How to Plan the Home Interior – A Step by Step Guide

Home is the place where we should feel comfort, because when we are tired from the hectic, and move to our home, we get relaxed and get ready for the another day for work. So, if you are looking to create a soothing, eye relaxing and comfortable space for yourself and family, this article will help you.

This is a little time taking job. So you cannot do all the thing in one go, but do it step by step. Normally, most of the people get tangled with where to start. So, here I am going to give you little plan that you can follow easily and plan the fulfillment for your needs and desire.

Step 1: Need to Understand the Space and Requirement

Your first step will begin with understanding the space and the requirements for every specific room. There are few questions to answer here.

  1. How many people will stay in this room or house?

  2. Why you would like to design the room or house?

  3. What is your budget?

  4. Which thought process will be involved or what will be the foremost criteria to plan everything?

Once you have clear idea, you can move forward or switch to your plan with clear understanding and you can also share your thoughts with interior designer, if you can afford him or her. Else the article will help to get the deeper insights.

Step 2: Take the measurements of Your Room

Measure all sides of your room, with the space for moving through the door and moving easily in the room. The furniture that will come with walls can be measured by cutting and placing same size paper or other stuff.

Step 3: Design that You will Choose is Going to Shine All the Way

Make sure you are going to select or have selected the furniture, other objects, floor coverings, and walls just according to your style that you are ideally looking.

Step 4: Decide the Color Scheme for Your Room

Initially decide three best color combinations for a room and when you are going to arrange the things, limit yourself to these three. Then after you have finished, you can use other variations.

Step 5: Start With Walls

When you are going to bring all the things practically done, paint your walls. If a room is small, choose light tone and if the room is big enough, dark colors won’t be a bad option.

Step 6: Choose The right Floorings

If furniture is cozy, use little hard rugs and vice versa. Also, if furniture is dark, choose light colored rugs and vice versa.

Step 7: Give an Attention to Lightening

Proper lightening plays vital role in giving a good dimension to room. If a room is small, or you want it to look bigger, use ceiling lights in proper form.

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The Attractive Furniture that Cannot Be Ignored This Year has a wide range of furniture that you can never ignore. Here we are going to discuss some really appealing pieces of furniture that are available too in good prices as compared to other websites. So, browse through these and select the one you really want to know.

So the introductory descriptions of some meaningful, available, and discounted pieces are

ACME Libby Bookshelf, Chrome

This ACME Libby Bookshelf is a beautiful, attractive, and stylish bookshelf that you can use to display your best collection in your drawing room, lounge, corridors, bedrooms, study room, or any other prominent place in your home. It is made with a unique combination of metal and wooden material set forth to create an attractive design. The metal is sharply polished that it bluntly takes the attraction of anybody who enters the room or place. The wood is too polished well and has a very attractive colour. Well, this ACME Libby Bookshelf will not only take books, but you can showcase the attractive pieces of showpieces or your personal things you would like to keep at a prominent place.

ACME Lien Twin Bed, Black PU

ACME Lien Twin Bed is a double available in different sizes and three attractive colours. The price offered is very minimal and the stuff that is used for making this bed is completely outstanding based on the best possible quality. This ACME Twin Bed is very simple, but cosy in looks. If you speak practically this bed is really soft and cozy to make you go into a deep slumber easily especially if you are tired and have gone through a hectic work schedule. So, sleep well in the night and always wake up fresh in the early morning for a busy schedule.

ACME Farrel End Table, Walnut

The ACME Ferrel End Table has a very beautiful and attractive color, i.e., Walnut and has a very appealing design which enables it to be used in room depending on your usage and need. You can put it in the drawing room, bedroom, lounge, corridors or anywhere else at home. You can put an attractive table lamp, flower vase or any attractive show pieces just according to the functionality perspective of where you can use it. Since it has a unique design, it will play an important role in any area of the home where you place it.

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Discovering Lambzy Great Stuff That Is Making This Winter the Special One

Winter is outstanding. Make it more exciting. These bed covers and rugs will give an additional winter touch and cozy feeling to your home. Get into the amazing products at a 50% discount. This will make you live boldly in changing weather which you can live the whole year. So live it up and say yes to modern trends.

These beautiful Lambzy products are completely outstanding and belong to the Convivial Collection. Here we will explore some amazing products.

FAUX Free Shape Bed Covers Brown

These FAUX free shape bed covers are one of its kind as you have almost unlimited options to select the size and if you talk about colors, the most wanted colors in the list include Black, White, Cream, Brown, Camel, Grey, White with brown tips and White with Black Tips. These Lambzy LLC FAUX free shape bed covers are proudly made in the USA and are made from 100% Japanese Acrylic Yarns. These Bed Covers are very specially made to provide cozy feeling to home and create a comfortable & relaxing environment.

