Your Next Lounge Plan Is There With 45% Off – Learn How and Why?

When we talk about office, a traditional office tables and chairs, with very little space to move around comes to our minds and this is true. Millions of businesses around the world operate in the same way. But it is not good for future minds and productivity of employees. People tend to get bored in such environment and their thought doesn’t get explosion, making their minds a slave of very limited boundary because your environment matters a lot. Keeping the above mentioned blues in mind, many firms have achieved the goal of creating the workplace a happy and energetic place to work and many organizations are working on methods to achieve the same for their organizations.

If there is a hall or an area where some people can sit, it can be made a social space for staff and people from outside to mingle, talk, share views or wait for their reasons. Getting free from their cabins or desks, employees can feel relax for some time and as we have discussed that it can be a waiting area from people coming from outside for some purpose like for recruitment process, test or interview, for meeting somebody in office, for doing some business with company, for buying company’s products or services and so on. It can be regarded as a space where they feel acoustically, physically and intellectually comfortable.

Getting free from hectic routine, it can be a comfy resort to freshen the minds of employees and a spot to socialize for some time. We can see that industries and different organizations are working for this goal and now this has become the need of every organization to create such a space. Different organizations have the required space, but they don’t do anything productive to put the right furniture in that area. While, some of them are working very productively in that direction, and some keep changing the old reception or different office area furniture, to great all the time and create good environment for their employees because such efforts put good impression in the minds of every relevant body.

All the above reasons are very contrary that somebody tends to make a beautiful lounge set that is not only suitable for your office, but also it sits fit in homes just to create harmony and love among all members of home.
So, the Black Lounge Set is there for you. Catering whole positive features, some of the features include the option to choose the size of your lounge set for yourself. The design is particularly made to accommodate big number of guests of office employees in limited space.

Well, for your knowledge we would like to share that this is a imagination series with modular pieces so, you can too purchase this set and add as many separate pieces as you want, just according to space available in your office or home.
The old price of this Black Lounge Set was $8537.00, while the current price with 45% makes just $4630.50 with free shipping. Look at the quality and imagine that isn’t it amazing? So, go ahead and book your Black Lounge Set now.


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Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′

Decent, sophisticated, natural, mild and highest quality Chinese wools, this Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ is one of their type. These Chinese rugs have softest of hands and shine that is unsurpassed. Momeni NEW WAVE COLLECTION BLACK NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ has carving for added depth and a Tibetan like weave which makes them different from others. Too Momeni have similar products with minor changes in sizes and colors. Available in 30% discount, Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ gives new looks to many homes. Well, these 100% wool pile rugs are the part of many who love wild life. Even if they didn’t get opportunity to travel to wild, they can still experience and feel it at home.

Well, if you really love wildlife and had visits for this longing, Momeni NEW WAVE COLLECTION BLACK NW-09 Rug 2’X3’ would remind you of those days and will keep making you ready for the next visits. Loving the wild life and experiencing it is something that is unmatched with any other treasury. Animals are innocent and they act very naturally for their prey. Many of them have family like human beings, which they live in and enjoy with their family. Mothers and father take care of their children in the same way as us, and feed them up, till they are grown young.

The main important target for every parent is to protect them from other wild animals and they do efforts to save their child and themselves from other animals. This way the days and nights are spent. We can see all this is different channels like national geographic, discovery and other different local channels. But going in wild places, looking for them, hiding for days and nights, seeing them with naked eye and capturing this amazing experience has no substitute.

Not everyone is such a lucky person to have this in their lives. But, going there is hot always a happy experience for many because all this is surrounded by lot of risks. So, whenever, you tend to get such an amazing experience in your lives, be very alert and go just after you get much information on saving yourself from these treasures and coping up with any unwanted happenings.

One of the very important points is that to not come out of your cars or jeeps, without seeing around. Any wild animal can be pointing on you. Also, take survival kits and first aid box with you. The survival kits will include all equipments to save yourself and your fellows from any unwanted attack. For preparing the perfect survival kit, you can see different tutorials available online and read different relevant articles, but make sure your survival kit is complete and contain quality contents.

Well, you may not have plan to visit to wild place, but you love the treasury experienced by others, this Momeni New Wave Collection Black NW-09 Rug 2’X3′ will make you feel the wild life even at your own home and the quality and price makes you conscious to spread it at your favorite spaces in your home.

