Why Rugs From Rizzy Are Always Positive and Up-To-The-Mark?

If you are looking for some beautiful new designs of rugs from a renowned brand, you are standing at the very right place. Rizzy is one of the world’s top brands that is searched for its beautifully designed patterns, marvelous colors and superb quality. Here you would know some really beautiful Rizzy rugs.


Rizzy Leone LO9994 Ivory Rug

Available in four different sizes in ivory color, this Rizzy Leone LO9994 Ivory Rug is made from wool. It is made in medallion pattern and has a pile height of 0.5. This is the bold new collection of hand-made wool rugs which are more than normal in depth as well as dimension. Its shape is rectangular and pile height is 0.5.
As far as production of this Rizzy Rug is concerned the procedure involves the spun with the use of revolutionary smoothing technique in order that the extra soft yarn is produced to give it a subtle tone and texture, then the yarn is meticulously hand spun and dyed, also giving the extremely soft and luxurious feeling underfoot.


Rizzy Opus OP8231 Grey RUG

If you love the decent designs in cool colors, this eye-soothing, the attractive and extremely valuable rug is just the one to serve your special décor purposes. This beautiful Rizzy Opus OP8231 Grey RUG is made from ultra-dense 100% wool hand serge on all four sides in matching wool. It is available in four common and most demanding sizes in ivory color. Its marvellous construction is a hand serge on all four sides in matching wool. Rizzy Opus OP8231 Grey RUG has a pile height of 0.6 and the shape is rectangle.



Rizzy Leone LO9992 Blue Rug

This is the reliable Leone collection from Rizzy Home. Knowing it more, it will be a great surprise for you to discern the extremely top qualities of this Rizzy Leone LO9992 Blue Rug. This bold new collection uses the finest quality, unique wool that gives it an unexpected depth and dimension. Also, this unique wool makes it the most exciting introductions in the rug industry. Revolutionary smoothing techniques are specially made to work, so that the extra soft yarn can be produced that produces the revolutionary tone and texture for an extraordinary luxurious feeling under your foot. Moreover, made in the Medallion pattern this Rizzy Leone LO9992 Blue Rug has a pile height of 0.5.


Rizzy Colors CL1668 Red RUG

This is more than normal and very special to know that colors from Rizzy are dynamically attractive and possess a lot of variations in designs. And that’s why Rizzy takes care of the person who looks different than blue, grey or ivory. Rizzy’s red colour comes in four different sizes with a pile height of 0.65. If you talk about its design, you will be happy to see the artistic design which gives it a creative spark that makes room lively as per your choice.

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