An Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Size, Material, and Construction for Your Space

How To Buy An Area Rug?

A rug that adds space, color, pattern, or texture is thought to be a great rug by many. Rugs give more dimensions to the ground furniture, define space, functionality, and at the same time safeguard or protects floor with the addition of two more prominent features which includes absorption of noise and provision of plush padding underfoot. Well if you like the most from your purchase effort, always put front both style and the purpose of spreading it according to need of the space. Let’s explore the simple buying guide that will serve as a clue for you to know where to start.

Get the Size that is Best for You

It must let arise a question in your mind that what is the right size of your rug. Actually “right size” of rug is determined by many factors like

  • The Overall Dimension of room

  • Type of furniture you are going to place

  • Function of Space

  • Look you are trying to achieve

Let us look at the

Placement of Rug in different spaces of your house

Living Room

Living room is the centre place where everybody at home sit together and relax theirselves. An ideal rug setting in the living room will be under the coffee table and is done according to the appropriate arrangement of furniture. The seating arrangement of furniture can be done positioned in number of ways

1, when the 4 legs are on rug

2, when the 4 legs are off the rug

3, when only 2 front legs are on the rug


Since bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, a rug should also speak so. It should be spread in a way that it shows bed as the focal point of the bedroom. Spread it 2 feet on each side of bed, if there is no wall at close by. Also, you can use runners along each side of bed, to create soft and warm feeling. Well these runners can be spread on the rug or on the hard floor, depending on your setting, and choice.

Dining Area

To spread the right rug in the right direction in the dining area, measure the exact length and width of the table. Then choose the rug that is approximately 2 feet longer on each side. This will let your guests’ and family members’ chairs to have ample room that will let them comfortably sit and eat.

Other Spaces

Rugs are beautifully spread in other parts of house too like kitchen, entryways, hallways and passageways, patios and decks, corridors, outdoors near pool, outdoor in relaxing, washrooms and so on. But remember that use them after good brain work to make your space look awesome and too the rug will give you utmost confidence, pleasure and comfort.

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Choose the Best Rug Pattern According to Your Décor

The same way rug style, color, & designs are important; rug pattern has its own place. The right rug pattern is identified with its quality to complement your furniture and accessories. If you choose to go with wacky print or similar color, it will give an impression of bad thinker working behind and will create an ugly impression that no one would like to enter to. So, use these simple strategies, and choose the perfect rug ever.



When To Go For Eye Catching Pattern?

In case your walls and furniture are of neutral color, you need to try eye-catching pattern to add positive energy in to space and for this you can use patchwork or paisley area rug in bold colors and shapes. That will positively give “starry-eyed dreamer” look. Well, if you would like to add more maturity and depth, go for the rug pattern with ornamental detailing. For example, use of oriental rug with a Persian, Kilim or Moroccan motif.

When To Go For Subtle Tonal Pattern?

If you are a color lover and have colorful walls and/or furniture, or have large print pattern, it will be very optimal to use a rug with a subtle tonal pattern. As everyone look for beauty and not occurrence, so whatever is used should remark beauty and attention with simplicity. A rug that is more classically patterned and used solid or stripes will take its part in creating unification, ambiance and coherence that is the true showcase of your high enriched provoked thought.

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Popular Rug Patterns

Rugs are named with different patterns. Some popular rug patterns include

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are known for their durability and extraordinary hand woven constructions which makes them very reliable. Machine woven rugs in oriental style are budget friendly and reliable. These rugs may have animal motifs, geometric shapes, floral patterns, tribal symbols, medallions.

Distressed Vintage Rugs

Vintage and near to vintage rugs represent beautiful style, represent history, give antique appeal and bring unique presentation to the entire décor. These wonderful rugs typically feature Oriental and Persian patterns with very wide range of color options, making them a full decorating treat for your home.

Trellis Rugs

Trellis rugs are a new inception that has said good bye to the old chevron striped rugs. These trellis rugs are geometric patterned rugs that has matrix of fluted lines and these rugs also posses the quality of creating a good mixing and matching with other prints. The design created shows great inspiration from the arches and domes of the Moroccan skyline.

