5 Famous Myths Associated With Woolen Carpets

Wool is a natural blessing and that’s why it is very popular in every country.  Every year, reasonable amount of woolen carpets are sold all over the world because it has got numerous benefits. Some of the qualities are that it is warm enough, hard wearing, sound absorbing, pile retaining, and is very friendly to the different sorts of environment. There are some myths about woolen carpets. People believe that it is easy to buy but not easy to maintain.

Here I m sharing some facts which are very opposite to popular myths and fears, so now, as you deserve, you can enjoy the benefits of clean wool carpets.

Myth Number 1

Never wet clean (using wet extractors or water) the wool carpet, as this will lead to damaging its fibers.

Fact that Matters:

Wool is natural hair and like any other hair and water or any wet extractors easily let the wool carpets to get cleaned and if this is done with proper method, the look and feel of new carpet can be achieved even with very less effort and time.

Myth Number 2

If wool carpets are made wet, they are shrunk.

Fact that Matters:

The above statement is totally wrong. Wool carpets are very water friendly; they can be cleaned by luke warm water or cool water. Although they are absorbent, what you can do is avoid using cleaning solution unnecessarily.

Myth Number 3

Cleaning the carpet by making it wet will make it brown.

Fact that Matters:

This is not at all the right statement. If the carpet is discolored by cleaning it with water or any liquid, it may be because of two reasons. 1, Color is temporarily changed because it is wet and as soon as it gets dried, the original color is retained. 2, Make sure the carpet colors are fast. You can check this by using the cleaning method at small part.

Myth Number 4

Clean your carpet with products that contain bleach.

Fact that Matters:

The fact is that bleach is very harmful for carpets. It can dissolve wool, so never clean wool or wool mix carpets with products that contain bleach.

Myth Number 5

After the woolen carpet is washed, it should be left it its own to get dry by air.

Fact that Matters:

Never leave carpet in this way because it will not only take lot of time to get dry, but will get the dirt again. This time we expect more dust to sit on it because the carpet is wet. To dry the carpet in short time you can ventilate the room well and use air movers or vacuum cleaners.

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