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Surya Kojo Modern Bedding

The year 2020 is different for many and thus you can see Surya is making a difference in modern bedding catering quality, stunning colors, elegance,  style, sophistication, excellence and much more. Recognized with the name Surya Kojo Modern Bedding, it comes in beautiful colors that include the beautiful combination of Camel & Dark Brown; Cream & Charcoal; and Denim & White.
These designs are characterized by emitting comfort, versatility, and utter grace. These are the pieces from Kojo Collection and they follow the contemporary trends. Typically following the meticulously woven construction, these pieces cast durability providing intrinsic charm to your décor space.It is made in India and made from Linen and Cotton. We hope that optimal product care is your utmost concern, so please reference the item tag for necessary care instructions. Moreover, the product follows a 30 Day Limited Warranty. You can see more details and relevant pictures by clicking on the pictures.

Surya Kiley Texture Bedding

Made from Cotton and Polyester, this Surya Kiley Texture Bedding is one of its kind. It is highly sophisticated, decent, stylish, as well as cater best quality stuff which is based on meticulously woven construction which enables durability and natural charisma to the whole décor of your bedroom. However, it comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty and as far as the care for the product is concerned, you are required to follow the reference item tag with the given product. So, make your bedroom look wonderful and go for amazing bedding right now.

Surya Naida Bohemian/Global Bedding

Surya Nainda Boheman belongs to the wonderful variety and stuff that makes it global standard bedding. It is made from Cotton and Polyester, has the enduring presentation, quality material, possesses 30-day manufacturers warranty, durable, long-lasting, and comes in a beautiful combination of Sea Foam, White, Aqua, Teal, Navy, and Light Gray Colors.


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