A to Z Guide to Bold and Colorful Palettes for High-Traffic Places at Homes

Times are fast changing and with the passage of time, the things are evolving fast too including colors for home with kids and yes how could we forget colors for home with pets.

Though we often tend to think that bold, colorful and spicy colors are not a good choice yet as we mentioned above, times have changed and tastes have evolved. This article will serve as a guide to dark colors for home.

High-Traffic Areas

We all have high-traffic areas in our home like the living room or the kids’ room etc. If your living room and kids room tend to get messed up and the paint tends to look old, dirty and worn out sooner than it ought to, then you definitely need to rethink your choice.

Let us take a look at the colors that may prove to be ideal and suitable for high-traffic areas of your home. Though it may occur as surprising to you yet reds, yellows and spicy oranges are very much in and trending.

Not only do these colors manage to hide any dirt, splashes and marks that may make their way to your walls but also manage to stay new and exude shine.

However, you are entitled to be as creative as you wish to be and can even use all these colors in the same room of course on the different walls of the room. Just imagine the energy and the positivity it will bring along with it in your room and we are sure you would absolutely love it.

Therefore, when thinking of colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets, make sure you give it a consideration.

Consider Bright Colors However, With Gray Undertones as your Room Color

For those who would like to adhere a little to tradition, the option of coloring your home with bright colors however, with gray undertones is a good idea.

This is a popular choice among people who have to choose colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets and prefer a touch of bold colors with gray underlying tone.

This color scheme would include 3 colors i.e. 2 warm colors of your choice and the third color which would be a cool one.

Deciding on the Gloss Factor

For long, people opted for high gloss colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets thinking that the gloss factor renders it easier to take off the stains.

However, things seem to have evolved in this aspect too and today more and more companies are concentrating on offering paints that are not only stain resistant but also render it easy for you to take off the stain with the help of mere water and soap.

Therefore, you no longer have to go for high gloss exclusively for the fact that it is stain resistant as now even the matte finish offers stain resistance properties.

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