Abstract Rugs

These rugs are inimitable and expressive in their non-repetitive designs. These are very similar to arts abstract patterns that have unique shapes, form, color, and lines that create wonderful compositions that is different from the visual reality. Abstract rugs act as the decorative accent in the home and act as an important functional pieces art of varied colors, sizes, designs and styles.

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What Makes Karastan Different

When we go to buy a rug, we normally look for its quality, brand, material, design, choice of colors, size etc. Karastan is a renowned and reliable brand with highly qualified professionals who knows the taste of brand lovers. Right now, Karastan is giving 10% special discount on its favorite rugs for a limited period of time. Here we would discuss two beautiful rugs from Karastan.

Spice Market Saigon Multi

The style and design of this rug is very unique and thus it is said to be a influencer for many across the globe. Each design of this Karastan collection is endowed for being the masterpiece and the features seems inspired for cultural artistry, motivation, décor and creating rhythm in the environment.

Available in different sizes, made in multi color, a collection from Spice Market, this Spice Market Saigon Multi has got the woven weave type and exclusive everstand fiber. The premier polyester is specifically produced from up to 100% post consumer content from plastic bottles. Well, all the rugs from Spice market Collection has an irresistible soft touch, inherit stain resistance and vivid   color clarity.


Karastan Elements Ignite Multi

Karastan Elements Ignite Multi is the very exclusive rug that is invitingly modern yet approachable. This rug is very very unique and good to eyes. It has a very creative design where you can find casual collection of modern, tribal, global patterns, the artistic assortment features and fresh pops of colprs This rug is designed with exclusive everstand recycled polyester, but the styles of this collection has extra ordinary softness, superior stain resistance and superb durability. Moreover, it is a collection from Elements, color is multi, weave type or construction is woven and size is varied.

So, buying from Karastan is never a wrong decision because it is made by professionals with the correct input from market.

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5 Famous Myths Associated With Woolen Carpets

Wool is a natural blessing and that’s why it is very popular in every country.  Every year, reasonable amount of woolen carpets are sold all over the world because it has got numerous benefits. Some of the qualities are that it is warm enough, hard wearing, sound absorbing, pile retaining, and is very friendly to the different sorts of environment. There are some myths about woolen carpets. People believe that it is easy to buy but not easy to maintain.

Here I m sharing some facts which are very opposite to popular myths and fears, so now, as you deserve, you can enjoy the benefits of clean wool carpets.

Myth Number 1

Never wet clean (using wet extractors or water) the wool carpet, as this will lead to damaging its fibers.

Fact that Matters:

Wool is natural hair and like any other hair and water or any wet extractors easily let the wool carpets to get cleaned and if this is done with proper method, the look and feel of new carpet can be achieved even with very less effort and time.

Myth Number 2

If wool carpets are made wet, they are shrunk.

Fact that Matters:

The above statement is totally wrong. Wool carpets are very water friendly; they can be cleaned by luke warm water or cool water. Although they are absorbent, what you can do is avoid using cleaning solution unnecessarily.

Myth Number 3

Cleaning the carpet by making it wet will make it brown.

Fact that Matters:

This is not at all the right statement. If the carpet is discolored by cleaning it with water or any liquid, it may be because of two reasons. 1, Color is temporarily changed because it is wet and as soon as it gets dried, the original color is retained. 2, Make sure the carpet colors are fast. You can check this by using the cleaning method at small part.

Myth Number 4

Clean your carpet with products that contain bleach.

Fact that Matters:

The fact is that bleach is very harmful for carpets. It can dissolve wool, so never clean wool or wool mix carpets with products that contain bleach.

Myth Number 5

After the woolen carpet is washed, it should be left it its own to get dry by air.

Fact that Matters:

Never leave carpet in this way because it will not only take lot of time to get dry, but will get the dirt again. This time we expect more dust to sit on it because the carpet is wet. To dry the carpet in short time you can ventilate the room well and use air movers or vacuum cleaners.

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The Remarkable Memorial Day to Honor and Remember – Giving Words to Inspire

Memorial Day is one of the most poignant federal holidays. This day is the remembrance for military service people who lost their lives in many historic battles that include World War II, Civil War and other conflicts. This is the national holiday which is observed by the display of parades, functions, public gatherings, visit to memorials, barbeque arrangements and so on. This is for the honor and remembrance like Veterans Day which honors people who have sacrificed their lives in the Armed Forces.