These cozy pieces create pleasant softness and silky texture that elevate the overall mood, engages you with calmness, and makes it the best choice for any season.

FAUX Bear Skins Rugs Camel

If you love hunting, and looking for reasonable and quality rugs, you will definitely love this specially shaped rug that is called to be dear skin rugs. These rugs are available in Cream, White, Black, Grey, Camel, White with Brown tips, and White with Black Tips. These kinds of rugs are used in different sizes according to space and requirements.

FAUX Square Rugs

Size is just according to different spaces in your home; these FAUX Square Rugs are one of its types and have very attractive colours that can be easily manageable at home. Cozy feeling, comfortable environment, dressy looks, relaxed environment, softness, and silky texture are some of the words associated with these FAUX Square Rugs.

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Practical and Super Genius Tips To Renovate Your Home Every Year

New ideas would never have a limited boundary as you grow, groom, and keep learning. So here are some ideas for making your life easier in a budget-friendly and space-friendly zone.

Emboss The Old Furniture

Do you have an old table or any other piece of furniture that you want to discard? And you still live with an idea of covering some spaces of your home with an extravagant décor. Both the ideas will definitely work together and you can easily mix and match both ideas to create an innovative piece to make your home look expensive and dreamy. First of all, paint this old piece with your favorite color that also matches the décor of the room, uses any ornament on it. These ornaments can be upholstery nails in silver, brass or any other depending on your search and availability.

Be New With Lamp Shades Every Time

As time passes, the old lampshades look outdated, boring and dirty. So, what can you do to get some beautiful piece of cloth–may be from an old dress, old bedding, an old curtain, or even a scarf. What you have to do is glue it on the old lamp from time to time. This will help make the lamp look new every time and décor the place best according to the need for time and new looks. Well, you can be more creative with your lamp shades by ornamenting it from the beads and different decorative items.

Give A New Dimension To Kitchen Expired Utensils

If a beautiful piece of kitchen utensil gets expired and you don’t want to through it because of minor cracks or the other minor reason, you can use it for different decorative purposes by using a bit of intelligence and creativity. It is an open-ended field, as you can do many things according to your desire. Well, this may include using it as a flower pot, a container for different things that you want to store, decorative pots by the use of creative arts over it and so on.

Some Fingertip Ideas

The above practices are not enough as you can do multiple things and bring even more wonderful ideas to make your home a dream place. Some ideas are:
  • Frame Printables or Images to hang them on vacant walls
  • Change furniture placement from time to time
  • Rotate Pillows and Rugs, Room to Room
  • Clip Flowers or Branches from Your Yard or Nearby Garden Which You Are Able to Access
  • Sell the Old Décor Items and give space to New Additions what you have created
  • Paint the Furniture or Other Items if you can do it Yourself
So, now you can challenge anybody who says that you need a lot of money to renovate or decorate home every year. Here were some creative ideas that will help you renovate your home by paying nothing or a very minimum amount. So follow them as per your requirement and share the post for its maximum exposure to your friends and family.
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Why Shop With the Gerson Company First?

Gerson Company was previously named as Garrison Commerce and recently the company has given it a new name. Gerson is something different from others and thus we can say that it is a happening that speaks itself. It is not just a brand, but a complete solution to your all home décor needs, a door to extra saving plans on seasonal happenings, proper gift solution and much more… feels proud to add discounts to the products from Gerson company. Let us explore some of the products of Gerson Company. Wood Oak Clock: This clock is multi-colored bearing a very unique shape of ship oars. It is 35.43×1.18”H Wood Artisan Oar Clock which can be a good partner in kids room as well as a lounge. The next is Blue Ombre Lamp which is known with name Blue Ombre Glass Mosaic Accent Lamp with White Linen Shade. It has cord with Rotary in-line switch and an option to use maximum60 watt bulb.
Some of the other products include:

Meta Farm Clock: It is a Green Palm Tree with 56 Green Lights, Brown Trunk and Wire, 24V AC Adapter (UL/CUL), 118” Lead Cord which enables it to be used Indoor and Outdoor both.
Industrial Wheel Clock: It is a very sophisticated clock which is very professionally designed to give it a look of an Industrial Wheel Clock. This can be used in industries or by industry lovers.
Blue Ombre Glass Mosiac Hurricane: This has Mango Wood Base to be used indoor to give a decent look to any place where it is used.
There are so many other beautiful items which we will use in some next post.

So, if you are willing to decorate your home and feeling good to add things that has a potential to raise up the whole place and give it a dream look, Gerson Company will be the reasonable choice for you.


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A Good Greet to Great Independence Day!