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Give Bold Statement to Your Reception Area With This Outstanding White Reception Group

First impression is last impression. Sounds Cool. But, we are not talking about any fantasy, its 100% true. The dealing that grows stronger and become mature in the coming phase is not a light deal. It must have passed from a tough phase. For a business, growth feature is never supposed to be a missing feature or the one that can be ignored for one time or more. If you talk about reality, the growth and future prospects for any company relies on hard work from very beginning and every strategy that is formulated must pass with enough brainstorming and then the implementation phase is to be rendered by the team of highly professional staff members in different hierarchy.

Targeting towards business growth and future prospects, what milestones we can lap include some basic things. Like hiring a quality staff, providing them good salary, incentives, bonuses etc., providing them hassle free working environment, doing their training and development, setting short term and long term goals, doing the research and development, marketing products or services and so on.

The list is long enough and even gets longer if we start writing each and every important thing. Going through such circumstances, how can we forget the very important place for business dealings? Can you do so? Anybody who come from outside must get a healthy and pleasant place to sit and relax. Isn’t that so? Wouldn’t you serve your prospect with fresh deals?

But now don’t get overwhelmed with such worries and look at the bold answer for all confusions. Giving the pleasant sitting area that you may call a reception or waiting area is the superb idea that you must hurry up for. If your reception area is not too big you can arrange a few sofas, but if you have enough space, you must opt for more to make many people sit and feel home at your office.

Here we bring white reception group set for quality lovers. The white is the color of peace, love and harmony. So, the start is good and rest will be too good. This white reception group is exclusively made for quality lovers. But it too comes with great news of 55% off and free shipping. Depending on your available space, you choose your dream size yourself and too the number of sets to fill up the entire area if have a got a bigger space for your reception. This reception set has a contemporary design and the positive thing about contemporary design is that it can adapt to different settings. The more impressive features associated with this reception set includes tufted cushions and stainless steel frame enclosure.

This Lesley Series is made with white leather and is beautiful enough to leave the lasting impression to your guests. The best thing about this reception furniture is that it not only set well in your office, but also it can beautifully charm your homes to embark durability and giving consistent sitting statements for guests and your family members.

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The Cultural Barclay Butera Dynasty Imperial Midnight Area Rug By Nourison

If you love cultural touch and are imaginative by nature, The Cultural Barclay Butera Dynasty Imperial Midnight Area Rug By Nourison is just the one you will definitely would pursue. Barclay Butera is real and the truly lovable rug with the cultural touch, from China and associated regions. Looking and feeling this rug you will soon realize the traditional elegance with modern grace.
Dynasty Machine Woven Midnight Area Rugs
Dynasty Machine Woven Midnight Area Rugs
Barclay Butera is the product from Nourison, which is one of the top brand but it is available in a very cheap price, so can call it a cheap rug available at only 50% price.
Nourison has done a wonderful work in The Cultural Barclay Butera Dynasty Imperial Midnight Area Rug to make it the lovable piece for everyone, especially those who love the rough and tough designs and too someone those with quite an active reason to choose the rugs for owing the quality of being a traditional rug. This rug gives the feeling of magic that is equally liked by youngsters and the older people. Since the color combination and quality is great, The Cultural Barclay Butera Dynasty Imperial Midnight Area Rug By Nourison will go best with existing décor of your bedroom, drawing room, lounge or any other room.
The Cultural Barclay Butera Dynasty Imperial Midnight Area Rug By Nourison is a cheap rug made with 80% wool and 20% nylon. The color is midnight that includes blue and perfect combination of cool colors that are too much suitable to be used in summer when everything seems to be scorching. Otherwise there is no compromise on quality that too enable you to keep spreading it for years. The size that we offer is 5’6″ x 8′ and the construction or the weave type is machine woven. It has the appropriate and the most liked shape that is surely a rectangular and the pile height is 0.5.
If you talk about traditional rug and fine Asian art, Dynasty collection has too much to offer you and it has a very successful history in this regard. Too it has very creative ideas for future which is shown by new rugs with a very small passage. Since Asia has a very bright history of art collection with rich heritage, significant symbolism and arts and craft, so the artistic touch is very sure to appear in its crafts, especially, that belongs to your home. So, each design that belongs to Asian art seems to be artfully crafted reflecting the true essence tradition that is made mix with the present time. Thus it is not even regarded as a matter of choice for today but people of every age are procrastinated to make it their choice for future.
Sometimes people choose rugs first when they wish to renovate whole place and sometimes they only change rug for different reasons including giving a new look to existing décor. So, whatever is your preference the Cultural Barclay Butera Dynasty Imperial Midnight Area Rug By Nourison is quite adjustable.
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Momeni MESA Collection Grey MES-1 Rug 2’X3′

If there is one thing the love of which does not seem to have diminished with the passage of time it is wool. Ages have passed by however, our love for wool has surpassed the test of time. Therefore, if you feel the same way then the Momeni Mesa collection rug, we are about to introduce you to is sure to win over your love and admiration.

