Jewel Multi Bonus Set – Beauty from Heaven

Looking for a beautiful, artistic, stylish, durable and comfortable quit set! Then you don’t need to search anymore and just give a glance to the unnamed qualities of machine quilted thick bright yarn floral and fruit printed jewel tones that is over stitched in kantha style waves. This bright blue yarn has the retro modern styling which makes to reverse to a coordinating contrasting quilting. This Jewel multi bonus set is made durable with machine quilting in thick bright yarn and is made in bigger size for covering the deeper mattresses that are trendy as well as comfortable.

This jewel multi set is consisted of Twin Quilt 68×88″, Full/Queen Quilt 90×90″, King Quilt 105×95″, Standard Shams 20×36″, King Shams (included in King Quilt Set) 20×36″. Jewel multi set is multicolored, prewashed and preshrunk. It’s style is for teen, tween, and young adult. Moreover, it includes quilt, and two pillows, sham per twist set, two decorative pillows, and is consisted of floral face pattern with striped reverse. It is made with cotton.

Imagine that you had a hectic day out and you return home late, you found a very beautiful and comfortable sleeping set, and then it seems that all efforts you made the whole day would get an ultimate reward. What can be more beautiful then, leaving out all tensions and tiredness at the comfort zone of your own home. This is too obvious that you need extra energy for the next hectic day. The office work is making us tired, also for better prospects what you need is t work be relaxed mind and body. So, we start looking at different options to bring energy into us and boost our self.

If this is your search, but we can say it is definite, then the whole new Jewel multi bonus sets would be an amazing choice for you because these sets are very exclusive global fusion quilt sets that are up to date in fashion, and is consisted of floral and fruit prints in very unique color combinations that are over stitched in kantha style waves of bright blue yarn. A very thick yarn is used for durability. It’s important features are oversized yarn to make sure that they can fully cover the deep mattresses of today’s style. The feature of prewashed and preshrunk makes these jewel set very important and makes it easy to use with the relaxed mind as there are no worries concerning the change of color even if the in size in anyway.

Taking all the positive features like the use of quality stuff recommended by many buyers, beautiful designs, fantastic and unique colors and tones of jewels, floral face pattern and soothing striped pattern at the back side, the use of thick bright yarn and many more, these jewel sets are complete in all ways as these are consisted of quits, two pillows, sham, decorative pillows. But if you see the price, you will be amazed to know that you will get it from $196 from the market and you will get it from here at 104.27 with free shipping.

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