The Exotic Blend of Majesty and Grandeur with Affordability

Now! We have something for those of you who love a little gloss combined with a little luxury in their room and in their home. So, know your Dolce Mela Window Treatment Damask Drapes Cliodna Curtain Panel in the most exclusive way.

These shiny pink curtains have been designed in a manner that these complement a variety of home décor. To allow you to offer the optimal look in your room with these dolce mela curtain panels we are offering these curtains with matching bedding with these quality curtains in cheap price.

The matching bedding is being offered in 2 sizes queen bed and king bed. Therefore, whether you have a king bed in your room or whether you have a queen bed in your room, you would be able to avail these shiny pink curtains i.e. curtains with matching bedding in both these sizes.

However, it is not all as it just the beginning as the refined damask patterns of these shiny pink curtains imparts your room and your home décor an exquisite look. The jacquard weaving of these shiny pink curtains comprises 60% cotton and 40% polyester provides light filtration along with offering you privacy.

Moreover, these Dolce mela curtain panels are hassle-free; and thus hang from grommets. Therefore, it eliminates the need for rings and hooks. Similarly, the long panels 58 x 98 inches according to your need can be shortened as per your need. Another good news for you is that these are machine washable and can be washed with both normal and cool water. Moreover, these can easily be tumbled dry.

However, a thing to know about these quality curtains in cheap price is that these are sold separately. Therefore, once you buy these curtains with matching bedding it means that these you are choosing to buy a complete décor for your room. Similarly, it also means that once you buy these curtains with matching bedding you may well say that you have bought a comprehensive décor for your room.

Therefore, all in all, if you are also one of those who would like to have your room to impart that majestic and royal look and feel to your place or to your room then these dolce mela curtain panels are the ideal choice that can transform your dreams into reality.

Last but not the least if you are beginning to think that this majestic, elegant, royal and classic curtains with matching bedding are sure to be beyond your price range then we are here to allay your fears as the price of this shiny pink curtains has been greatly reduced to render it well within your range with our discounted offer along with our shipping offer.

Since, these curtains with matching bedding are being sold out quickly owing to their majesty, grandeur, appeal, reduced prices and free shipping offer, we suggest that if you also have your mind set on buying this dolce mela curtain panels the best time is but now as we are more than likely to run out of the remaining inventory of these.

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Simplicity Meets Elegance with Dolce Mela Black & White Check Bedding

If you are looking for a change in your home décor or let’s say your room décor then we suggest that Dolce Mela novelty bedding is just what you need to bring in the much-needed change in your room décor.

Of course, our bed has a very important role in your lives the softer, the comfortable and the more luxurious your bed is the better. Why? Because it will not only help you feel more comfortable and sleep better but would also help you feel good about your room and your place.

To introduce in your life the much-needed change and comfort that you are simply going to cherish for the rest of your life is none other than the black and white check bedding. There is a reason that we are suggesting you this 100% cotton bedding in your life as this quality bedding at cheap price is being offered at reduced prices along with our free shipping offer.

This is a king size bed sheet at cheap prices to bring about elegance and class to your room. The price of this 100% combed cotton and the distinct gift packaging it is being offered at renders it an ideal choice for your room and as a gift for your loved ones.

The 6 piece luxury duvet cover set bed comes with a reversible design which means that you end up buying two king size bed sheet at cheap price in the price of just one. This Dolce Mela novelty bedding fits king and Cal. king size mattress up to 16 inches tall.

Therefore, if you for long had your mind set on black and white check bedding then this is your chance to buy it at the most optimal and discounted prices along with free shipping offer.

The Dolce Mela novelty bedding which is a 100% cotton bedding includes 1 fitted bed sheet, 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases along with 2 pillow shams. Since our customers suggest that inserting quilt is not the easiest of task for them, we have thus taken care that the hidden plastic snaps at the foot of the duvet cover make it utmost convenient for you to insert the quilt.

We have taken care that our Dolce Mela novelty bedding has been designed for exceptional softness and comfort. This quality bedding at cheap price is 100% cotton at 300 TC. Since this black and white check bedding is made from modern dyeing technology to ensure long lasting colors along with brightness, this simply means that this king size bed sheet at cheap price is good to last for a lifetime.

