Dolce Mela Dorm Room Bedding Extra Long Twin Cute Dog Print Duvet Cover Set: The Ultimate Cute and Elegant Teen Bedding Imaginable

If you family especially your kids are huge fans and admirers of animals then why not bring these God’s beautiful creatures into your room and just not that into your bed. Well! Relax we are not talking about real life animals we are actually talking about virtual animals that are here to reside on your Docle Mela teen bedding.

This animal print bedding can bring in your bedroom the environment and impart it the ambiance that you, your family and particularly your kids would simply love.

If there is one thing that we all seem to agree upon it is none other than that dogs are human’s best friend. So! If you agree with us then these cute dog print bedding are just what you should consider buying for your teen bedroom especially as the quality teen bedding.

We are sure that if your kid does not like spending time in his/her room and especially his/her bed then this cute dog print bedding is just what you require to pull your kids to their bed. Keeping in view that the fact that this Docle Mela teen bedding has been designed especially for kids, this romantic and playful features none other than a vivid print of freshly bloomed beautifully colored roses along with your best friend.

However, as always along with the design factor of our DocleMela teen bedding, we have also ensured not to compromise on the quality factor of this quality teen bedding. The softness of this 100% combed cotton is unparalleled.

This is sure to be a good idea in the event you are thinking of buying a gift for kids let’s say someone in the family, friend or the neighbor circle. These 4 pieces luxury duvet cover set, bed in a box features reversible design. This Dolce Mela teen bedding fits twin and extra-long twin mattresses up till 16 inches tall.

This cute dog print bedding includes 1 fitted bed sheet, 1 duvet cover, 1 pillowcase and 1 pillow sham. Similarly, the hidden plastic snaps at the foot of the duvet cover make it easy for you to insert your quilt. These elegant, cute yet comfortable cute dog print bedding has been designed to offer superior comfort with its 100% cotton at 300 TC. The modern dyeing technology guarantees brightness along with long lasting colors.

You would be pleased to know that this DocleMela teen bedding set comes in an elegant gift box along with a Dolce Mela gift bag. The content and sizes in inches of this entail 1 fitted sheet 38 X 80 X 16 deep. 1 Duvet cover 68 X 90. 1 pillowcase 20 X 30. 1 pillow sham 20 X 30 + 2 inch flange.

Last but not the least, this is easily washable and can be washed both with normal and cold water. Therefore, if you also have that special kid in your home, in your life or in your mind then hurry up and buy this quality teen bedding at the earliest.

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Dolce Mela Queen Fun Design Bedding Dog Animal Print Duvet Cover Set: Now you will never have to Sleep Alone Ever Again

Well! If you seem to have tried it all, in the bed sheet design pattern arena and feel that you need something new then you are not alone.

Many of our customers got in touch with us for a Dolce Mela teen bedding which features an animal. Therefore, we are hereby introducing animal print bedding featuring none other than our own version of sleeping beauty i.e. sleepy dog bed.

This is another design in the Dolce Mela teen bedding featuring cute dog print bedding. Therefore, if you are looking for a bed sheet that features cute dog print bedding then this quality teen bedding is just what you are looking for. This would be all the more useful if your kid is a fan of animals and like to have them around.

If your teen experiences difficulty sleeping alone then this sleepy dog bed is sure to help your teen feel better while sleeping. With our cute dog print bedding, your teen is sure to sleep more comfortably with his/her best, however, printed friend.

However, the design is not all that there is to this Dolce Mela teen bedding as comfort is another integral feature of this quality teen bedding. The 100% combed cotton of this animal print bedding has played an important role in imparting it the softness and luxury it offers to the users.

It is time to offer you an insight into the 6 pieces luxury duvet cover set bed in a box with reversible design. This Dolce Mela teen bedding fits full or queen size mattress up to 16 inches tall. The set includes 1 fitted bed sheet, 1 Duvet cover, 2 pillowcases and 2 pillow shams. Another added feature that imparts it an edge over other animal print bedding sheet is that these entail hidden plastic snaps at the foot of the duvet cover that renders it utmost convenient for you to insert your quilt.

Perhaps, the modern technology accompanying this 100% cotton at 300 TC is something that imparts it the long-lasting colors and brightness it is known and admired for. The package comes in an elegant gift box to be precise a Dolce Meta gift bag. The elegant gift entails 1 fitted sheet: 60 X 80 X 16 deep. 1 Duvet cover: 92 X 92. 2 Pillowcases 20 X 30. 2 Pillow Shams 20 X 30 + 2 inch flange.

