Launch Beauty at Home – These Rugs Will Definitely Do Good Duty

Very beautiful, very attractive, the rugs at United Weavers are outclassed. Each and every rug from united weavers is different in design and/or color combination. The rugs are not only striking and eye-catching but are known for their quality and fine material which is used for their production. Well, if you look at the price, you will be glad to know that offers a much lesser price. Although it’s our third post that is relevant to United Weavers rugs, we are happy to share a few more rugs so here is the brief description of some more rugs.

United Weavers Bali Caymen Navy Area Rug

If you love blue, the United Weavers Bali Caymen Navy Area Rug containing different shades of blue from Turkey would definitely excite you. Made from the Olefin material, this rug is made with the aim of sophistication and refinement. This super luxurious rug is intricately designed with plush navy and turquoise blues. It purely has a designer look and feel. Its pile height is 0.43, it is machine made in 5’3” X 7’2” size. Moreover, it is made for long-lasting durability and stain resistance.


United Weavers Cafe Latte Aqua Area Rug

Very modern and eye-catching design, United Weavers Cafe Latte Aqua Area Rug is made from Olefin material. Very beautiful shade of aqua, a collection from Aqua, this attractive machine-made rug has the 0.4 pile height. Belonging to Turkey country, this rug is regarded the true marvelous because it has a unique design with a repeating pattern and stunning color tones of aqua and black. Covering the 5’3” X 7’2” space, United Weavers Cafe Latte Aqua Area Rug is made by machine using drop-stitch carving design and this creates a true statement.



United Weavers Abigail Bryony Cream Rug

Since we discussed that each and every rug of United Weavers is different in design. Here you can see one more shade of blue with a completely new design. It belongs to Turkey country, has a unique transitional design and particular soft tones of baby blue, cream, pink and yellow. It is a collection from Abigail and made from Abigail collection. Its pile height is 0.35 and the size is 12’6” X 15’. Its designer look and feel is sure to make it a point of attraction of the whole room. United Weavers Abigail Bryony Cream Rug is also known for its durability because it has a cotton backing and is stain resistant to fulfill your high lifestyle need.
Enough for now and hope to bring some more rugs from United Weavers, here I am giving you the link for the United Weavers page. Click beautiful and durable rugs.

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