6 Special Tips for Our Senior Citizens To Avoid Corona Virus (A Life threatening Disease)

Statistics from the whole world shows that seniors are more vulnerable to coronavirus, and this took my heart to research and write content for our dear senior citizens. If you are a senior person and can help yourself with these tips, do it at earliest and if you are young and you have senior persons at your home or nearby, you can help them come out of pertaining worries and save their lives.

The main important factors which make us conscious for everyone especially older people include

1, The Virus attacks more on person with weak immune system.
2, Virus has no vaccination and/or antibiotics and/or any other medicine to cure.
So, we are at an alarming phase and what we can do to fight with this deadly disease is to cure it naturally. And I have done some research to come up with very important points that have very positive results on corona patients. So, here are some tips that will really fight for you

1, Increase Immunity

Take good and healthy diet which should include fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, herbs, eggs, milk, and other healthy liquids. These must also be accompanied by your daily healthy diet.

2, Take Vitamin C

Since Cantaloupe, Citrus fruits and juices, such as orange and grapefruit, lemon, Kiwi fruit, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and Watermelon are rich in vitamin C, make them an essential part of your diet.

3, Include More Liquids in Diet

Drink plenty of water, especially warm water. Add natural fruit juices in daily diet. Take Green Tea and other hot kahwahs as part of your daily diet.

4, Do Gargles

Patients with sore throat and sinus infections are most likely to get rid of their worries when they include gargles as a routine function of their daily activities. Add pinch of salt in warm water and then gargle for 5 minutes. This procedure should be repeated at least three times.

5, Take Steam

It has been told by many recovered and improving corona patients that steam did much for them, which was not possible with any medicine. So, it is recommended by doctors to take 3 times steam at least. If you don’t have steamer you can do it boiling water in a pot or in kettle. The best ways to take steam is put a pot on the kitchen slab, and cover your head when facing the water.

6, Special Diet

Add dates, Nigella Seeds (Kalonji), honey, ginger, fig, olive oil, black pepper, white pepper into your daily diet. If you will take them at least once daily, you will necessarily see tremendous benefits.
Well, with all these tips this is also important to take care of personal hygiene, washing hands frequently, and many other things which you must be hearing from days. But these 6 are must know and must-do tips for all corona patients to stay away and cure corona in the perfect way.
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Home First – Online Order Your Needs Now!

Because most of the time is spent at home, why shouldn’t your home look an impressive place, very close to your imagination and personal choices? Make your home very personal and affirmative for you, so that you can spend quality time there.  Here you would get to know some latest furniture pieces to act as a nice and personal addition to your home. Be yours and buy yours. Get to know some important furniture pieces which not only make your place the best place to fulfill your needs but also let’s you save money even making your home look amazing at the same time.


Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Floor Mirror

Available in different sizes, Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Floor Mirror is ready to do magic at your at your home. It makes you feel wow and look yourself the best way when you are ready to go outside. It’s a brand from Vilo and made from fine material. Place it anywhere at your home, may it be your bedroom, drawing room or lounge, this floor mirror will make the place look amazing.


Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Mirror

Do you have many belongings? but have no appropriate place to put them the right way. Do you need a proper place to cater to the scattered things at one place? Do you need much space to arrange your things well? If yes, Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Mirror will be the one answer to your all questions.
Available in mix and match shades of grey, this Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Mirror is available in different sizes and is ready to do wonders in your bedroom. So, mow you can say home fantastically and live in a very managed way.

Vintage Greys- Server/TV Stand

When beautiful mix and match shades of grey do magic, vintage is the one and only name. Because this amazing vintage greys –server/TV stand is one of its type in quality, design and special prize and multiple sizes, it is one of the wonderful piece of furniture to break the silence at home and fill it with life.


