Popular Rug Patterns

Rugs are named with different patterns. Some popular rug patterns include

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are known for their durability and extraordinary hand woven constructions which makes them very reliable. Machine woven rugs in oriental style are budget friendly and reliable. These rugs may have animal motifs, geometric shapes, floral patterns, tribal symbols, medallions.

Distressed Vintage Rugs

Vintage and near to vintage rugs represent beautiful style, represent history, give antique appeal and bring unique presentation to the entire d├ęcor. These wonderful rugs typically feature Oriental and Persian patterns with very wide range of color options, making them a full decorating treat for your home.

Trellis Rugs

Trellis rugs are a new inception that has said good bye to the old chevron striped rugs. These trellis rugs are geometric patterned rugs that has matrix of fluted lines and these rugs also posses the quality of creating a good mixing and matching with other prints. The design created shows great inspiration from the arches and domes of the Moroccan skyline.

Abstract Rugs

These rugs are inimitable and expressive in their non-repetitive designs. These are very similar to arts abstract patterns that have unique shapes, form, color, and lines that create wonderful compositions that is different from the visual reality. Abstract rugs act as the decorative accent in the home and act as an important functional pieces art of varied colors, sizes, designs and styles.

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