Color, Texture and Size: Choose the Right Rug for Your Life!

Choosing the right area rug is one of the things in life that makes you satisfied and put more glamour in the area for a long time or else it makes you feel worse and ruin the whole décor of the place. So, what do you think, you must take this decision on a baseless scale or you must think many times and do some research before you choose it.  Here, I am mentioning some very important points that would definitely help you choose the right area rug, as they are typed after taking and studying the topic at its detail. Well, there are three initial things that must guide your path in its first sense.


Color is the obvious initial thing to come up with. Boldly patterned and bright colored rugs are more appealing than other rugs. But at some places, you need to choose the dark colored rugs, especially when the room is in much use and sometimes if it looks to go best with light colored furniture.

Well, if the whole decorum of the room is filled with many colors, you will go for a rug that is neutral, based on one or two colors. But if your first buy is the rug and you will choose other things later on, you can buy a very attractive rug full or colors of your choice, just the one that you love to see in your room. Later on the furniture, curtains and the other decorative and important items will go with the similar tone and finally the room will be the true picture of perfect color combinations.


This is the most commonly overlooked aspect when you choose rug, but it’s not fine to overlook the texture part because the right texture of rug increases the value of your room. A room with rightly chosen and well textured rug gives the soothing feeling to your eyes. Let’s look at the well décor room from your past. May be you have seen the hard rugs with soft smooth silky sofa and a sleek leather sofas with longer thread fluffier rug. If that’s so, remember that you must have felt that the combinations were fine and looks good to make you stay and relax.

But when you choose fluffier rug, there are some practicalities regarding cleaning and safety. Make the rug free of dust daily because most of such rugs attract lot of dust. Also, these rugs should be placed in a limited place, if the elderly people have to use the space most often as they may not entangle them to move freely.


Choosing the right size of rug is something that uses your mind to the full extent. A wrong size rug can ruin the whole look, while the right size rug shows how intelligent you are.

For a lounge or drawing room, when you sit on sofa, your foot should ideally be on the rug and not on the floor. In the same way when you drag the chair of your dining table, it should stay on the rug.

For a rectangular shaped room, rectangular rug looks suitable in the same direction, however for square shaped room, a square or an oval rug put the more glamour in an entire décor.

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