There are times when silence is deemed as the best expression. Similarly, there are places, times and occasions when simplicity and minimalism is deemed as the best expression. If you are also facing a similar scenario, situation or occasion then this is just the durable rug that can do the job for you.

This 100% wool pile durable rug is among the utmost easy to clean rugs. Therefore, if you are also looking for a rug that can equally serve as a simple yet elegant office rug then we are sure the Momeni Mesa collection rug is for you.

Where to begin from when it comes to elaborating about this Momeni rug? Let’s look at simple answers first. This is available in the size 2’x3’ and is being offered in the ever green grey color. Therefore, if you are also in love with the color grey and admire the elegance it imparts to the place then make sure you buy out this durable rug at the earliest owing to the very limited stock that we happen to have of it.

This is from the Mesa collection and to be precise is Indian hand woven easy to clean rug. The pile height of this durable rug is 0.37 and is equally suitable in fact ideal as an office rug. The weave type of this easy to clean rug is Indian hand woven and is being offered in your favorite rectangle shape.

However, it is not all that there is to this rug. Do you know that a distinct feature of this rug is that this durable rug possesses the unique ability to reverse to another design? Therefore, you may well say that once you buy this easy to clean rug, it means that you are actually buying two rugs at the price of just one.

Well it seems that when it comes to this office rug we can go on and on and righty so as there is so much about this rug that needs to be brought to your attention. Do you know that this rug is being offered at unbelievable reduced prices along with our free shipping offer?

Our customer experience with this rug suggests that it is one of the most versatile rug that they have come across and seem to be in awe of this easy to clean rug.

Therefore, if you are also looking for an easy to clean rug that is utmost versatile, reverses to an all-new design, is being offered at highly discounted prices along with our free shipping offer then your search is sure to end right here with this Momeni Mesa collection grey mes-1 rug 2’x3’ rug.

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Momeni MESA Collection Natural MES-5 Rug 2’X3′: Simplicity, Elegance, Nature and Affordability all in one!

Since we received a lot of requests from our customers about the Momeni Mesa Collection we thus decided to bring in more for them. Since our platform is all about our customers, their likes, their choices and their preferences no doubt we take their requests very seriously.

Well it takes all kind of people to make a world similarly, no two people are alike and this is what these Indian hand woven rugs are all about being different and being unique.

Most of our customers suggest that this Momeni Mesa Collection is the most unusual rug that they have come across simple, elegant, Indian hand woven rugs and not to mention 100% wool rugs. It seems that it requires a unique person to fall in love with a unique rug. Therefore, if you are also starting to fall in love with these rugs then we can tell you for sure that you certainly do not have an ordinary taste.

However, coming back to this 100% wool rugs, this is being offered in the color natural and in the size 2’x3’. Therefore, if the color natural seems to attract your attention and so does the design then make sure you do not let go off this opportunity.

Now let us elaborate a little more about this momeni rug, made from 100% wool pile which means that it is a 100% wool rug available in the color natural. Do you know that it is an Indian hand woven rug that has a pile height of 0.37?

With our rich experience in this industry we happen to know that some of our customers have a distinct preference for hand woven rugs and if you are also one of those who would like to have a hand woven rug available in the color natural adorning your place then this momeni rug is just what you should buy for your place.

With its simplicity, elegance along with its tendency to impart a sense of peace and create a soothing environment wherever it is placed this is an ideal choice to be placed just anywhere whether indoors, outdoors and not to mention even in your office.

Since this is being offered in the shape rectangle this is just perfect to be placed anywhere. Did we mention that this Indian hand woven rug can be reversed to another design which means that it is an utmost versatile rug to be added to your place?

However, how could we forget or even overlook one of the most important features associated with this rug, its affordability. Do you know that to enable everyone who would like to have this rug adorning their place actually have it we have greatly reduced the price of it so you may be able to buy this rug well within your budget range not to mention while availing our free shipping services?

Therefore, buy it at the earliest before we may not have any available for you.

