The Ultimate Guide to Choose Right Paint for Your Wall

Whether you are planning to give your home a fresh look, planning a fresh start or whether you are planning to sell your house, all this requires that you paint your home. However, the question that looms at out head in all such scenarios is how to choose the right paint for our homes.

It seems that with our expertise and our experience in this area, we may be able to guide you a little when it comes to the selection of the right paint for your home. Below, we will take a look at how to choose the most suitable sheen for your walls and thus help you decide on the best paint for your walls/home.

Choosing the Most Suitable Paint for your Rooms/Home


To begin with choosing the right and the most suitable paint is the first right step that you may take. Since the paints come in a plethora of sheens along with these being in latex or oil, let us take a look into how to choose the most suitable paint for your rooms/walls.

1.   When to Use Latex

Needless to say that latex is considered as the most renowned and widely used paint variety owing to not merely its durability but also the ease with which it can be cleaned up.

Another added advantage with the latex is that, as compared to others, it is fade resistant along with possessing the ability to breathe better which means less blistering than the oil-based paint.

2.   When to Use an Oil Based Print

When there is a need to seal knots and stains from the wood then an oil-based paint is the best option for the purpose of priming real wood trims as well as priming.

However, a thing to know when using oil based paint is that it takes longer to dry as compared to the latex paint.

Deciding on the Sheen

Let us take a look into how to decide on the sheen aspect of the paint.

1.   Super-Gloss

As a rule remember that the glossier the paint,the easier it is to be cleaned up. Therefore, rooms like kitchen, playroom or living rooms that are not only likely to get a lot of traffic but are also susceptible to stains etc. would be better off with a high-gloss look.

2.   Semi-Gloss

However, you can also make use of the semi-gloss variety in the bath and kitchen as it is not only cheaper in price than the high-gloss variety but also provides you with ease of washability. Besides, it is also ideal for those who are not a fan of the high-gloss look.

3.   Matte or Flat Look

A wall that happens to have a number of imperfections in it will benefit from the matte or flat look. However, the disadvantage associated with it is that it cannot take cleaning the way the gloss variety can and can show off dirt and stains later.

4.   Eggshell

The Eggshell sheen finds one of the most popular usage owing to a number of reasons. It hides imperfections like a matte does while offering an easy to wash feature similar to the glossy sheen. The eggshell entailing the best of both the sheens is no doubt an ideal choice for many users.

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