Why Anti-Microbial Floor Mat System by Mohawk Is Completely Different and Specialized?

As the floor mats have long been used to clean the soles of a person’s shoes or feet before you enter a room, kitchen, washroom, lift, building, and so on. The purpose of this invention is cleaning or disinfecting ground-contacting surfaces that are more specific to shoe soles, feet, socks, and wheels, etc. This is why these floor mats are placed on the floor in front of entryways to rooms and buildings.

The Anti-Microbial Floor Mat System is made in the USA. Karastan has been making premium quality rugs out of Sugar Vally, GA for over 80 years. These Smartstrand & Everstrand rugs are made from primarily recycled water bottles. It’s worthy to share that the Mohawk industries recycle 25% of all water bottles in the US.

The entryway floor mat system by Mohawk is very unusual as it is specialized for its enhanced features to permit disinfecting and cleaning of shoe soles or any other surface that comes in direct contact with it. This floor mat system has a very unique frame structure which is based on mechanical or rubberized manufacture. Since this Mohawk entryway floor mat is constructed after lengthy research by an expert team of professionals, every step taken in its construction means worth in terms of application, reliability, and trustworthiness. And this is because you can find many positive points that include these all.

The top portion has the carpet type fibre construction, rubberized non-skid backing, and hollow centre portion. As far as the hollow centre portion of the system is concerned, it may be enclosed and for your knowledge, this is to be detailed here that in a capillary action, microbicidal component is set up to the carpet fiber-portion. Also, the microbicidal component is very probable to be contained in a separate enclosed package. This finds its way to get introduced to a carpet fiber portion done through spray heads, which are most specifically located on the enclosed package in a pressure action. Well, this is supposed to be activated by weight, which is experienced on the top carpet layer. Mohawk’s specialized floor mat system is also integrated into other floors or carpet. This is good news for all readers that Anti-fungal composition, customized graphics, cushioning component, absorbing component, or fragrance may also be included with this floor mat system.

As the Mohawk entryway floor mat system is very specialized for enhanced functionalities, it comes with many features like an anti-slip feature to prevent slipping, the sensor in the floor mat which helps to identify that when does the system require a refill of the microbicidal component.

Looking at the features more closely we can identify that this mat is identified with the word “Antimicrobial Mat”, has Brown Colour, Belted Press Construction, Polyester Needle Punch Fibre, and Crumb Rubber Backing. Well, if you look at the material and methods, you can see that it is made with AATCC 174-Parts I, II & III, which were used to assess the antibacterial and fungi-static activity of carpet samples qualitatively and quantitatively.

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