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The 21st Century’s Method to Choose The Perfect Colour, Texture and Size for Your Rug

Choosing appropriate rugs for different rooms is a tricky business! If your choice is fine, your home will be a perfect place in décor but if there is any flaw in the choice, your room will give a feeling of awkwardness and will be totally a mismatch with the other setting. Well, there are three important factors that you would come across while choosing rugs.
The first thing that you may select for your rug is the right colour or right combination of colours. If your room is already a cluster of many colours, you might choose a rug of a single colour or combination of very few and less textured colours. Also, sometimes it happens that your rug is very first thing for your room fits so, it becomes easier to go for furniture and other accessories that will coordinate afterwards.
Rugs are the largest piece furniture in your room décor. The importance of right colour and right toned rug is no matter the priority. So, be sure to keep an account of these when selecting a rug for your floorings. Don’t take the selection of right rug as the second piece of work when decorating your outdoors or indoors because a bold patterned, true and bright coloured rugs are the heart and soul of our place.
Texture is the the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance. Choosing the right texture for your rug is very important, however, this matter is often overlooked and omitted. A room that uses right blend of colours and textures always looks good and amazing place where you would like to spent more time. So, an easy way for making an attractive room is the selection of right texture of your rug.
The best way to choose the texture of your rug is to look at the texture of your existing furniture and playing the contrast game. For example, if the seating arrangement is quite hard, the soft and fluffy rug will be a good choice. In the same way, if furniture uses soft velvet like fabric, the hard material like sisal will give a good look and feel.
People often deny the importance of size for their rugs, but size and the right allocation of where place for these rugs is very important. Rugs in the drawing room looks fine when the rug is used till the front portion of sofas. When the rug is used under the dining table, it should cover the place where the chairs will be dragged for sitting and so on.
The rooms that are square in size, square rugs will look fine in them, but the rooms that are rectangle will surely look fine, when rectangle rug is used in the right direction.
For your convenience in choosing the rug with right colours, textures and sizes, Momeni Bliss Collection brought wonderful rugs at reasonable prices. So, now you can choose your favourite rugs from Momeni Bliss Collection just according to your room size and furniture.
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Where Tradition, Quality, and Style has a Fine Match! Momeni Gramercy Collection

Gramercy is truly a high-end rug, with sophisticated designs that mostly use the touch of traditional patterns. The colors and designs that Gramercy uses are normally soft, elegant and full of grace. What are you thinking? Are you thinking that we are talking about some very expensive rug? Come on! The story is different here. Together with the use of high quality 100% wool and inimitable qualities, you can buy Gramercy at a very reasonable price.
Momeni Gramercy Collection is the rug that gives the effect of a high-notch product that is available at high rates, but Momeni has made the things possible just the same way as it had been doing for the last decades. So, if you think you can buy this elegant rug in a very economical price, you are right! The dream has come true so now get the same luxurious look at a reasonable price with no compromise on quality.
Gramercy Collection is unique… Let us know why? All rugs in Gramercy Collection have earth and muted tones and have very simple designs. These rugs have open baked, hand-loomed in India, and are made of 100% wool. The wool that is used in making each one of these is rug is itself quality wool and that’s why the look and feel of higher-end knotted pieces and luxury is obvious. Gramercy Collection rugs are very popular for their warm, inviting, and cozy looks, and that’s why they give a look of home wherever they are spread.
The elegant designs of these rugs are worth noting, made by the masterminds, these rugs give a perfect classic and traditional look. Followed by the simple color schemes and subtle designs, these rugs are right blend with your existing décor and give your room a bold look and let the family to come closer enjoy favorite moments.
Colors that make the bold casual statements of love and harmony come with the unique shade schemes of beige, black, blue, brown, gold, green, grey, multi, orange, purple and red. The sizes that are most popular include 10X14, 2X3, 3X5, 4X6, 5X8, 8X10, 8X11 and a RUNNER.
The chic variety of Momeni Gramercy Collection is further categorized into Broadloom, Roll Runners, Area Rugs, NOVOGRATZ, and Erin Gates. Each of these has a vast variety of elegant designs that are unique, boldly patterned, designed with the graceful phenomenon, knotted for perfection soft and cozy looks.
Whether you have spread the Gramercy Collection at your living room, dining room, drawing room, bedroom, lounge, study room, children room, guest room, or have used it as a RUNNER, you will get a true feeling of soft and cozy looks, luxury and comfort, traditional notch, elegant pitch, and casual feel.
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The Shortest A to Z Guide to Choosing the Best Bed Linen Fabric

God’s one of the precious gift for the human beings and other creatures is the slumber. Half of our lives are spent sleeping, so beds are very important part of our lives. Thus, we must be responsible and fair enough to choose the right mattress and suitable linen to cover the mattress. Ideally your bed linen should come with two basic features.

