Explore the Beauty of Blue and Know It Closely Today

Blue is the color full of fresh feelings of calmness, strength, newness in you and a lot of hope for the bright future. Just imagine that you are looking at a clear sky, or at the ocean. The beauty and the magic that lies in blue is extremely breathtaking.
Like many other colors, blue has a different shade in light and dark, but each of these shades is very beautiful and reflects a sort of energy. For example, sapphire is full of more energy and can reflect this energy in a very bold manner. But if you paint the walls in light blue, it will make space feel tranquil. Navy or similar shades can add a drama to space, while paler shades will make you feel cool and will make your space look bigger.
In true statement, when you think of blue, calmness comes to the mind. So, many people use in the bedroom, kitchen, as well as the bathroom. Also, different shades of light blue are very commonly used in ceilings to give the effect of the sky and making rooms look spacious.
Blue is too used with different combinations. Like, many parents use blue with green in the boys’ room, in corridors and other spaces of the home. The combination of blue with yellow is also very popular. This combination gives the feeling of freshness and makes your space a reason to cheer up and rejoice. To combine these two colors, many people paint the walls yellow and add blue rugs and blue sofa with yellow cushions. Isn’t that fantastic? These two colors also serve as the perfect combination of many kitchens.
Blue gives a twist to moods. Believe it or not, it’s simply true. Let’s know some
  • Aqua shade of blue combined with different shades of green, especially those resembling sea foam; gives a Beachy feel to your room.
  • If the ceiling is painted with any shade of medium blue and the walls are painted in white, it can give very refreshing and fun-filled feelings.
  • If you love the luxury, use the midnight blue with an amethyst accent.
  • Moreover, if you want to add vigor to your place, use the furniture pieces in vibrant high tone blues.
When you encounter with a tough decision to choose proper blue for the walls and ceiling, and even for other accessories, take the idea from colors from famous Stacy. These colors are
  • Peacock Blue
  • Steel Blue
  • Robin’s Egg Blue
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