Vintage Greys Bedroom Set Chest

If you have many things to be handled at the single important place and have comparatively less space to store multiple things, this vintage greys bedroom set chest will be the best choice. A very positive point about this furniture piece is that you are not bound for its placement at specific place because it comes in many sizes, you are free to buy a size that is best suited according to available place in your bedroom or any other room where needed.
We are happy to share that these beautiful mix and match shades of grey will definitely do magic in your home or office as per need. Well, all the above products are available at reasonable price with no compromise on quality. If you want to know more products from Vilo, you can browse at Affordable Vilo Furniture.
Happy Online Shopping!
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When Beauty, Luxury, Durability and Affordability meets – Say it Loud

“Welcome to the newest brand ‘Addison ‘ at shoppingideausa.com. Since your inception is welcoming, we feel great to own you.” Team, Shoppingideausa.com. Addison is a reputable and well-known brand. It comes in beautiful colors and designs. Here we will discuss some gorgeous rugs from Addison and will see the important details under each title. So here we begin

Addison Marlow Dove Area Rug

Dove is the symbol of peace, love, and the holy spirit, and if you admire these things at your home, Addison Marlow Dove Area Rug is made for your beautiful home. Made from polyester and acrylic blend in varying dyed yarn, this rug has dense cut pile and a soft plush hand. It is machine woven, a collection from Marlow has a pile height of 4.0.



One of the main reasons of Marlow’s popularity is splendid quality at an affordable price which is really an exception in its type of work. Also, this rug is available in different sizes, which you select from the top and it comes in two colors which are, Dove and Grey. As far as its cleaning is concerned, it can be vacuumed on a daily basis and can be spot cleaned with mild soap and water whenever needed.



Addison Marlow Grey Area Rug

Living in this world sometimes needs to have exposure to the modern phenomenon and if you love this fact, this rug is specifically created for you. Addison Marlow Grey Area Rug has a modern design and a lush texture. Made from polyester and acrylic blend and belongs to the blended varying dyes yarn, it has a dense cut pile and a soft plush hand.


Moreover, this rug is popular for its durability, surprisingly affordable work of art and maintaining the highest quality at the same time. Available in grey and russet colors, Addison Marlow Grey Area Rug has a pile height of 0.4 and is machine woven. This rug is extremely durable and suited to be used by all family members and pets. It can be vacuumed regularly and can be exposed to mild soap and water as per need.
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Launch Beauty at Home – These Rugs Will Definitely Do Good Duty

Very beautiful, very attractive, the rugs at United Weavers are outclassed. Each and every rug from united weavers is different in design and/or color combination. The rugs are not only striking and eye-catching but are known for their quality and fine material which is used for their production. Well, if you look at the price, you will be glad to know that shoppingideausa.com offers a much lesser price. Although it’s our third post that is relevant to United Weavers rugs, we are happy to share a few more rugs so here is the brief description of some more rugs.

United Weavers Bali Caymen Navy Area Rug

If you love blue, the United Weavers Bali Caymen Navy Area Rug containing different shades of blue from Turkey would definitely excite you. Made from the Olefin material, this rug is made with the aim of sophistication and refinement. This super luxurious rug is intricately designed with plush navy and turquoise blues. It purely has a designer look and feel. Its pile height is 0.43, it is machine made in 5’3” X 7’2” size. Moreover, it is made for long-lasting durability and stain resistance.


United Weavers Cafe Latte Aqua Area Rug

Very modern and eye-catching design, United Weavers Cafe Latte Aqua Area Rug is made from Olefin material. Very beautiful shade of aqua, a collection from Aqua, this attractive machine-made rug has the 0.4 pile height. Belonging to Turkey country, this rug is regarded the true marvelous because it has a unique design with a repeating pattern and stunning color tones of aqua and black. Covering the 5’3” X 7’2” space, United Weavers Cafe Latte Aqua Area Rug is made by machine using drop-stitch carving design and this creates a true statement.



United Weavers Abigail Bryony Cream Rug

Since we discussed that each and every rug of United Weavers is different in design. Here you can see one more shade of blue with a completely new design. It belongs to Turkey country, has a unique transitional design and particular soft tones of baby blue, cream, pink and yellow. It is a collection from Abigail and made from Abigail collection. Its pile height is 0.35 and the size is 12’6” X 15’. Its designer look and feel is sure to make it a point of attraction of the whole room. United Weavers Abigail Bryony Cream Rug is also known for its durability because it has a cotton backing and is stain resistant to fulfill your high lifestyle need.
Enough for now and hope to bring some more rugs from United Weavers, here I am giving you the link for the United Weavers page. Click beautiful and durable rugs.
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