Practical and Super Genius Tips To Renovate Your Home Every Year

New ideas would never have a limited boundary as you grow, groom, and keep learning. So here are some ideas for making your life easier in a budget-friendly and space-friendly zone.

Emboss The Old Furniture

Do you have an old table or any other piece of furniture that you want to discard? And you still live with an idea of covering some spaces of your home with an extravagant décor. Both the ideas will definitely work together and you can easily mix and match both ideas to create an innovative piece to make your home look expensive and dreamy. First of all, paint this old piece with your favorite color that also matches the décor of the room, uses any ornament on it. These ornaments can be upholstery nails in silver, brass or any other depending on your search and availability.

Be New With Lamp Shades Every Time

As time passes, the old lampshades look outdated, boring and dirty. So, what can you do to get some beautiful piece of cloth–may be from an old dress, old bedding, an old curtain, or even a scarf. What you have to do is glue it on the old lamp from time to time. This will help make the lamp look new every time and décor the place best according to the need for time and new looks. Well, you can be more creative with your lamp shades by ornamenting it from the beads and different decorative items.

Give A New Dimension To Kitchen Expired Utensils

If a beautiful piece of kitchen utensil gets expired and you don’t want to through it because of minor cracks or the other minor reason, you can use it for different decorative purposes by using a bit of intelligence and creativity. It is an open-ended field, as you can do many things according to your desire. Well, this may include using it as a flower pot, a container for different things that you want to store, decorative pots by the use of creative arts over it and so on.

Some Fingertip Ideas

The above practices are not enough as you can do multiple things and bring even more wonderful ideas to make your home a dream place. Some ideas are:
  • Frame Printables or Images to hang them on vacant walls
  • Change furniture placement from time to time
  • Rotate Pillows and Rugs, Room to Room
  • Clip Flowers or Branches from Your Yard or Nearby Garden Which You Are Able to Access
  • Sell the Old Décor Items and give space to New Additions what you have created
  • Paint the Furniture or Other Items if you can do it Yourself
So, now you can challenge anybody who says that you need a lot of money to renovate or decorate home every year. Here were some creative ideas that will help you renovate your home by paying nothing or a very minimum amount. So follow them as per your requirement and share the post for its maximum exposure to your friends and family.
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Imagination and Creativity is all you need for These DIY Art Ideas for your Home

Who says that you need to have a large amount of money to decorate your home? Well, it seems that time may have changed now and now you can make use of creativity, imagination and observation for DIY art ideas for home. Why? Because this is the age of creativity a trait that is highly appreciated.

If you have also have a streak of creativity and imagination then we suggest that your home décor is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate this.

This article will take a look at smart home decorating ideas along with easy home decoration tips

Set Up a Gallery Wall

Perhaps one of the most creative, imaginative and at the same time cost-effective DIY art ideas for home is none other than setting up a gallery wall.

While you are setting a gallery do some homework, collect the decorative frames in your home. It can be a metallic frame, a vintage mirror, a vintage frame, some memento, a vase, some cards that you hold very dear and paintings etc.

However, the smart home decorating ideas suggest that not all these can be placed to form a gallery rather you would have to choose these on the basis of a common denominator like a circular shape, a square shape etc.

You can add creativity to this gallery wall by painting these objects in a color that brings out the best in them, getting or color the frames in a manner that it imparts elegance to the frame.

Once you have gathered all these items make sure you hang them in a manner that it looks classic and aesthetic.

Embroidery Art

If there are easy home decoration tips then one of them distinctly is the embroidery art which is always trending. You can consider embroidery on a plywood and painting with acrylic paint.

Once the plywood seems to have dried, it is time to spray the panel with water based polyurethane. Of course later you will need to fasten the panels together just make sure that you do it with the help of a wood glue.

Flower Photographs

Capturing nature in beautiful frames is among very smart home decorating ideas especially flowers and birds etc.

Therefore, if you are the one who loves nature has a taste for gardening may be you can decorate your home with herbs and flowers and even with pictures of flowers and if you wish with animals. May be your rugs can complement these decorations too.

If you grow herbs in jars may be you can also derive the advantage of your home smelling great with the herbs.

Wood Shims

Do you have pillow covers with certain colors and geometric patterns? May be you can draw inspiration from it and impart your wall with smart home decorating ideas like making use of the colored wood shims. You can spray paint these wood shams in the desired colors and your pillow and your wall is ready to complement each other.

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