Towards the last, let us tell you about the package content and sizes in inches: 1 fitted sheet 78 X 80 x 16 deep, 1 duvet cover 104 X 92, 2 pillow cases 20 X 36, 2 pillow shams 20 x 36 + 2 inch flange. However, let us take this opportunity to tell you that duvet cover insert/filler is not included in this set.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Right Paint for Your Wall

Whether you are planning to give your home a fresh look, planning a fresh start or whether you are planning to sell your house, all this requires that you paint your home. However, the question that looms at out head in all such scenarios is how to choose the right paint for our homes.

It seems that with our expertise and our experience in this area, we may be able to guide you a little when it comes to the selection of the right paint for your home. Below, we will take a look at how to choose the most suitable sheen for your walls and thus help you decide on the best paint for your walls/home.

Choosing the Most Suitable Paint for your Rooms/Home


To begin with choosing the right and the most suitable paint is the first right step that you may take. Since the paints come in a plethora of sheens along with these being in latex or oil, let us take a look into how to choose the most suitable paint for your rooms/walls.

1.   When to Use Latex

Needless to say that latex is considered as the most renowned and widely used paint variety owing to not merely its durability but also the ease with which it can be cleaned up.

Another added advantage with the latex is that, as compared to others, it is fade resistant along with possessing the ability to breathe better which means less blistering than the oil-based paint.

2.   When to Use an Oil Based Print

When there is a need to seal knots and stains from the wood then an oil-based paint is the best option for the purpose of priming real wood trims as well as priming.

However, a thing to know when using oil based paint is that it takes longer to dry as compared to the latex paint.

Deciding on the Sheen

Let us take a look into how to decide on the sheen aspect of the paint.

1.   Super-Gloss

As a rule remember that the glossier the paint,the easier it is to be cleaned up. Therefore, rooms like kitchen, playroom or living rooms that are not only likely to get a lot of traffic but are also susceptible to stains etc. would be better off with a high-gloss look.

2.   Semi-Gloss

However, you can also make use of the semi-gloss variety in the bath and kitchen as it is not only cheaper in price than the high-gloss variety but also provides you with ease of washability. Besides, it is also ideal for those who are not a fan of the high-gloss look.

3.   Matte or Flat Look

A wall that happens to have a number of imperfections in it will benefit from the matte or flat look. However, the disadvantage associated with it is that it cannot take cleaning the way the gloss variety can and can show off dirt and stains later.

4.   Eggshell

The Eggshell sheen finds one of the most popular usage owing to a number of reasons. It hides imperfections like a matte does while offering an easy to wash feature similar to the glossy sheen. The eggshell entailing the best of both the sheens is no doubt an ideal choice for many users.

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Why Black is in Fashion in 2019

If you are going for black or darker shade of area rug, it will be very positive decision because of many factors. Some of very important factors include

Variety of Color Shades

When you talk about black, keep in mind that black is the unique color that can be used very positively with variety of color shades. Therefore, the designs of black can be combined with different colors like white, ivory, purple, gray, red, maroon, brown, indigo and many more.

Very Creative and Traditional Designs

If you talk about creative and traditional designs, black comes at priority. Traditions that relate to any specific culture are very clearly avowed with black. Also black looks good when it is combined with different color combinations. So, anyone who wants to be creative normally adds black as a major color.

Giving Energy to Room

The addition of black is the first choice for many and its true because black or darker shades bring energy to room. That’s why many people go for black and darker shades quite an easily.

Giving Warm Feeling to Your Place

Black gives warm feeling to your room. Those who live at cooler place will always go warm colors and black the one that is most often used. If you want to feel comfortable and exotic at the same time, go for black.

Black can hide the stains well

Stains are something that nobody can skip easily, especially if your family is big or if your home is small to carry little furniture or rugs. If the rugs or mats are dark in color, our dear ones feel freer to use their space in a way they want.

Favorable for home with Pets and kid

If you have pets and/or kids you tend to get blot easily because both of them takes lot of time to be trained to use specific place for specific things like, eating, playing, changing, studying and so on. Limiting the activities of our dear ones is not fair and therefore many of us seemed concern to use dark colored rugs and mats.

Elegant Atmosphere

Black is also popular among people who love elegance and style. Therefore, we say that black is never out in style and it always gives us tremendous reasons to use it.

Here we learnt some very important reasons to bring black into our life and live long with it. Hope you liked those reasons and understand the importance of black or darker shades in our life.

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The New and Effective Methods to Choose Right Paint Brushes and Rollers

The selection of the right paint brushes and rollers is as important as choosing the right paints and of course the right colors for your home. Therefore, make sure you exclusively select the most professional brushes for painting your walls if you wish to have the most professional results.

