The Most Creative Furniture Renovation Ideas

There are many of us who think about how to utilize their weekend or let’s say how to work on weekend, utilizing it in the most creative manner.

Though many of us would like to implement smart home decorating ideas yet not all of us exactly know where to start from and what to do.

To help you, this article will take a look at smart home decorating ideas and guide you about the weekend projects in less budget.

Welcoming your Dresser to the New Age

Do you know that the wooden dressers are a classic beauty that never goes out of trend or you may well say that it is one piece of furniture that is always trending!

Therefore, if you are also looking for smart home decorating ideas as weekend projects in less budget then all you require is basic hard ware skills along with a fresh paint coat and your wooden furniture is as good as new.

Transforming the Outdated Armoire

If you happen to have that outdated armoire which featured storage area on the above while were designed to house huge TV, do not rule it out as a piece of waste.

We suggest that you transform it into a storage armoire. First upgrade the hardware with trending handles and give it a brilliant brightened color like white or beige, keeping in view the surrounding colors. You can fit two doors in the former TV storage area and fit the same handles in the lower cabinet.

Imparting an old Bookcase an All New Look

We all happen to have that old bookcase which manages to give a worn out and outdated look. No marks for guessing that you feel it belongs more to the storage area than your home.

However, we are sure we have a very interesting assignment for all those who wonder how to work on weekend. Well! Let us tell you that we have a very interesting task for you for the upcoming weekend.

All you need is an elegant colored paint along with an elegant handle that will be used on the door that will be placed on the lower most shelf of your book case to give it a modern and transformed look.

Transforming the Old Vanity

This must be among the top of the smart home decorating ideas that you may have ever come across. All you have to do is to take off the mirror stand and any wooden frame attached with it.

Once the work is done you are now left with the wooden table so color it with an elegant color. You can change the knobs of the door if you wish to and perhaps add wall paper on the front of the drawers to add more color and charm to it.

You can consider adding a stool or a similar colored chair to this table. You can convert it to a study table or a reading table by placing a reading lamp, stationary and a few books to it.

You can also consider hanging a wooden frame on the wall that has cards clipped to it. Just make sure that the wooden frame is doubled so it may exude an elegant look.

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