A Life Time Opportunity Knocking at your Door: The Veratex 500Tc Solid Bed Sheet Set

Just imagine! New Year is here and it asks for all new resolutions! Do we not all make resolutions for New Year? Yes we do! However, do your New Year resolutions for this year include your health as your priority? If no, then certainly you deserve better!

As goes the old age saying “Health is wealth” and certainly it could not get any truer than this. Do you know that your sleep has a major role to play in your health as it helps boost your immune system? Similarly, a lack or deprivation of sleep lowers your immunity and renders you susceptible to diseases. However, a healthy sleep requires a healthy and comfortable bed too as a bed that has become a harboring ground for germs, dirt, contaminants, and has undergone a lot of wear and tear is certainly no longer an optimum healthy one.

Now let’s see what is the first thing of your bed that you come in contact with? Your bed sheet and your pillows right! Yes you stay in contact with your bed sheet and your pillow during the whole night right? Now imagine a scenario where your bed sheet and your pillows have worn out and can no longer provide you the level of comfort or safeguard your health in a manner that it is supposed to either to the wear and tear or owing to their below par fabric or let’s say owing to the thread count factor.

This simply means that the foremost requirement of a healthy and comfortable bed is bed sheets and pillows right? Well if you require a healthy and comfortable bed to stay healthy and comfortable then you certainly need comfortable, good quality and reliable bed sheets and pillows

Well, this is exactly what we are here for! To render you healthy and pave way for your healthy and peaceful sleep i.e. the Veratex 500Tc solid bed sheet set. Do you know that these are 100% Egyptian cotton sateen sheet?  And thisVeratex 500Tc solid bed sheet set includes fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase pair.

These cotton sheets is available in 500 thread count. Similarly, the fitted sheets we offer in the Veratex 500Tc solid bed sheet setfits upto an 18” mattress with an all-around elasticity. Moreover, our flat sheets are extra-long along with being extra wide to accommodate and cater to the thickness of the modern beds.

These 100% Egyptian cotton sateen sheet are being offered at unbelievably reduced prices. Therefore, for all those who wish to adorn their bed with new sheets at New Year would be able to realize their dreams with our offer. However, it is not just our discounted price offer at these 100% Egyptian cotton sateen sheet, flat sheets and cotton sheets that render our offer irresistible, it is also our free shipping offer that makes our offer a must avail offer for you.

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