A Short and Definite Guide to Exterior Paint Selection – Now Painting Walls is Much Easier

If you are looking forward to exterior wall paint then we are sure seeking a little guidance from a guide to exterior paint selection cannot hurt.

Below, we will offer a guide to exterior paint that will help you in respect of which colors to choose for outdoors. Therefore, let us just start so you may know what to do when it comes to exterior paint selection.

To start with, let us tell you that there are 2 types of exterior paints namely the oil-based and latex.

Though oil-based paints are a clear favorite when it comes to which colors to choose for outdoors yet the latex has clearly evolved when it comes to exterior paint. Let us take a brief look into both the oil-based and latex paints.

The Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints are a clear favorite and is often the first choice of people when it comes to exterior paint selection.

There are many benefits of using an oil-based paint for exterior walls. To begin with, they offer an immaculate finish secondly, they are more durable as compared to other paints when it comes to protecting the exterior walls.

However, a guide to exterior paint selection is sure to suggest that you strictly opt for the oil-based paint in the event your walls are previously covered with it.

However, a fact associated with oil-based paint is that these need to be stirred consistently as the oil in these paints have a tendency to separate from the paint.

A guide to exterior paint selection would also suggest that once you have decided to use oil-based paints make sure you use a roller or a brush that has been especially designed for the purpose.

Latex Paints

However, having analyzed the oil-based paints as an answer to the ever looming question which colors to choose for outdoors, the latex paints seem to have evolved over a period of time too.

Therefore, you are sure to come across a guide to exterior paint that suggests that latex paints are a good choice. Why? Because these are easier to be used and work with. However, one thing to look out for when using a latex paint for outdoor paint is that it is exclusively meant for exterior walls.

Refrain from using latex paints that are meant for interior wall paint purpose. There are many pros of using latex paints for exterior wall paint as along with being easy to apply, these are also easy to be dried. Experts suggest that the latex paint also shows resistance when exposed to direct sunlight.

Again, for those individuals who like to change their exterior wall paint frequently, the latex paint is also easy to be cleaned and requires little effort to be cleaned in most of the cases requires merely water.

However, when using latex paint, for the first time, on your exterior walls make sure you do not apply it over a previous oil-based paint coat.

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