What Makes Karastan Different

When we go to buy a rug, we normally look for its quality, brand, material, design, choice of colors, size etc. Karastan is a renowned and reliable brand with highly qualified professionals who knows the taste of brand lovers. Right now, Karastan is giving 10% special discount on its favorite rugs for a limited period of time. Here we would discuss two beautiful rugs from Karastan.

Spice Market Saigon Multi

The style and design of this rug is very unique and thus it is said to be a influencer for many across the globe. Each design of this Karastan collection is endowed for being the masterpiece and the features seems inspired for cultural artistry, motivation, décor and creating rhythm in the environment.

Available in different sizes, made in multi color, a collection from Spice Market, this Spice Market Saigon Multi has got the woven weave type and exclusive everstand fiber. The premier polyester is specifically produced from up to 100% post consumer content from plastic bottles. Well, all the rugs from Spice market Collection has an irresistible soft touch, inherit stain resistance and vivid   color clarity.


Karastan Elements Ignite Multi

Karastan Elements Ignite Multi is the very exclusive rug that is invitingly modern yet approachable. This rug is very very unique and good to eyes. It has a very creative design where you can find casual collection of modern, tribal, global patterns, the artistic assortment features and fresh pops of colprs This rug is designed with exclusive everstand recycled polyester, but the styles of this collection has extra ordinary softness, superior stain resistance and superb durability. Moreover, it is a collection from Elements, color is multi, weave type or construction is woven and size is varied.

So, buying from Karastan is never a wrong decision because it is made by professionals with the correct input from market.

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