  1. It must be comfortable
  2. It must be long lasting.

Here are some guidelines that will help you to choose the right bed linen for comfort and sound and healthy slumber:

When It Comes to Thread Count

When we talk about bed, first thing that comes into our minds is comfort. Generally, it is believed, that comfortable bed sheets have higher thread count. Right, but remember that, this is only when the bed sheets are made up of very expensive material. But companies normally don’t use a very good quality material, and sometimes they use yarns of double twist in low quality fabric.

This is not enough, because manufacturers also play a game and cheat us by enhancing sheets. These sheets are very trickily motivated by silicone softeners which makes the fabric shine, but are disappeared just after first wash. Combed cotton and pima cotton are good options to go, but if you talk about affordability; percale or polyester blend are affordable and good.

When It Comes to Material

Which material is the best? It all depends on your own choice. Well, for your convenience to choose the right material, here we are listing the basic information about some material.


The best quality of cotton is consisted of 100% Egyptian material. It has long staple fibers which are the key content for durable and attractive sheets.

Pima or Supima Cotton:

If you are looking for cheaper but good quality cotton, then you can go for this extra long to medium fiber. This is also popular for its sheen and softness.


If you are looking for most durable sheets, you can blindly go for linen sheets. Although, these sheets are very costly, but we forget the cost when we find them very attractive, soft, and durable and best choice for hot climate.

Polyblend Sheets:

It resists wrinkles and is very easy to keep. It is further divided into percale sheet and stretch jersey. Percale gives cool and fine feeling, however, stretch jersey is known for its warmness and softness.


It is very important to know how the sheets are woven because the way the sheets are woven have a very high impact on look and feel of a certain sheet. For example, percale gives the cool and crisp feeling because it is tightly woven, while microfiber is extra soft, because it is dense and super tight weaved.

The pattern you choose for your bed linen affects the décor of your whole room. The right selection makes a very welcoming room, but if the pattern doesn’t match the other items and their setting, the room looks quite odd.


Some bed linen designs are made for summer and some really reflects that they are exclusively made for winter. If you have complete set, you can remove coverlet and blanket for winter months.

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Color, Texture and Size: Choose the Right Rug for Your Life!

Choosing the right area rug is one of the things in life that makes you satisfied and put more glamour in the area for a long time or else it makes you feel worse and ruin the whole décor of the place. So, what do you think, you must take this decision on a baseless scale or you must think many times and do some research before you choose it.  Here, I am mentioning some very important points that would definitely help you choose the right area rug, as they are typed after taking and studying the topic at its detail. Well, there are three initial things that must guide your path in its first sense.


Color is the obvious initial thing to come up with. Boldly patterned and bright colored rugs are more appealing than other rugs. But at some places, you need to choose the dark colored rugs, especially when the room is in much use and sometimes if it looks to go best with light colored furniture.

Well, if the whole decorum of the room is filled with many colors, you will go for a rug that is neutral, based on one or two colors. But if your first buy is the rug and you will choose other things later on, you can buy a very attractive rug full or colors of your choice, just the one that you love to see in your room. Later on the furniture, curtains and the other decorative and important items will go with the similar tone and finally the room will be the true picture of perfect color combinations.


This is the most commonly overlooked aspect when you choose rug, but it’s not fine to overlook the texture part because the right texture of rug increases the value of your room. A room with rightly chosen and well textured rug gives the soothing feeling to your eyes. Let’s look at the well décor room from your past. May be you have seen the hard rugs with soft smooth silky sofa and a sleek leather sofas with longer thread fluffier rug. If that’s so, remember that you must have felt that the combinations were fine and looks good to make you stay and relax.

But when you choose fluffier rug, there are some practicalities regarding cleaning and safety. Make the rug free of dust daily because most of such rugs attract lot of dust. Also, these rugs should be placed in a limited place, if the elderly people have to use the space most often as they may not entangle them to move freely.


Choosing the right size of rug is something that uses your mind to the full extent. A wrong size rug can ruin the whole look, while the right size rug shows how intelligent you are.

For a lounge or drawing room, when you sit on sofa, your foot should ideally be on the rug and not on the floor. In the same way when you drag the chair of your dining table, it should stay on the rug.

For a rectangular shaped room, rectangular rug looks suitable in the same direction, however for square shaped room, a square or an oval rug put the more glamour in an entire décor.

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