Modern Bedding at Your Door Step!

Surya Kojo Modern Bedding

The year 2020 is different for many and thus you can see Surya is making a difference in modern bedding catering quality, stunning colors, elegance,  style, sophistication, excellence and much more. Recognized with the name Surya Kojo Modern Bedding, it comes in beautiful colors that include the beautiful combination of Camel & Dark Brown; Cream & Charcoal; and Denim & White.
These designs are characterized by emitting comfort, versatility, and utter grace. These are the pieces from Kojo Collection and they follow the contemporary trends. Typically following the meticulously woven construction, these pieces cast durability providing intrinsic charm to your décor space.It is made in India and made from Linen and Cotton. We hope that optimal product care is your utmost concern, so please reference the item tag for necessary care instructions. Moreover, the product follows a 30 Day Limited Warranty. You can see more details and relevant pictures by clicking on the pictures.

Surya Kiley Texture Bedding

Made from Cotton and Polyester, this Surya Kiley Texture Bedding is one of its kind. It is highly sophisticated, decent, stylish, as well as cater best quality stuff which is based on meticulously woven construction which enables durability and natural charisma to the whole décor of your bedroom. However, it comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty and as far as the care for the product is concerned, you are required to follow the reference item tag with the given product. So, make your bedroom look wonderful and go for amazing bedding right now.

Surya Naida Bohemian/Global Bedding

Surya Nainda Boheman belongs to the wonderful variety and stuff that makes it global standard bedding. It is made from Cotton and Polyester, has the enduring presentation, quality material, possesses 30-day manufacturers warranty, durable, long-lasting, and comes in a beautiful combination of Sea Foam, White, Aqua, Teal, Navy, and Light Gray Colors.


These bedding comes in 30% to 40% discount for Now!
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Beat the Winter With These Cutest Throws At Your Doorstep

Yes, this is true you can have industry-leading throws at your doorstep at a very reasonable price, and this will make you enjoy your winter in an incredible way.  Here we are listing essential information about some wonderful throws. These are published with their names, pictures and relevant details. So the list begins here.

Surya Stowe Rectangle Solid & Border Throws

Beautiful shades of gray, white and red, this Stowe collection offers an enduring lifestyle to your existence and gives the prominent vital feeling that leads you to comfortable, satisfied, heartfelt amazing life experience. Made by meticulously woven construction, it uses Acrylic, Polyester, and Nylon.


Surya Stowe Rectangle Modern Throws

Made in three attractive shades of gray these Surya Stowe Rectangle Modern Throws are the modern form that has the very positive potential to give natural charm and revitalize your whole décor space. As far as the construction is concerned, it boldly uses Nylon and Acrylic. Moreover, it goes with the spot clean recommendation only and has the 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Surya Tilda Rectangle Solid & Border Throws

This spectacular and stunning Tilda throws come in beautiful colors and comes in comforting classic designs. Meticulously done construction is too much enhanced that it truly cultivates durability and unique look in a much mature way. Surya Tida Rectangle Solid & Border Throws are made with Acrylic and Lurex, however, it is spot clean only and follows a 30-day limited warranty.


Surya Tremolo Rectangle Texture Throws

An attractive appeal of peach and white this Tremolo Rectangle Texture Throws is the modern form, but it is made with hand-knitted construction. Moreover, it offers comfort and natural quality that cultivates a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is made with cotton and lurex; follows the natural spot clean only method.

Surya Meadowlark Rectangle Modern Throws

The stunning combination of beautiful blue color, black and cream, this Meadowlark Modern Throw is made with chenille-cotton. It follows very sophisticated patterns, goes with modern trends as well as commits a sophisticated look to enhance the beauty of the whole décor in a multifunctional way.


So, these were some beautiful and stunning throws. However, the list is not limited, and our page Surya has much more to offer you at a reasonable price that enlists a 30% discount. Here, you can see pictures and descriptions of stunning throws and can choose your desired one in an amazing way.
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Life Is Round – So The Rugs Are – Giving Space a New Dimension

Oriental Weavers is a world-class USA popular brand for its beautiful world-class round shaped rugs. These rugs give a new dimension to the décor because the colors, designs, and quality are truly made superb with an amazing, inventive imagination that meets the ingenious décor of all sorts. So here we go and try to know some beautiful, high-quality round rugs.

Oriental Weavers Bali Round Area Rug Neutral Ivory

Shortly called with the name Bali, Oriental Weavers Bali Round Area Rug is a fresh new collection. Its basic color is ivory, however, the other evolving colors include a beautiful combination of cocoa, cool grays, blues and pops of bright gold. Its pattern is outdoors, weave type is machine-made, size is 7’10” and the pile height is 0.16. However, some other features include machine-woven quality of easy-care polypropylene. Combining all the scrupulous features, the USA feels proud to add a touch of multi-colors and casual sophistication to any space.

Oriental Weavers Bali Round Area Rug Cocoa

It is another Bali new fresh collection that combines cocoa, neutral ivory, gray, brown, black and pops of bright gold. Having the bold machine-made construction, easy-care polypropylene, textural loop adds amazing surface interest. This Oriental Weavers Bali Round Area Rug is 7’10” in size with the pile height of 0.16.


