The Shortest A to Z Guide to Choosing the Best Bed Linen Fabric

God’s one of the precious gift for the human beings and other creatures is the slumber. Half of our lives are spent sleeping, so beds are very important part of our lives. Thus, we must be responsible and fair enough to choose the right mattress and suitable linen to cover the mattress. Ideally your bed linen should come with two basic features.

  1. It must be comfortable
  2. It must be long lasting.

Here are some guidelines that will help you to choose the right bed linen for comfort and sound and healthy slumber:

When It Comes to Thread Count

When we talk about bed, first thing that comes into our minds is comfort. Generally, it is believed, that comfortable bed sheets have higher thread count. Right, but remember that, this is only when the bed sheets are made up of very expensive material. But companies normally don’t use a very good quality material, and sometimes they use yarns of double twist in low quality fabric.

This is not enough, because manufacturers also play a game and cheat us by enhancing sheets. These sheets are very trickily motivated by silicone softeners which makes the fabric shine, but are disappeared just after first wash. Combed cotton and pima cotton are good options to go, but if you talk about affordability; percale or polyester blend are affordable and good.

When It Comes to Material

Which material is the best? It all depends on your own choice. Well, for your convenience to choose the right material, here we are listing the basic information about some material.


The best quality of cotton is consisted of 100% Egyptian material. It has long staple fibers which are the key content for durable and attractive sheets.

Pima or Supima Cotton:

If you are looking for cheaper but good quality cotton, then you can go for this extra long to medium fiber. This is also popular for its sheen and softness.


If you are looking for most durable sheets, you can blindly go for linen sheets. Although, these sheets are very costly, but we forget the cost when we find them very attractive, soft, and durable and best choice for hot climate.

Polyblend Sheets:

It resists wrinkles and is very easy to keep. It is further divided into percale sheet and stretch jersey. Percale gives cool and fine feeling, however, stretch jersey is known for its warmness and softness.


It is very important to know how the sheets are woven because the way the sheets are woven have a very high impact on look and feel of a certain sheet. For example, percale gives the cool and crisp feeling because it is tightly woven, while microfiber is extra soft, because it is dense and super tight weaved.

The pattern you choose for your bed linen affects the décor of your whole room. The right selection makes a very welcoming room, but if the pattern doesn’t match the other items and their setting, the room looks quite odd.


Some bed linen designs are made for summer and some really reflects that they are exclusively made for winter. If you have complete set, you can remove coverlet and blanket for winter months.

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