Woolen Rug Are Good Choice – Authentic Reasons To Go For Woolen

Just like the type of cloth you wear, rugs are available in thousands type of stuff to make your home lively and well decorated. Sure that every type of rug is different from other in its qualities and bear the benefits that other may not serve. Woolen and nylon rugs are more popular among other types.

Let us know some facts about wool rugs. Why they are very popular? Why people prefer to buy this rug? What advantages does this carpet have? Know the answer of many similar questions.

Wool is actually a natural fiber collected from the coats of sheep. UK and New Zealand are very popular as a major source in collection of wool.

Rugs and carpets made by wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture and even doesn’t give the feeling of dampness. When the weather is warm and there is humidity in air, wool rugs soak up moisture and thus gives the feeling of coolness.

These rugs do not easily pick the color of other dyes because its fiber is made up of protein-based substance. Its fiber resembles roof shingles as the outer structure is overlapped. Also, woolen rugs help repel dirt and spilled liquid because of the shield at the inner most part. So, these solid and liquid particles are collected at the surface which can be easily wiped out with minimum effort and in minimum time.

A very positive point about wool rug it is naturally fire retardant and has a quality to act as a self extinguishing element. Wool too has a natural soil and stain resistance which helps to get it cleaned very easily. As compared with other type of rugs, like Nylon, wool is softer, smoother and comfy which give natural, healthier and happier feeling when you walk over it.

On the other hand, nylon is also very popular carpet fiber. It is even more used in the world. According to statistics, only in United States 65 percent people uses it. Nylon is popular for its durability. Since, woolen carpet is resist dust particles and liquid, nylon is known for resisting wear and abrasion.

Nylon is a very durable carpet, good in strength, easy to clean, hides soils, not easily affected by moisture, resist mold and mildew, stain resistant, easy to clean but still some people prefer to buy woolen carpet because nylon carpets are vulnerable to stain from food, and they are easily affected by chemicals like bleach, acids etc. Also nylon tends to produce a static charge when you walk over it.

So these were the common reasons why people opt for woolen carpets or rugs, although its partner, a nylon rug is very popular among its users and non users.

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