Oriental Weavers Bali Round Area Rug Gray

Proudly belonging to the USA, this gray-colored Bali collection round rug is one of its types. It is a machine made with polypropylene material. Its pile height is 0.16, and the size is 7’10”. Made with the inspiration from 3D designs, this Oriental Weavers Bali Round Area Rug has a beautiful combination of multicolors that includes beautiful shades of brown, dark gray, light gray, mustard and other mix and match shades.

Oriental Weavers Bali Round Area Rug Ivory 

If the basic color is ivory, and the theme is yours, this round-shape machine weaved rug rocks to make your space look awesome. So, be world-class and feel the beauty of this outdoor patterned Bali Collection rug. Its pile height is 0.10, the size is 7’10”. Well, if you talk about design, its design is super magnificent the includes beautiful and imaginative flowers in mustard, dark gray, light gray, deep green and mix and match shades.
So, here were some really beautiful and amazing quality rugs with amazing discount options, which you should never miss. However, the oriental weavers have much to give you. So, keep connected with present and new arrivals. View more by just clicking the Oriental Weavers Amazing Page.
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Practical and Super Genius Tips To Renovate Your Home Every Year

New ideas would never have a limited boundary as you grow, groom, and keep learning. So here are some ideas for making your life easier in a budget-friendly and space-friendly zone.

Emboss The Old Furniture

Do you have an old table or any other piece of furniture that you want to discard? And you still live with an idea of covering some spaces of your home with an extravagant décor. Both the ideas will definitely work together and you can easily mix and match both ideas to create an innovative piece to make your home look expensive and dreamy. First of all, paint this old piece with your favorite color that also matches the décor of the room, uses any ornament on it. These ornaments can be upholstery nails in silver, brass or any other depending on your search and availability.

Be New With Lamp Shades Every Time

As time passes, the old lampshades look outdated, boring and dirty. So, what can you do to get some beautiful piece of cloth–may be from an old dress, old bedding, an old curtain, or even a scarf. What you have to do is glue it on the old lamp from time to time. This will help make the lamp look new every time and décor the place best according to the need for time and new looks. Well, you can be more creative with your lamp shades by ornamenting it from the beads and different decorative items.

Give A New Dimension To Kitchen Expired Utensils

If a beautiful piece of kitchen utensil gets expired and you don’t want to through it because of minor cracks or the other minor reason, you can use it for different decorative purposes by using a bit of intelligence and creativity. It is an open-ended field, as you can do many things according to your desire. Well, this may include using it as a flower pot, a container for different things that you want to store, decorative pots by the use of creative arts over it and so on.

Some Fingertip Ideas

The above practices are not enough as you can do multiple things and bring even more wonderful ideas to make your home a dream place. Some ideas are:
  • Frame Printables or Images to hang them on vacant walls
  • Change furniture placement from time to time
  • Rotate Pillows and Rugs, Room to Room
  • Clip Flowers or Branches from Your Yard or Nearby Garden Which You Are Able to Access
  • Sell the Old Décor Items and give space to New Additions what you have created
  • Paint the Furniture or Other Items if you can do it Yourself
So, now you can challenge anybody who says that you need a lot of money to renovate or decorate home every year. Here were some creative ideas that will help you renovate your home by paying nothing or a very minimum amount. So follow them as per your requirement and share the post for its maximum exposure to your friends and family.
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The Unbelievable Tencel Full Ivory Is a Reality Now: Discover the Top Reasons

Can you imagine that it’s stunningly silky soft and comes with a lot of potential? The unbelievable Tencel Full ivory belongs to brand Malouf. We trust that quality sleep is as important for us as quality food. Because the Tencel bed linens are made with luxuriously smooth fiber, which is specifically taken from eco-friendly resources which help to pamper your skin from the unpleasant and non-favorable environments. It is silky soft, naturally pure, made with extra soft fibers and thus it is great for people with sensitive skin or people who really care for retaining the beauty of their skin.
As Tencel has a luxurious smooth fiber structure made from the stunningly soft fibers to keep you feeling extra soft, the whole night, making your sleep deep and calm. A very distinctive feature that creates the exact demand for the Tencel is its quality to manage moisture and regulate the temperature that helps to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Some additional features include.
  • Extra deep pockets and oversized dimensions for the mattress with the depth of 6”-22”
  • Universal fit design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit
  • Include sheet sets or pillowcases
  • Extracted from botanical fibers
  • Performance and feel outperforms traditional sheet material

Why It Is Moisture Wicking?

Because the Tencel is made of very small fibers, which are called fibrils. Fibrils wick 50% more moisture that is more effective than cotton.

Why It Is Stunningly Soft?

If you look at wool and cotton, you will see that both have rough fiber surfaces which can ultimately cause skin irritations. The Tencel, on the other hand, is extremely soft and thus does not cause skin irritations.
TENCEL can be produced from raw materials, and the procedure during cultivation uses 10-20 times less water as compared to cotton. Also, it is important to note that it uses a closed-loop system and this ultimately makes it extremely eco-friendly.
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