What is Special About Nomad Collection?

For all those looking for a beautiful, elegant and classy collection in short a collection that entails it all then we have just the collection for you. Yes! We are talking about none other than the Nomad Collection.

To render this collection an utmost special one for you we are offering huge categories under it. To let you have an idea of categories under this collection we will name a few here. Our categories include modern, area rugs, transitional, traditional, flat weave rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, southwest/tribal rugs, floral, kids rugs, solid, animal prints, contemporary and casual etc. to name just a few.

Under our Nomad Collection, we are also offering a number of brands including but not limited to Momeni, Nourison, lenjoy Home, Amelia Collection, Afshar Collection, Atlas Collection, Baja Collection, Bengal Collection, Belmont Collection, Bliss Collection, Brighton Collection, Boho Collection, Caravan Collection, Brooklyn Heights Collection, Caspian Collection, Casa Collection etc.

However, we would also like to take this opportunity to mention about the very special and splendid Momeni NOMAD COLLECTION RUST NOM-4 Rug 2’X3′. This is not only 100% wool rug but you would also be pleased to know that it is Indian handmade rug.

Moreover, to meet the taste and need of all our customers we are offering the Nomad Collectionin a number of colors including but not limited to apple, apple green, apple pink, apple purple, apple red, aqua, aqua pink, aq, arcade black, aubergine, autumn, baby blue and beige.

To ensure that there is something for everyone in our collection or to put in other words to meet the taste, likes and preferences of all when it comes to buying rugs we have made sure that we have the biggest variety of Nomad Collection at ShoppingIdeaUSA.com

However, if you think that we may have overlooked variety in terms of sizes then let us tell you this is not how it is, as we have also ensured that we make available a variety of sizes. Moreover, to help you buy as many rugs as you wish to for your place we are offering you these rugs at discounted prices. Whoa! This simply means immense savings for you and your family. Therefore, there is still a lotthat you do with the amount you save on the purchases of our rugs.

You can also consider buying a few extra rugs with all the savings that you incur on purchasing rugs from ShoppingIdeaUSA.com that you may later use throughout the year. Therefore, with our discounted prices offer you can end up buying more rugs than you may think to keep your place decorated throughout the year.

It seems we have a series of good news coming your way for you as it is not all as at ShoppingIdeaUSA.com we are also offering free shipping at all purchases.

Therefore, brace yourself for the upcoming season and decorate your place with the most elegant Nomad Collection available in the market along with our discounted prices and free shipping offer.

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Oriental Weavers Area Rug Collection

Oriental Weavers Area Rug is the name that consists of very wide range of beautiful rugs with different shapes, sizes designs and colors. Its family members are many, but here we will discuss some very beautiful, richly colored traditional and modern rugs that are round in shape.

Oriental Weavers Infinity Round Area Rug

It consists of very attractive range of stylish customary, ultra classy and chic collection pairs that is constructed with hard twist nylon using special space dying technique. Oriental Weavers Infinity Round Area Rug is a trend setter like a quality superb antique piece.

Oriental Weavers Kharma Round Area Rug

Kharma round area rug is made with 100% polypropylene material. It is the perfect combination of beautiful colors similar to the one that were used by ancient Egyptians in order to decorate their homes of their nobles, monuments and temples. The colors are made naturally with the use of techniques and ingredients that are different from the today’s technology. The palette of Kharma is enriched with natural colors that are the perfect art piece of authentic old looks.

Oriental Weavers Nadira Round Area Rug

Keeping in view the elegance of traditional aesthetics and the importance of modern living, Nadira Round area rug is made of wonderful warm red stone, golden sand, smoky topaz, deep midmight and winsome blue combinations. It offers perfect blend of bigger, conventional mofits, comfy, New Zealand Wool. The multicolored fact that will make you rejoice is that you can choose your best color from among 55 beautiful colors and this is possible because of special dyed procedure.

Oriental Weavers Windsor Round Area Rug

Made with the 100% wool, Windsor collection is available in different sizes and colors. Colors include Ivory, red beige, pink, black, blue and brown. It is a completely luxurious round shaped traditional style rug and is hand made by professionally trained craftsman.

Oriental Weavers Revival Round Area Rug

If you are looking for an exclusive machine made rugs that are easy to take care of and is affordable at the same time, you can go for Oriental Weavers Revival Round Area Rugs. This rug is made with polypropylene material and is a trendy rug with over-dyed look of the washed shades of plum, aqua, neutral grays, crimson, vintage Persian and so on.

Oriental Weavers Richmond Round Area Rug

Richmond rugs are also made with polypropylene material and are machine made. It is different from revival because it is a marvelous combination of traditional and today’s style. Generally the rug uses mysterious grays, ivory and deep blues. Richmond is stunning, attractive round shaped rug that is most exclusively made for today’s customer.

Oriental Weavers Riviera Round Area Rug

Some rugs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and Oriental Weavers Riviera Round Area Rug is the one out of them. It comes with simple and geometrical patterns using fresh colors and looped. Made with the perfection, this enhances the beauty of patio or room.

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