Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug: InfuseColors and Nature to your Home

We all like our homes to exude life, energy and some colors of course. However, we all know that it is not as simple as it sounds yet the Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug we are about to introduce you to, is here to prove us wrong.

This handmade rug can be thought of more as a statement piece. With its stripped designs and a beautiful array of bright and life infusing colors, it is an ideal choice for all homeowners who would like to brighten up and give a spacious look to their place.

Do you know that this 100% cotton rug is being offered at reduced prices and is a handmade rug? This will especially suit the lifestyle of the ones whose lifestyles are influenced by coastal living design. The bright and bold color pattern of these casual rugs is capable of infusing a life of its own to your home or any place you may place it.

These 100% cotton rugs are not only reversible but are also machine washable which means that not only can you reverse it to give off the look of a brand new casual rug but also wash it off easily with the help of a machine.

Since these handmade rugs are 100% cotton rugs it means these are able to breathe on their own. Moreover, the regular vacuuming can help you keep it new throughout the years.

With these properties, these are ideal to be placed in your kid’s room, in the dining room and thus any room you wish to impart a spacious and elongated look to.

We are offering these in a variety of sizes and in a variety of colors. Therefore, if you are looking to adorn your home with the Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug then we encourage you to go through our entire offerings to select all the Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug of your choice from our collection.

Since these are 100% cotton rugs, this also means that these are biodegradable and are sure to find admirers in echo-friendly individuals. Similarly, these also have an echo-appeal and can be incorporated in homes with a “green theme”.

Therefore, if you have also decided to contribute your share to a pollution-free earth and environment then these 100% cotton rugs are just what you should opt for.

If you are worried about the fact that with their 100% cotton made how these handmade rugs would look on the floor then let us assure you that our Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug is crafted with heavyweight which ensures that the area rug lays flat and does not suffer from a trait that gives the rugs an unprofessional look i.e. curling at the end.

Available in the shape rectangle and a pile height of .32, this Bar Harbor Caribbean Breeze Area Rug is all that you require to infuse life and energy in your life and in your place.

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