Momeni is Always Into Quality in Less Price

Looking for quality rugs at reasonable prices, then Momeni Delhi Collection Rugs are of your type. We do it for you because sometimes your pocket has a very limited amount, but still, you do not want to compromise on quality, the right combination of beautiful colors and eye-catching designs. These rugs exquisitely hand tufted and hand carved. Born with simplicity, beauty, and elegance, this unique collection is made of 100% wool.

Moreover, if you love colors, you feel quite good that Momeni Delhi collection Rugs are the perfect combination of exclusive colors and designs, these rugs are available in shades of beige, black, blue, brown, gold, green, gray, ivory, multi, navy, orange, red and yellow. With the name of these colors, it looks that these are simply these colors, but the real fact is that Momeni has chosen very unique and different shades from within the boundary of these colors.

Just after the color and design, we will talk about size. Momeni Delhi Collection Rugs come in very appropriate sizes that will naturally fit in your any room. These sizes include 3×5, 4×6,5×8, 8×10 and a runner. If your room is square, the square-shaped rugs will be more suitable and in the same way rooms with the rectangle size would be a perfect match with a rectangular shaped rug in the same direction.

As far as categories are concerned, these rugs are categorized into Broadloom, Roll Runners, Area Rugs and NOVOGRATZ. If you look at designs, every rug and its color combination are one of its kind and is amazingly outstanding. This brand is made in India by master craftsman, and thus it bears the name Delhi Collection.

Delhi Collection designs include DL-22 BLACK which is the geometrical and artistic design of well-done black, red and other shades. The other very similar design is DL-22 CHARCOAL which also has a geometric design, but has a different color combination.

Moreover DL-32 BEIGE is a very simple design that consists of a longitudinal pattern in gray and white colors. Let’s discuss the designs one by one. DL-33 PAPRIKA and L-33 SILVER: This is a modern area rug design that shows the pattern of overlapping petals. These are suitable for classic and contemporary surroundings. DL-40 MOCHA and DL-40 RED: These are the perfect blend of very beautiful design of big and small flowers of light brown and dark brown colors, and red and black color.

Other designs include DL-44 BLUE, DL-47TI, DL-48 BLUE, DL-48 RED, DL-48’ YELLOW, DL-49 ORANGE, DL-51 NAVY. L-54 MULTI, DL-55 GREY, DL-55 BLUE, DL-55 YELLOW, DL-57 BLACK, DL-59 MULTI BLUE, DL-59 MULTI RED, DL-62 MULTI, DL-65 RUST, DL-65 SILVER, DL-66 BLUE, and DL-69 BEIGE.

If you would like to get more information about these reasonable rugs, you can see the webpage DELHI Collection and find more stuff with beautiful pictures of rugs.

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