However, we suggest that you by no means consider restricting it to quality teen bedding as it is equally ideal to be used as a guest room Dolce Mela teen bedding. Similarly, you may also consider this animal print bedding as the bedding of the choice while you are traveling and/or camping and even better for your country home bedroom.

With beautiful and soft color patterns along with superior quality fabric, do you know that this Dolce Mela teen bedding is also being offered at reduced prices? To ensure that this animal print bedding is within the range of al, this is being offered at reduced prices along with our free shipping offer.

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Dolce Mela Window Treatment Damask Drapes Pandora Curtain Panel: Where Elegance Meets Class and Luxury

At this platform, we are here to serve people of different and diverse tastes who may have different tastes, needs, and preferences.

No doubt, we make sure that we bring you the most diverse quality curtains in cheap price so everyone may find someone on our platform that matches their taste. We understand that people love the light and bright colors that depict class and elegance in room décor items that may cheer up their room, their place and thus their surroundings.

The Dolce Mela curtains panels are reigning the fashion trends these days and therefore, we have made sure that we bring you the widest variety of these luxury linen curtains in cheap price.

Coming back to the topic, we are offering these curtains with matching bedding. This means that we are offering you the complete room décor i.e.curtains with matching bedding at very affordable prices. To offer you an insight into theseluxury linen curtains in cheap price, these drapes feature elegant light steel-blue Damascus patterns on a corn-silk background to create a trendy ambiance in your room.

Since these curtains with matching bedding are with matching beddings, these come in king and queen bed sizes. To offer you detail about the cloth the jacquard weaving is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This combination has been specially combined to ensure light filtration and privacy.

This is the perfect choice for those who prefer light, soothing and elegant designs and colors. Therefore, if you are also all for bright and elegant home décor then these Dolce Mela curtains panels are for you. Since these hang from grommets, these are the ideal choice for all those who are looking to get rid of rings and hooks.

Another good feature of these quality curtains in cheap price is that these are easy to wash and can be washed easily with the machine and can thus be tumble dried. Do you know that these curtains with matching bedding are being offered with free shipping? Therefore, make the most of this opportunity and buy these Dolce Mela curtains panels being offered at reduced prices. We may well say that it is a lifetime opportunity knocking at your door to impart an elegant, classic and grandeur look and feel to your room.

The panels are 58 X 98 inches, however, can be shortened to your desired height. Therefore, buy these freely without having to worry about its height. You would be glad to know that each panel is sold separately and the package content and sizes in inches entail 1 grommet ring drapery curtain panel 58 wide X 98 tall in clear PVC bag.

Therefore, cheer up your home and surroundings with these Dolce mela curtains panels being offered at reduced prices. We are sure you would love the complete look and feel that these curtains with matching bedding would impart to your home. Towards the last, we would like to congratulate you in advance for cheering up your room with these quality curtains in cheap price.

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Dolce Mela Window Treatments Damask Drapes Capri Curtain Panels: Elegance and Class Combined with Affordability

No doubt window treatment plays an important role in the overall impact of your room. No doubt, interior decorators suggest that your window treatment speaks volume of your taste in the home and room decoration. Similarly, these can either lend beauty to your room or takeaway the beauty from your room.

The color pink is a timeless one, a color that imparts softness, elegance, and class while still adding beauty to your room ambiance. The Dolce Mela curtain panels we are about to introduce you to are none other than the luxury linen curtains in cheap price available in the classic color pink.

However, it is not all as these are shiny pink curtains that are capable of imparting elegance and class to any room. These quality curtains in cheap price are luxury linen drapery panels featuring beige jacquard polka dot scrolling patterns on the shiny pink curtains.

Since these dolce Mela curtain panels are being offered in the color pink, these are good to go along with a variety of home décor themes. The jacquard weaving of these luxury linen curtains in cheap price is 60% cotton and 40% polyester provides both light filtration and privacy to the room these are installed in.

One of the challenges that curtains pose is the hooks and rings that are associated with the hanging of these. However, as these shiny pink curtains hang from grommets, these eliminate the need for both the rings and hooks associated with curtains.

Another good feature about these luxury linen curtains in cheap price is their flexibility. This long panel featuring 58 X 98 inches can thus be shortened to the desirable height. To allow everyone to buy these shiny pink curtains these are being offered in reduced prices i.e. at a very reasonable price of $59 along with free shipping.

Therefore, if you are also looking for Dolce Mela curtain panels that are being offered with free-delivery then these are just the quality curtains in cheap price that you should buy. Another feature associated with these luxury linen curtains in cheap price is that these are machine washable. Therefore, when it comes to washing these shiny pink curtains you would find that these are utmost easy to be washed to be precise i.e. these are machine washable.