If you would like to plan an event on Memorial Day, and you are looking for something that you can dedicate or honor the people who sacrificed their lives for the country, this blog would definitely help you. Here are some heart-warming messages for Memorial Day which are written in tribe to those men and women.

1, A thank you note to all brave people who have sacrificed their lives.

2, It’s a day to remember and honor the courageous people whose names are written with golden pen the history.

3, Join hands with us to tribute the definitive sacrifice.

4, Make it your special day by counting the blessings and staying proud.

5, Honor the nation heroes on Memorial Day.

6, Honor and grace the nation heroes.

7, Wish you beautiful Memorial Day to remember and honor.

8, Remember the fallen heroes with pride.

9, Send gratitude to fallen service members.

10, Today, we would like to honor who made great sacrifice.

11, Warm wishes for people who sacrificed their lives.

12, Let’s get together for heroes who served to hold or flag high.

13, Remember heroes and celebrate the day for those who sacrificed lives.

14, Have a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

15, Join hand with Memories that let us recall the heroes.

16, Join us for Memorial Day and have a good time with us.

The sentences can be used as an invitation or banners for Memorial Day, or writing articles for Memorial Day. Stay Blessed.

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When Back Is Your Final Choice

When you choose rug for your house, you have unlimited choices in designs and colors. The choice of right color is obvious decision for everybody, but sometimes it involves lot of thinking process, and sometimes it is the matter of first choice. Well, the right color pt emotion and awareness to the room, if it is used properly.

If you are going to choose the dark color for the first time, I would like to suggest here to not get afraid of dark colors because dark colors has its own benefits which I am going to mention here.

1, Black or dark color is good for homes having pets or kids who are most obvious to spread spill and dirt into the house.

2, Black rugs make room look luxurious and warm.

3, Black ties simplicity and elegance to the space, so it creates classiness wherever it is spread.

4, If you talk about style, you will never find black out of style. Black is always in.

5, If the room has lot of windows, lots of lights, bright décor or the sunlight comes inside, black rug bring life into the room in a very magical way by drawing people into space creating a focal point.

6, Black gives nice combination when it is created with white.

7, Some times, people seem reluctant to buy black because they think they will bring darkness into the room. If something same happens to you, remember that there are many beautiful rugs available in the market with lighter shades and with dark shades.

8, If you like geometric shapes, dark with the combination of light shades will look marvelous.

9, One of the biggest advantage with black is that it can be easily matched with almost any color. So, whether your furniture or other décor has rich colors, solid white, or black, everything would be fine.

10, The variety of designs, sizes and colors and textures also look sensible with black.

11, Last but not the least, a very positive point with black is that it can make room feel luxurious and warm.

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Why Curtains Are Important At Our Homes?

There are many reasons people use curtains on windows, on naked walls, on shelves and on doors. Sometimes, these curtains become really important as we cannot think to survive at home without them. Many homemakers take these curtains as the very important fixture because they offer many benefits including these

Protection From Sunlight

As the direct sunlight irritates sometimes, especially in summer, people tend to use curtains. Also, when you want to sleep more in weekends, sunlight disturbs you, so hanging curtain becomes very important.

Curtains In Summer

Keeping the room cool is very important in summer. So, hanging them on windows is very important. Sometimes when the even the windows are closed curtains bring lot of sunlight to room and make room warm, so hanging them there is very important in this regard.

Curtain In Winter

In winter, sometimes when windows are closed, windows bring lot of chill waves, and that time warm curtains do much to make such waves to not enter in the room.

Curtain Is The Symbol Of Beauty

A home without curtain looks incomplete. Curtains enhances overall look of home in a very bold way. The furniture, the windows and the doors gives drastically complete and bold look when curtains are properly hanged in correct matching and sophisticated style. So, these curtains definitely enhances beauty of home.

Prevention From Dust, Unwanted heat and Light

Open windows would definitely carry lot of dust, unwanted sunlight and disturbance, although curtains would make carry very limited dust, limited sunlight and limited disturbance. Home with curtains creates good mood, bring uniformity in setting and create sophisticated living environment, all directed to give peace of mind to the homemakers and everyone who stay there.