Let’s take a look at the different form of brushes available in the market and let’s determine their suitability for painting your walls.

The Foam Brushes

You must have been seeing the foam brushes for long now and must have seen its rise in popularity. Well, let us tell you that the foam brushes are deemed more suitable for intricate work including molding, painting and window casings.

Since the foam brushes are typically meant for single usage as these are easy to tear and hard to clean, one thing is for sure that these are certainly not an economic choice.

Man Made Bristle Brushes

Another popular brush is the man made bristle brush. It would also be important to mention here that these latex, water-based and acrylics paints.

However, before you buy it, we should alert you to certain features of these. Before you proceed to buy it make sure you look into the fact that these brushes possess a thick head of bristles. However, it is not all as you also need to vouch for the fact that the brush you are about to buy does not have gaps in the middle as the cheap brushes are known to have.

Therefore, look out for bristles that are evenly distributed rather than the ones that may have gaps in the middle and may not be deemed quality ones.

The Polyester Synthetic Brushes

Once you come across polyester synthetic brushes, you will notice that these are available in split-ended bristles and straight bristles. However, if you ask us split end polyester not only offers better coverage rather fewer strokes are enough to paint the wall surface.

Last but not the least it would be relevant to mention here that the polyester synthetic brushes are a good match when it comes to latex paints.

Natural Bristle Brushes

Another popular form of brushes are the natural bristle brushes which are made from animal hair. Therefore, these are good to go along with the oil-based paints.

Why? Because the water-based and latex paints will dry out the bristles of the natural bristle brushes.

Foam Rollers

There are many people who love foam rollers and for those who wonder how to paint walls with foam rollers should know that foam rollers are known to give a finish similar to that produced by a paint sprayer.

Therefore, if you are also the one who loves the finish similar to that of a paint sprayer should consider using foam rollers for the painting of their place.

Since the foam rollers are also available in the wheel shape, this allows the user of the foam roller to get into the corners of the walls easily and thus be able to apply professional strokes.

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Easy Tips for 2019 to Paint Professionally

People often wonder how to paint in professional way in 2019 when it comes to painting. Below, we will offer you great and useful tips to paint like professional.

Therefore, let us just start right away without wasting any time to see what it takes to paint like a professional.

The Nap Factor

Do you know that there is also a nap factor to painting? Felling a little confused about what it is let us be of help.  Walls with more texture require a thicker nap as compared to a situation where your walls may have less texture.

Wondering why because it will allow you complete coverage apart from allowing you to reach cervices.

However, you need to be very careful because in the event you nap is too thick it may actually end up adding more texture to an area you may not want to begin with.

Therefore, know about the nap factor if you are looking for tips on how to paint in professional way.

Cover the Areas you do not wish to Paint

There must be certain areas that you do not wish to paint. Therefore, as a precautionary step make sure that you cover all these areas that you do not wish to paint.

Cover these areas before you start painting as it considered among the most professional tips to paint like professional.

Therefore, make sure you have all these places covered even if these places are as simple as door knobs.

Remove All Light Switches Along with the Outlet Covers

If you wish to know how to paint in professional way in 2019 leave no stone unturned. Though you may feel tempted to skip this step yet make sure you do not and by no means skip this step or it will not give off an utmost professional look and feel.

Make use of the Primer if Needed

Well, let us be very clear in this aspect. If you are seeing professional solutions on how to paint in a professional way in 2019 then you need to take this one very seriously.

If you have a smooth and clean surface then probably you can suffice with a combination as simple as a paint combined with a primer.

However, if your scenario is such that your walls have not been painted for a while then our tips to paint like professional would suggest that you use a bonding primer.

Paint from Top to Bottom

Other tips to paint like professional include painting the walls from the top to the bottom. Therefore, if you are also wondering how to paint in a professional way, make sure that you paint from top to the bottom. The first thing to do is to cut in at the baseboard and ceiling edges making use of the brush. The next thing you would need to do is to use the roller from the top to bottom for painting your home.

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Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug: A Great and Elegant Choice for Tile-Look Rug Lovers

If you love the look that tiles give off then you are sure to love the Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug that we are about to introduce you too.

If you, for long, have been on lookout for handmade rugs that are capable of taking wear and tear well, to be precise the most durable and the best quality possible, you are indeed looking for cowhide leather that has the potential to go well along with your tiled room then we suggest that you take a look at the Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug, the best quality rugs in cheap price.