USA Independence Day is celebrated on 4th July every year, because, on 4th July 1776, the US got independence from the British Empire. It was achieved after the great revolutionary war and that’s why independence day is a national holiday. And to celebrate this highest day, people seems to be very enthusiastic and arrange many gigantic outdoor celebrations like organizing public events, attending them, arranging picnics and barbeques, singing patriotic songs in big events, initiating fireworks, attending them, arranging the special lunch and dinner parties, different competition quiz events, drama shows, major stage events and so on.
While the New York city seems to be very active in term of the large scale events including the largest fireworks display in the country, as the 22 tons of pyrotechnics were exploded in 2009. Generally, such an event is displayed in the East River. Some of the other gigantic firework displays are organized in Seattle on Lake Union; Boston on Charles River; San Diego over Mission Bay; San Francisco over its Bay; Philadelphia over Museum of Art; and the National Mall in Washington DC.

Therefore, the 1st week of July is the most crowded travel time of the year. Also, it consists of a 3 day holiday, a long weekend.
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Best and Most Creative Ideas to Decorate your Home in a Limited Budget

Well, if you happen to be running on a tight budget when it comes to decorating your home then we are here to offer you tips for decorating home in less money i.e. decorate home in less budget.
Therefore, let’s start with a few basic and creative ideas on a budget.
Give Home a Worn Out Look
Take Out the Decorative Items and begin with Considering Painting an Accent Wall.
The first step to take is none other than taking a good look at your home and making a list of the decorative items that have worn out, giving off an outdated look and the ones that have been damaged.
Make a list of all of it and consider the possibility of selling any of the stuff that you are taking out of your home.
Look Out for Garage Sales
Though a rarity these days, these still do take place especially when people are looking to shift their home or their city.
Therefore, be on the lookout for garage sales and see if you can manage to find some items to decorate home in less budget.
Well, if you do not have the kind of resources and money for painting your entire home then you are quite justified in wondering how to decorate home in limited budget. However, never say never.
Well, if you do not have the kind of money to paint your entire home even then we are sure you certainly can consider painting an accent wall in your home.
This wall is sure to impart a brightened look to your home and give it a new look and feel.
Customize What You Already Have
If you do not have the resources to impart an all new look and all new décor theme to your home then the practical and creative option that you have in your hand is none other than customizing what you already have.
Consider small and economic changes like painting the edges of your table in a contrasting color or adding trims to curtains.
May be you can paint your ceilings in a new color or maybe you can introduce some new rugs in your house to infuse a breath of fresh air to your home.
Add Light Fixtures
You may add a light fixture in a way that it shines over a colored object like a colored plant. Similarly, you can also add lights that change colors.
Bring in a Few Indoor Plants
Bring in a few indoor plants to decorate home in less budget and thus add beauty, color and life to your home in a highly affordable manner.
Indoor plants will not only bring décor but also add natural beauty to your room and perhaps help your home smelling fresh and soothing all the time. Therefore, if you have been thinking how to decorate home in limited budget consider bringing in a few indoor plants to your home
Summing it All Up
If you are also facing the limitation to decorate home in less budget then the above mentioned tips for decorating home in less money i.e. decorate home in less budget would be of great help to you.
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A Perfect Guide to How to Choose Right Paint Brushes and Rollers

The selection of the right paint brushes and rollers is as important as choosing the right paints and of course the right colors for your home. Therefore, make sure you exclusively select the most professional brushes for painting your walls if you wish to have the most professional results.

Let’s take a look at the different form of brushes available in the market and let’s determine their suitability for painting your walls.

The Foam Brushes

You must have been seeing the foam brushes for long now and must have observed their popularity. Well, let us tell you that the foam brushes are deemed more suitable for intricate work including molding, painting and window casings.

Since the foam brushes are typically meant for single usage as these are easy to tear and hard to clean, one thing is for sure that these are certainly not an economic choice.

Man Made Bristle Brushes

Another popular brush is the man made bristle brush. It would also be important to mention here that these latex, water-based and acrylics paints.

However, before you buy it, we should alert you to certain features of these. Before you proceed to buy it make sure you look into the fact that these brushes possess a thick head of bristles. However, it is not all as you also need to vouch for the fact that the brush you are about to buy does not have gaps in the middle as the cheap brushes are known to have.

Therefore, look out for bristles that are evenly distributed rather than the ones that may have gaps in the middle and may not be deemed quality ones.

The Polyester Synthetic Brushes

Once you come across polyester synthetic brushes, you will notice that these are available in split-ended bristles and straight bristles. However, if you ask us split end polyester not only offers better coverage rather fewer strokes are enough to paint the wall surface.

Last but not the least; it would be relevant to mention here that the polyester synthetic brushes are a good match when it comes to latex paints.

Natural Bristle Brushes

Another popular form of brushes are the natural bristle brushes which are made from animal hair. Therefore, these are good to go along with the oil-based paints.