Privacy Augmentation

The meaning of home is proper shelter where you could get peace of mind and you are able to do whatever you want. Hanging curtains in windows and doors improves privacy of your room and home in different aspects, depending the position of windows and doors.

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Beautiful Rugs In Special Discount Price

As we are working to bring you the very right part that is closely connected to your inner soul and thought, we ought to highlight some rugs that are very beautiful, have excellent quality and are displayed with special discount. So here are some

Jaipur Living Killick Indoor/ Outdoor Tribal Blue/ Ivory Area Rug

Belonging to the famous Jaipur brand this Jaipur Living Killick Indoor/ Outdoor Tribal Blue/ Ivory Area Rug is one of the best rug in different sizes and blue and grey colors. It is unique assortment of nautical and global designs. Since it belongs to the Catamaran collection, it owes great weather-resistant and stylish accent for indoor as well as outdoor settings. It is made with 100% polypropylene material with the pile height of 0.11.

This Jaipur Living Killick Indoor/ Outdoor Tribal Blue/ Ivory Area Rug has the flat woven kellick rug feature, sisal inspired look and a beautiful, dynamic and modern style geometric pattern. Moreover, this rug is power loomed in weave type, construction is machine made, shape is rectangle, country is India, and the colors are ivory, natural beige, and navy hues which offers classic color palette to any space.

Delano Machine Woven Black/Blue Area Rugs

Made with the 100% polypropylene material, a collection from Delano, these machine woven black/blue area rugs has 0.25 pile height. Belonging to Turkey, this timeless design of weaver’s art is beautifully recreated for today’s sophisticated home. This Delano rug brings the signature assortment of uniquely elegant area rugs.

It is popular for its classic floral and ornamental motifs that positively play vital role to bring forth the elegance to any room. Moreover, this rug is expertly power-loomed for its luxuriously supple texture and years of lasting beauty.

Jaipur Living Benna Handmade Abstract Blue/ Gray Round Area Rug

A collection from Genesis, this Jaipur Living Benna Handmade Abstract Blue/ Gray Round Area Rug is a popular hand-made rug which is consisted of 54% Viscose and 46% Wool. Its pile height is 0.5, size is varied. It boldly lives with a whimsical spirit and sophisticated flair which are mixed in lively pattern and color blends. This plush wool and viscose accent makes a bold statement to stand out and create style driven setting.


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Amazing Colors for Quality Rugs in Special 70% Off

Here we will gather some rugs that are incredible in color choice, belong to renowned brand and are available in amazing discount. So, let’s discover some rugs in beautiful colors and amazing discount from renowned brands.

Ambrose Hand Woven Almond Area Rugs – 70% Off

Belonging to the Nourison brand, this Ambrose Hand Woven Almond rug is one of its sorts. It came in existence with combination of three different and beautiful colors in an artistic design. Its size is 3’9” x 5’9”. It is made with 100% Wool material with the use of almond color as the basic one. The construction of         this rug is hand woven with the pile height of 0.5, shape is rectangle, and it belongs to Ambrose collection.

Moreover, these premium wool rugs are popular because they combine the ancient art of the Soumak weave. These heirloom quality rugs are further combined with hand knotted cut pile and elegant patterns. This has truly remarkable collection, extraordinary texture and sophisticated visual appeal. This Nourison rug incorporates traditional, contemporary and transitional design styles in monochromatic tones.

Nourmak Hand Woven Red Area Rugs – 70% Off

 Again a product from Nourison; Nourmak Hand Woven Red Area Rugs are available in 70% discount in red color in 8’x 8’ size. Made with 100% wool face, this is hand woven rug with the pile height of 0.5 is meticulously created to bring forth the masterpieces that are elegant, antique, sophisticated, eminent hand woven traditional Persian to elegant besararbian floral patterns.

Moreover, these Nourmak Hand Woven Red Area Rugs has sensational flat weaves that add texture and uncompromising style to any room in a very very reasonable cost that is the 70% off. So, this rug will be exciting enough for quality details and design pattern and at the same time will not be heavy for the pocket.

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