There a number of features that makes these cowhide leather handmade rugs so special. With a pile height of .32 and available in the most practical shape rectangle, this quality rug in cheap price has a size of 2’ X 4’

You would be further glad to know that these cowhide leather handmade rugs available under the brand Couristan and under the collection Chalet are being offered in a number of stunning colors and designs. Therefore, whatever color and design suit you the best, you can always buy that from the huge variety we are offering you.

However, coming back to the Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug, we would like to elaborate that the collection features two designs including a unique modern stripe and contemporary block pattern. Therefore, whether you are a fan of the modern stripe pattern or whether you are a fan of the contemporary block pattern, you will find both of these patterns in the Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug.

Since these are known for their durability and their ability to put up with wear and tear very well, these are often the first choice of buyers when it comes to high-traffic areas. Therefore, if you also have a high-traffic area then this Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug is the ideal rug to be bought and placed in these areas.

However, it is not all as apart from all the elegance it imparts to the place these cheap rugs are also capable of imparting a warmth of its own to the place these are placed. Therefore, if you wish to impart a place both class as well as warmth then Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug is the best option that you have available.

In our experience, the one thing that keeps most buyers from buying cowhide leather isthe huge price tag attached to it. However, we have taken care of that as well and have rendered these quality rugs in cheap price. Therefore, if youare also looking to buy it then we suggest that you do not waste a minute in buying your favorite cowhide leather as not only it is being offered at reduced prices but also with free shipping offer.

We are sure that it is a lifetime opportunity the cowhide leather i.e., a quality rug in cheap price being offered along with free shipping offer. So what are you waiting for? Buy out the Chalet Tile Ivory Area Rug at the earliest before we run out of the stock of it.

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Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug: InfuseColors and Nature to your Home

We all like our homes to exude life, energy and some colors of course. However, we all know that it is not as simple as it sounds yet the Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug we are about to introduce you to, is here to prove us wrong.

This handmade rug can be thought of more as a statement piece. With its stripped designs and a beautiful array of bright and life infusing colors, it is an ideal choice for all homeowners who would like to brighten up and give a spacious look to their place.

Do you know that this 100% cotton rug is being offered at reduced prices and is a handmade rug? This will especially suit the lifestyle of the ones whose lifestyles are influenced by coastal living design. The bright and bold color pattern of these casual rugs is capable of infusing a life of its own to your home or any place you may place it.

These 100% cotton rugs are not only reversible but are also machine washable which means that not only can you reverse it to give off the look of a brand new casual rug but also wash it off easily with the help of a machine.

Since these handmade rugs are 100% cotton rugs it means these are able to breathe on their own. Moreover, the regular vacuuming can help you keep it new throughout the years.

With these properties, these are ideal to be placed in your kid’s room, in the dining room and thus any room you wish to impart a spacious and elongated look to.

We are offering these in a variety of sizes and in a variety of colors. Therefore, if you are looking to adorn your home with the Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug then we encourage you to go through our entire offerings to select all the Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug of your choice from our collection.

Since these are 100% cotton rugs, this also means that these are biodegradable and are sure to find admirers in echo-friendly individuals. Similarly, these also have an echo-appeal and can be incorporated in homes with a “green theme”.

Therefore, if you have also decided to contribute your share to a pollution-free earth and environment then these 100% cotton rugs are just what you should opt for.

If you are worried about the fact that with their 100% cotton made how these handmade rugs would look on the floor then let us assure you that our Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug is crafted with heavyweight which ensures that the area rug lays flat and does not suffer from a trait that gives the rugs an unprofessional look i.e. curling at the end.

Available in the shape rectangle and a pile height of .32, this Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug is all that you require to infuse life and energy in your life and in your place.

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Dolce Mela Dorm Room Bedding Extra Long Twin Cute Dog Print Duvet Cover Set: The Ultimate Cute and Elegant Teen Bedding Imaginable

If you family especially your kids are huge fans and admirers of animals then why not bring these God’s beautiful creatures into your room and just not that into your bed. Well! Relax we are not talking about real life animals we are actually talking about virtual animals that are here to reside on your Docle Mela teen bedding.

This animal print bedding can bring in your bedroom the environment and impart it the ambiance that you, your family and particularly your kids would simply love.

If there is one thing that we all seem to agree upon it is none other than that dogs are human’s best friend. So! If you agree with us then these cute dog print bedding are just what you should consider buying for your teen bedroom especially as the quality teen bedding.

