Dolce Mela Window Treatments Damask Drapes Capri Curtain Panels: Elegance and Class Combined with Affordability

No doubt window treatment plays an important role in the overall impact of your room. No doubt, interior decorators suggest that your window treatment speaks volume of your taste in the home and room decoration. Similarly, these can either lend beauty to your room or takeaway the beauty from your room.

The color pink is a timeless one, a color that imparts softness, elegance, and class while still adding beauty to your room ambiance. The Dolce Mela curtain panels we are about to introduce you to are none other than the luxury linen curtains in cheap price available in the classic color pink.

However, it is not all as these are shiny pink curtains that are capable of imparting elegance and class to any room. These quality curtains in cheap price are luxury linen drapery panels featuring beige jacquard polka dot scrolling patterns on the shiny pink curtains.

Since these dolce Mela curtain panels are being offered in the color pink, these are good to go along with a variety of home décor themes. The jacquard weaving of these luxury linen curtains in cheap price is 60% cotton and 40% polyester provides both light filtration and privacy to the room these are installed in.

One of the challenges that curtains pose is the hooks and rings that are associated with the hanging of these. However, as these shiny pink curtains hang from grommets, these eliminate the need for both the rings and hooks associated with curtains.

Another good feature about these luxury linen curtains in cheap price is their flexibility. This long panel featuring 58 X 98 inches can thus be shortened to the desirable height. To allow everyone to buy these shiny pink curtains these are being offered in reduced prices i.e. at a very reasonable price of $59 along with free shipping.

Therefore, if you are also looking for Dolce Mela curtain panels that are being offered with free-delivery then these are just the quality curtains in cheap price that you should buy. Another feature associated with these luxury linen curtains in cheap price is that these are machine washable. Therefore, when it comes to washing these shiny pink curtains you would find that these are utmost easy to be washed to be precise i.e. these are machine washable.

Therefore, if you are also looking for quality curtains in cheap price for your place then you would find these shiny pink curtains an ideal choice for you. With its discounted price and free shipping offer, these Dolce Mela curtain panels have been rendered well within your rage along with the free shipping offer accompanying it.

On the last note, each of this panel is sold separately. Each panel featuring a width of 58 and height of 98 is being offered in clear PVC bag. Therefore, brighten up your room and induct life in your room with these shiny pink curtains being offered at reduced prices along with free shipping offer.

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