Therefore, if you are also looking for quality curtains in cheap price for your place then you would find these shiny pink curtains an ideal choice for you. With its discounted price and free shipping offer, these Dolce Mela curtain panels have been rendered well within your rage along with the free shipping offer accompanying it.

On the last note, each of this panel is sold separately. Each panel featuring a width of 58 and height of 98 is being offered in clear PVC bag. Therefore, brighten up your room and induct life in your room with these shiny pink curtains being offered at reduced prices along with free shipping offer.

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Introduce Creativity to your Children Life with our Multi-Purpose Kids Table Set Easy To Move and Store

Research suggests that parents should encourage and foster an environment that facilitates creativity in their kids’. Therefore, the kids’ table chair set we are about to introduce you to has been designed especially for this purpose i.e. to encourage independence in your kids right from the early stage of their life.

This two kids table chair set has been designed in a manner that it can serve a number of purposes.  When it comes to encouraging your toddler to eat independently,this toddlers eating table sets can provide the ideal environment right from the start.

Similarly, when it comes to harboring an environment to develop the love of reading in your children, this children study table chair is the ideal choice for it.

Similarly, when it comes to encouraging creativity in your toddler then these two kid table chair sets provide just the environment for it. However, playing also plays an important role in fostering creativity and creative thinking in your child and thus broaden their horizons and this is where this children study table chair can be of immense help to your child.

You may well say that this two kids table chair sets is a multiple purpose chair and can thus fulfill the comprehensive needs of your children.

Do you know another great feature of this multi-purpose kids table set? Well! To be precise this is a folding table that is not only very easy to be folded but also very easy to be stored and moved around. Therefore, if you are also looking for kids table chair set that is utmost easy to be stored, carried and moved. To be precise if you are looking for something that does not take much space then this is just what you are looking for.

Keeping in view that toddlers are sure to make a mess, this kids table chair set has been especially made with a material that is utmost easy to be cleaned. Therefore, the vinyl padded table top ensures that whatever mess has been made by your toddler you can simply clean it and the table is as good as new.

Similarly, to make sure that your kids love it, look forward to sit on it and cherish the time they spend on it, we have ensured that this two kids table chair set is not only aesthetically designed but also have lovely and attractive colors to it.

Moreover, to ensure that your toddlers are able to handle it on their own, this is light-weight which means that your kids will easily be able to transport this chair which would further minimize the workload for you besides facilitating your child to be independent right from the start.

To give everyone an opportunity to instill independence in your child right from the start, this is being offered at a reduced price of $44.64 along with our free shipping offer.

Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity for all parents to buy this multi-purpose kids table which may well be referred to as the perfect gift for your kids for all occasions.

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Let’s Uncover the Beauty and Boldness of Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug

If you talk about contemporary and classical themes that are beautifully patterned in designs and colors that are very powerful to make every place of your home look bold, then you are no away to begin the brighter and bigger days with Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug. Either you spread this beautiful bold charcoal rug in drawing room, guest room, bed room, lounge, outdoors, kids’ room, or corridors, Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug will look great.

The color and the material of Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug make a statement to enable every person of home use in places where they or their kids make lot of clutter because it has dark color and it is comparatively easy to clean.

But the animal design print is most appealing feature that makes every hunter, prospective hunter or wild life lover to spread in into their homes or workplace. The quality, print and color makes it handy to clean and use it quite roughly, so, every wild life lover use it very near to them and recall their last expedition or plan the next trip.

This rug looks good in white floorings, white furnishings, white walls, white curtains or all these things with lighter shades. If the sofa stuff is soft and light, Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug will look great with it. Too the small chairs in darker shades, will create a good theme with Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug.

If the sofa is lighter, you can use darker cushions with similar design of these cheap rugs. It’s made by Nourison and Nourison has wonderful history and wonderful present of making and selling quality rugs all over the world. Although, this rug is one of the cheap rugs, but there is no compromise on quality.

One more thing that drags your contended eyes to Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug is its price at Yes, its market price is $114.75, although it is available at just $89.55 with free shipping. And this makes many buyers from around the world to keep visiting, and search their favorite products.

Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug is made on neutral color palettes and these array of arresting neutral color palettes, takes attention of each eye. Spreading it in rooms and corridors, will serve as one of the great ideas. Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area 3 Dimensional Rugs has marvelous texture, exhilarating effects, and almost 3 dimensional designs that beautify every space in the most dramatic way.

So, if your space can hold some time wait for an order to be delivered, let it be done and feel your mastery in making it possible to feel the dramatic effect at your home or work place. The 3 dimensional type designs will also make your place look amazing and different.