We are sure that if your kid does not like spending time in his/her room and especially his/her bed then this cute dog print bedding is just what you require to pull your kids to their bed. Keeping in view that the fact that this Docle Mela teen bedding has been designed especially for kids, these playful features none other than a vivid print of freshly bloomed beautifully colored roses along with your best friend.

However, as always along with the design factor of our Docle Mela teen bedding, we have also ensured not to compromise on the quality factor of this quality teen bedding. The softness of this 100% combed cotton is unparalleled.

This is sure to be a good idea in the event you are thinking of buying a gift for kids let’s say someone in the family, friend or the neighbor circle. These 4 pieces luxury duvet cover set, bed in a box features reversible design. This Dolce Mela teen bedding fits twin and extra-long twin mattresses up till 16 inches tall.

This cute dog print bedding includes 1 fitted bed sheet, 1 duvet cover, 1 pillowcase and 1 pillow sham. Similarly, the hidden plastic snaps at the foot of the duvet cover make it easy for you to insert your quilt. These elegant, cute yet comfortable cute dog print bedding has been designed to offer superior comfort with its 100% cotton at 300 TC. The modern dyeing technology guarantees brightness along with long lasting colors.

You would be pleased to know that this DocleMela teen bedding set comes in an elegant gift box along with a Dolce Mela gift bag. The content and sizes in inches of this entail 1 fitted sheet 38 X 80 X 16 deep. 1 Duvet cover 68 X 90. 1 pillowcase 20 X 30. 1 pillow sham 20 X 30 + 2 inch flange.

Last but not the least, this is easily washable and can be washed both with normal and cold water. Therefore, if you also have that special kid in your home, in your life or in your mind then hurry up and buy this quality teen bedding at the earliest.

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Practical and Futuristic Guide For Choosing Wise Colors For Your Room

This is one question that we face multiple times in our lives which colors should I choose for the room and/or any place at my home. However, the answer is embedded in the look that you are looking to achieve with the paint.

This article will take a comprehensive look at the colors you should choose.

When you are planning to sell your Home

In the event you are planning to sell your home, we suggest that you opt for an off-white or a white color as there are a number of benefits to it.

First, it will allow the person who is buying the house to give the home colors of his/her own choice. Secondly, it imparts your home a brighter and spacious appearance.

If you Wish your Room to give off a Feeling of Tranquility and Peace

In the event, you wish your room or let’s say the whole of your place a feeling of peace and tranquility then we suggest that you paint your room and/or your place in colors like pinks, blues, and lavenders along with soft yellow colors.

If you wish your Room to give off a Calm Look

In the event you wish your room to boost a calm and relaxed ambiance then we suggest that you paint your walls in lighter shades of warm and/or cool colors.

Drift from the Old Rule of Similar Shade and Texture

You are fully allowed to drift away from the old rule that dictates the need for shade and texture being similar. Try different colors as shades and textures and then see the result for yourself.

If you Wish a Simple and Soothing Feel and Look Along with a Monochromatic Look

There may be places where you may be better off with a simple, soothing and monochromatic look. Well, it is needless to say that these places may include your washrooms. This color scheme is aimed at imparting the feeling of calmness to the place.

Now what you can do in such a situation is to select the color of your choice and then overlap it with shades of your favorite colors.

If you Wish to Opt for an Elegant Look

There is always a room or a place where you cannot do without an elegant look. However, it would be more than relevant to note here that elegance is no longer restricted to whites and beige colors etc. Now there is far more to elegance than the long-reigning white and beige colors.

Therefore, when thinking to impart an elegant look to your room you may opt for let’s say the almond color walls and subsequently add color splashes throughout with none other than a color throw that can help very elegantly setoff the neutral base color of your room.

Another way to add color to your elegant base color is to add colored accessories to your room. However, we suggest that you chose colors wisely and do not go overboard when it comes to adding colors to your elegant base color.

If you wish to Add Energy with Vibrant Colors

If you wish to add energy to your place then opt for vibrant colors such as reds, oranges, dark purples along with color like gold. To add in some class along with vibrancy you can opt for elegant color contrasts.


The same simple rule still reigns when it comes to ceilings. A high ceiling can be made to look lower if you paint it with a darker color than the wall paint. Simply a room can be made to look more spacious and the ceiling higher with the help of a color that is lighter than that of the walls.

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