Know The Luxury and Affordability – Know Your Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug

If you are looking for advanced ultra fine luxurious finish, this 100% heat set Courtron is just the one made for you. This Everest Collection is made from Ultra Fine Polypropylene Pile. This rug is the choice for many as it has all the best features that any one dream about its best rug for very special places at home. It has dense weave which makes it very soft and gives it a luxurious finish. The highly professional staff at industry takes a lot of care to make it durable to stay strong, spent beautiful hours of your life with you, as well as keep looking fresh, modern, cozy, luxurious, and mind blooming.

Moreover, the ultra fine strong synthetic fiber of Everest collection resists permanent stains. Here, we ought to think many things like, if your rug is very cheap, and is not made from fine quality stuff, you need to change it some period of time. But with Everest Collection you live in totally a different world where you get the long lasting performance, and the same appearance for wonderful years of your life. One of the very important reasons to cherish yourself is that it has ultra fine strong synthetic fiber; which resist permanent stains and shower the beauties on earth with its world class traditional and modern day patterns.

The construction of this Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug is basically power loomed, pile height is 0.35, and the shape is rectangular. You can find it easily in 9’2×12’5 size in Midnight shades.

Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug has hundreds of qualities which makes it different, innovative, stylish and very durable. Its variety can be judged from the fact that Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug is available in thirty rich fashion oriented designs which are based on both traditional and modern patterns. The designs really beautiful and unique, you can see the designs and set your views about it, just in a glance. Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug gives great deal of charm or drama at a very affordable price.

One of the very unique features which distinguishes Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug from others is thick power loomed pile, which makes it possible to encompass one million points of yarn per square meter. This quality comes with attitude to give Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug gives it the promising natural and luxurious look.

So, if your choice is affordable rug, with lot of options in design, very soft and cozy luxurious quality, durable, beautiful, welcoming, unique, innovative, stylish, traditional or modern rug, you are not away. Just take a look at your favorite one, go through features and buy your very own. The market price of Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug is $1129.00, although at, you can buy it in just $903.20 with free shipping.

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