The Reality Based Facts About Karastan that You Must Know

Welcome to our favorite and masterful mix of timeless traditional designs which are updated colorations with the completely fresh and sophisticated mix of new, as well as contemporary designs. Karastan rugs are very specially designed in beautiful backgrounds and conscientious pattern motifs that have boldly elaborated multiple color shadings that wonderfully create softened visual texture that makes is very different and finally gives soothing appeal to the eyes and gives the relaxing appeal to the one around. The collection is a very special because it is known for its appeal to fill the traditional as well as a casual decorating style.

Karastan rugs are very carefully designed and thus these rugs represent a standard of excellence in wool as well as other material. Moreover, Karastan has been crafted by using dozens of individually skein dyed yarns which are very special as pertaining to jewel tone clarity. AS the Karastan believe in a state-of-the-art manufacturing detail, the yarn is woven through back and finished carefully with Karastan’s Lustre Wash process. This recreates the exact possibility to give the look and feel of the handwoven rug.
The Karastan rug is available in categories including Modern, Traditional, Casual, Area Rugs, Traditional and contemporary. The collection however includes Artisan, Ashara, Captivating Shag, Cosmopolitan, Crescendo, Decollage, Design Concepts, Elements, Enigma, Euphoria, Expressions, Kismet, Latitudes, Meraki, Mosaic, Original Karastan, Prima Shag, Revelry, Rug Pad, Shapura, Soiree, Sovereign, Spice Market, Tempest, Titanum, Touchstone, and Tyrst.
However, the size of rug for every design or collection can be selected from the pane in left. Also there are some runners which you easily recognize by its image shape displayed on the page.
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