Also, if you love animal prints and want to make your place say it a loud, this Nourison Maxell Charcoal Area Rug is just the one made for you.

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Know The Luxury and Affordability – Know Your Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug

If you are looking for advanced ultra fine luxurious finish, this 100% heat set Courtron is just the one made for you. This Everest Collection is made from Ultra Fine Polypropylene Pile. This rug is the choice for many as it has all the best features that any one dream about its best rug for very special places at home. It has dense weave which makes it very soft and gives it a luxurious finish. The highly professional staff at industry takes a lot of care to make it durable to stay strong, spent beautiful hours of your life with you, as well as keep looking fresh, modern, cozy, luxurious, and mind blooming.

Moreover, the ultra fine strong synthetic fiber of Everest collection resists permanent stains. Here, we ought to think many things like, if your rug is very cheap, and is not made from fine quality stuff, you need to change it some period of time. But with Everest Collection you live in totally a different world where you get the long lasting performance, and the same appearance for wonderful years of your life. One of the very important reasons to cherish yourself is that it has ultra fine strong synthetic fiber; which resist permanent stains and shower the beauties on earth with its world class traditional and modern day patterns.

The construction of this Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug is basically power loomed, pile height is 0.35, and the shape is rectangular. You can find it easily in 9’2×12’5 size in Midnight shades.

Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug has hundreds of qualities which makes it different, innovative, stylish and very durable. Its variety can be judged from the fact that Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug is available in thirty rich fashion oriented designs which are based on both traditional and modern patterns. The designs really beautiful and unique, you can see the designs and set your views about it, just in a glance. Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug gives great deal of charm or drama at a very affordable price.

One of the very unique features which distinguishes Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug from others is thick power loomed pile, which makes it possible to encompass one million points of yarn per square meter. This quality comes with attitude to give Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug gives it the promising natural and luxurious look.

So, if your choice is affordable rug, with lot of options in design, very soft and cozy luxurious quality, durable, beautiful, welcoming, unique, innovative, stylish, traditional or modern rug, you are not away. Just take a look at your favorite one, go through features and buy your very own. The market price of Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight Area Rug is $1129.00, although at, you can buy it in just $903.20 with free shipping.

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Jewel Multi Bonus Set – Beauty from Heaven

Looking for a beautiful, artistic, stylish, durable and comfortable quit set! Then you don’t need to search anymore and just give a glance to the unnamed qualities of machine quilted thick bright yarn floral and fruit printed jewel tones that is over stitched in kantha style waves. This bright blue yarn has the retro modern styling which makes to reverse to a coordinating contrasting quilting. This Jewel multi bonus set is made durable with machine quilting in thick bright yarn and is made in bigger size for covering the deeper mattresses that are trendy as well as comfortable.

This jewel multi set is consisted of Twin Quilt 68×88″, Full/Queen Quilt 90×90″, King Quilt 105×95″, Standard Shams 20×36″, King Shams (included in King Quilt Set) 20×36″. Jewel multi set is multicolored, prewashed and preshrunk. It’s style is for teen, tween, and young adult. Moreover, it includes quilt, and two pillows, sham per twist set, two decorative pillows, and is consisted of floral face pattern with striped reverse. It is made with cotton.

Imagine that you had a hectic day out and you return home late, you found a very beautiful and comfortable sleeping set, and then it seems that all efforts you made the whole day would get an ultimate reward. What can be more beautiful then, leaving out all tensions and tiredness at the comfort zone of your own home. This is too obvious that you need extra energy for the next hectic day. The office work is making us tired, also for better prospects what you need is t work be relaxed mind and body. So, we start looking at different options to bring energy into us and boost our self.

If this is your search, but we can say it is definite, then the whole new Jewel multi bonus sets would be an amazing choice for you because these sets are very exclusive global fusion quilt sets that are up to date in fashion, and is consisted of floral and fruit prints in very unique color combinations that are over stitched in kantha style waves of bright blue yarn. A very thick yarn is used for durability. It’s important features are oversized yarn to make sure that they can fully cover the deep mattresses of today’s style. The feature of prewashed and preshrunk makes these jewel set very important and makes it easy to use with the relaxed mind as there are no worries concerning the change of color even if the in size in anyway.

Taking all the positive features like the use of quality stuff recommended by many buyers, beautiful designs, fantastic and unique colors and tones of jewels, floral face pattern and soothing striped pattern at the back side, the use of thick bright yarn and many more, these jewel sets are complete in all ways as these are consisted of quits, two pillows, sham, decorative pillows. But if you see the price, you will be amazed to know that you will get it from $196 from the market and you will get it from here at 104.27 with free shipping.

