are right blend with your existing décor and give your room a bold look and let the family to come closer enjoy favorite moments.
Colors that make the bold casual statements of love and harmony come with the unique shade schemes of beige, black, blue, brown, gold, green, grey, multi, orange, purple and red. The sizes that are most popular include 10X14, 2X3, 3X5, 4X6, 5X8, 8X10, 8X11 and a RUNNER.
The chic variety of Momeni Gramercy Collection is further categorized into Broadloom, Roll Runners, Area Rugs, NOVOGRATZ, and Erin Gates. Each of these has a vast variety of elegant designs that are unique, boldly patterned, designed with the graceful phenomenon, knotted for perfection soft and cozy looks.
Whether you have spread the Gramercy Collection at your living room, dining room, drawing room, bedroom, lounge, study room, children room, guest room, or have used it as a RUNNER, you will get a true feeling of soft and cozy looks, luxury and comfort, traditional notch, elegant pitch, and casual feel.
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