Why? Because the water-based and latex paints will dry out the bristles of the natural bristle brushes.

Foam Rollers

There are many people who love foam rollers and for those who wonder how to paint walls with foam rollers should know that foam rollers are known to give a finish similar to that produced by a paint sprayer.

Therefore, if you are also the one who loves the finish similar to that of a paint sprayer should consider using foam rollers for the painting of their place.

Since the foam rollers are also available in the wheel shape, this allows the user of the foam roller to get into the corners of the walls easily and thus be able to apply professional strokes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wall Color for Home

Choosing the right color for your home can make all the positive difference. Similarly, choosing the wrong colors, in absence of professional guidance, can stand in the way of achieving your desired look.

Therefore, we suggest that you seek a guide to choose wall color for home so you may achieve outstanding and desired results for your home.

If you are wondering how to choose a wall color and thus looking for a color guide for home in this aspect then we can be of professional help.

Consider Trends

Consider trends, as one way or the other, some colors or some color combinations are always trending. Therefore, take in consideration these trends.

However, there are certain rules that you need to follow. For e.g. if you wish to give a limited space a spacious and bright look then you will need to go with light and bright colors.

Similarly, if you are looking to give a spacious space a rather cozy look then you need to go for dark colors. The same stands true for ceilings i.e. if you wish your ceiling to look higher than it is then you need to paint it in a light color.

Similarly, if you wish your ceiling to look lower then it is then you need to paint it in a darker color.

Eco-friendly Trends and Drives

If you have done your homework properly, then you must have noticed the eco-friendly drive which is in full swing when it comes to how to choose a wall color.

Therefore, if you would also like to follow the eco-friendly drive, consult a guide to choose wall color for home.

Consider your Furniture

Though it may not be your primary consideration still you will have to consider your furniture and curtain treatments as a color guide for home.

Therefore, make sure you also take into consideration your furniture, window treatment, fixed furniture and appliances etc. Otherwise, your chosen color may look out of place and poorly selected.

Complementary Colors

A guide to choose wall color for home also suggests taking into consideration complimentary colors for your wall colors. The colors that lie opposite to each other in none other than the color wheel are known as complementary colors.

Therefore, if you wish to go for contrasting colors then take the help of color wheel for the purpose.

Analogous Color Scheme

A color guide for home also suggests that you can also think of taking advantage from the analogous color scheme i.e. the ones that lie none other than directly next to each other on the color wheel.

Monochromatic Color Combination

If you are thinking about monochromatic color combination then go through a professional color guide for home and you will get to know that a monochromatic color combination makes use of a single color’s various shades.

The purpose of this color combination is to impart an elegant, subtle and serene ambiance to your home. If you are thinking of going for this color combination make sure your monochromatic color combination adds texture along with various scales of pattern in respect of the material you choose to attain the desired look and feel.

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A to Z Guide to Bold and Colorful Palettes for High-Traffic Places at Homes

Times are fast changing and with the passage of time, the things are evolving fast too including colors for home with kids and yes how could we forget colors for home with pets.

Though we often tend to think that bold, colorful and spicy colors are not a good choice yet as we mentioned above, times have changed and tastes have evolved. This article will serve as a guide to dark colors for home.

High-Traffic Areas

We all have high-traffic areas in our home like the living room or the kids’ room etc. If your living room and kids room tend to get messed up and the paint tends to look old, dirty and worn out sooner than it ought to, then you definitely need to rethink your choice.

Let us take a look at the colors that may prove to be ideal and suitable for high-traffic areas of your home. Though it may occur as surprising to you yet reds, yellows and spicy oranges are very much in and trending.

Not only do these colors manage to hide any dirt, splashes and marks that may make their way to your walls but also manage to stay new and exude shine.

However, you are entitled to be as creative as you wish to be and can even use all these colors in the same room of course on the different walls of the room. Just imagine the energy and the positivity it will bring along with it in your room and we are sure you would absolutely love it.

Therefore, when thinking of colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets, make sure you give it a consideration.

Consider Bright Colors However, With Gray Undertones as your Room Color

For those who would like to adhere a little to tradition, the option of coloring your home with bright colors however, with gray undertones is a good idea.

This is a popular choice among people who have to choose colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets and prefer a touch of bold colors with gray underlying tone.

This color scheme would include 3 colors i.e. 2 warm colors of your choice and the third color which would be a cool one.

Deciding on the Gloss Factor

For long, people opted for high gloss colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets thinking that the gloss factor renders it easier to take off the stains.

However, things seem to have evolved in this aspect too and today more and more companies are concentrating on offering paints that are not only stain resistant but also render it easy for you to take off the stain with the help of mere water and soap.

Therefore, you no longer have to go for high gloss exclusively for the fact that it is stain resistant as now even the matte finish offers stain resistance properties.

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