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50% Discount At Rizzy Ellington EG9644 Royal Blue RUG

If you like to have a very different rug at a very reasonable price, you will definitely like Rizzy Ellington EG9644 Royal Blue Rug. Rizzy Ellington Rug has a very unique design that makes it different from other rugs and is available in 50% discount. The market price of Rizzy Ellington Rug is $69.00, however, you can get this in just $34.5 with free shipping. So, go ahead for your own original Rizzy because amazing things aren’t easily available. Avail this opportunity now!

The base of Rizzy Ellington Rug is made with a very eye soothing color of Royal Blue and the chain effect makes it to rest in every place of your home or office where you want yourself to stay connected like the chains are connected to each other and never leave their starts and ends.

Rizzy Ellington Rug is rectangular in shape, made of jute or wool material. While, the construction of Elligton is Hand – Loomed and the Pile height is 0.42. The origin country is India and one very positive thing that will make you Wao is that Rizzy Ellington Rug is available in different sizes which you can choose according to your available space and need of furniture.

If you are decorating or renovating you home or office, Rizzy Ellington Rug will be best fit in any important room. This is because of its design, quality and reasonable price, that it touches the hearts to its peak make the space in your home or office itself.

Rizzy Ellington Rug will give good looks to your lounge, study room, dining room, and even the drawing room.  But if you talk about office, it will definitely be a good choice to spread it in conference room, reception, or any other suitable area.

Rizzy Ellington Rug is made of fine wool and wool is very exclusive choice for many. A very good quality of wool that is used in Rizzy Rugis naturally resistant to soiling and presents water based spills from penetrating into fiber. If you have kids or some specific area of your home or office is used by children or staying for different purposes, this Rizzy Ellington Rug would be the very suitable selection.

Rizzy Ellington Rug is the one of those unique rugs that are made for rough use because these rugs handle the daily wear and tear and resist unsightly crushing from furniture.

So, if you want to get the rug that can handle the rush, cluttering, parties, children games, and at the same time make your space look decent and amazing, Rizzy Ellington Rug is for you because this Rizzy Rugis naturally resistant to soiling and it handle the daily wear and tear in the best way.

That’s why Rizzy Ellington Rug is your best choice for the place at your home and where you need to handle clutter and at same time you want your place to get tidy with little effort. So, get this decent rug and make the best use with 50% discount.

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Make Enough Space to Sit With This Black Reception Set

Don’t have enough space for proper and bigger reception furniture, so, are you looking for a small, stylish, light reception set. But your traditional and common reception sets can adjust few people and occupy more space. Too they are of a type that they can be set with walls only. If your lobby or reception area is some wide and you want to use this space for sofa set, the last idea won’t work and setting traditional sofa in the middle space of lobby wouldn’t make any sense, so the middle space cannot never be used. Using the middle space of lobby in a very effective way is one the ideas that rocks in today’s interior designing.

Because the Companies are getting bigger and bigger, employing more people, expanding the manufacture of products or increasing services. All this way, it makes very difficult to create enough space for reception. Still we feel the importance of reception area. So, using the middle space is very important to adjust many people in a limited space. This black reception set is smart enough that can be adjusted in difficult interiors, the places where any piece of furniture doesn’t seems to stay and give a smart look.

Too we can see that centre sitting has become the need of many places like, hospitals, colleges, universities, academies, coaching centers, sports complexes, public halls, shopping malls, industries, homes, children play area, hotel, waiting areas of different places etc. So, the black reception set is the one that can be placed in all such places and would add real advantage of being a sophisticated choice.

It’s too a good news for quality lovers to expand their horizon by indulging into their dream choice. They would love this black reception sofa because it would incredibly increase the value of certain area. Anyone coming from outside would get a very good impression of your hospital, academy, college, coaching center, office, industry , house, sports complex, shopping mall, apartment, hotel, children play areas or any other sort of waiting area at any place.

This incredible, modern and stylish sofa comes from the great imagination series. In this collection, we can see superb collection of modular pieces that allows you to freely reconfigure space to accommodate your guests to the maximum possible extension giving them the comfort at the same time. So, if your business grows, you don’t need to get panic for space and sitting disorders.

If this black reception set is in the center places the area with walls can be occupied with other reception set sofa like loveseat, single sofas and complete reception set. All this is much incredible, made with the high quality material, and adjustable two different settings. You can buy these just according to the available space in your lobby.

One of the very important qualities is that these reception sets are available in discounted rate that is almost the half price is offered for some time. This black reception set is available in 45% discount, so, hurry and get your piece which you can adjust in multiple places to impress and best decor.

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