Stunning Furniture Makeover Ideas for 2019

Here we are with some professional ideas of furniture makeovers. We are sure that our smart home decorating ideas would allow you to give new look to furniture.

Therefore, let’s see what we have to offer you in this context.

Transforming an Old Table for Your Bath

Now this is our personal favorite transforming an old side table or a vintage table that you may have in your home into a bath table with the capacity to hold all your bath essentials i.e. bath oils, salts, essential oils, body washes and not to forget towels.

Make sure you color your table in a color that goes well with your wash room color or any wall paper that you may have there. The first and the foremost step you will have to take to give new look to furniture is none other than using a sand paper thoroughly on it.

For storage of towels you will need to add an extra shelf towards the end of the table. You can also consider carrying out a little plumbing work to add a tap and a vessel sink to it.

Transforming a Pooch-Sized Perch

We all happen to have that pooch-sized perch in our home which after a few broken drawers seems to be nothing but a piece of junk that needs to be removed. Paint it in a bright color that your four legged friend loves.

Do you know our smart home decorating ideas can help you transform this pooch-sized perch into a kind of home for your pets? All you have to do place your four legged friend’s things over there. However, make sure you keep it pet friendly i.e. soft and healthy.

Transforming your Side-Table

Carrying on with our ideas of furniture makeovers, we move on to none other than a furniture item that is found in all homes i.e. the side table.

However, if your side table has started to give off an outdated look then we have an outstanding idea to convert it into a stylish side table. Paint it with the utmost elegant color that is likely to go along with your room. However, the place you are free to show your creativity is none other than the table glass.

Apply a floral stencil to the glass bottom and then to seal it, make sure you coat it with a frosted glass finish spray.

Towards the last, keep a few stylish decoration pieces over the table especially a table lamp.

Transforming the Media Cart

Media cart is another essential furniture item that needs to be salvaged in all homes. The first thing you need to change about the media cart are the wheels attached to it and replace these with wooden furniture feet.

Apply decorative yet soothing colored decorative color to the door and change the knobs with new ones. Use the storage area for keeping books and children story books. Similarly, place a few decorative items at the top to give it a trendy and elegant look

Summing it All Up

We are sure that these ideas of furniture will bring stunning change to your home that can definitely make the guests to feel welcoming and at same time these changes will make you feel good and comfortable.

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The Most Creative Furniture Renovation Ideas for 2019

There are many of us who think about how to utilize their weekend or let’s say how to work on weekend,utilizing it in the most creative manner.

Though many of us would like to implement smart home decorating ideas yet not all of us exactly know where to start from and what to do.

To help you, this article will take a look at smart home decorating ideas and guide you about the weekend projects in less budget.

Welcoming your Dresser to the New Age

Do you know that the wooden dressers are a classic beauty that never goes out of trend or you may well say that it is one piece of furniture that is always trending!

Therefore, if you are also looking for smart home decorating ideas as weekend projects in less budget then all you require is basic hard ware skills along with a fresh paint coat and your wooden furniture is as good as new.

Transforming the Outdated Armoire

If you happen to have that outdated armoire which featured storage area on the above while were designed to house huge TV, do not rule it out as a piece of waste.

We suggest that you transform it into a storage armoire. First upgrade the hardware with trending handles and give it a brilliant brightened color like white or beige, keeping in view the surrounding colors. You can fit two doors in the former TV storage area and fit the same handles in the lower cabinet.

Imparting an old Bookcase an All New Look

We all happen to have that old bookcase which manages to give a worn out and outdated look. No marks for guessing that you feel it belongs more to the storage area than your home.

However, we are sure we have a very interesting assignment for all those who wonder how to work on weekend. Well! Let us tell you that we have a very interesting task for you for the upcoming weekend.

All you need is an elegant colored paint along with an elegant handle that will be used on the door that will be placed on the lower most shelf of your book case to give it a modern and transformed look.

Transforming the Old Vanity

This must be among the top of the smart home decorating ideas that you may have ever come across. All you have to do is to take off the mirror stand and any wooden frame attached with it.

Once the work is done you are now left with the wooden table so color it with an elegant color. You can change the knobs of the door if you wish to and perhaps add wall paper on the front of the drawers to add more color and charm to it.

You can consider adding a stool or a similar colored chair to this table. You can convert it to a study table or a reading table by placing a reading lamp, stationary and a few books to it.

You can also consider hanging a wooden frame on the wall that has cards clipped to it. Just make sure that the wooden frame is doubled so it may exude an elegant look.

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6 Creative Ideas to Decorate your Home in a Limited Budget

Well, if you happen to be running on a tight budget when it comes to decorating your home then we are here to offer you tips for decorating home in less money i.e. decorate home in less budget.

Therefore, let’s start with a few basic and creative ideas on a budget.

Take Out the Decorative Items Giving your Home a Worn Out Look

The first step to take is none other than taking a good look at your home and making a list of the decorative items that have worn out, giving off an outdated look and the ones that have been damaged.

Make a list of all of it and consider the possibility of selling any of the stuff that you are taking out of your home.

Look Out for Garage Sales

Though a rarity these days, these still do take place especially when people are looking to shift their home or their city.

Therefore, be on the lookout for garage sales and see if you can manage to find some items to decorate home in less budget.

Consider Painting an Accent Wall

Well, if you do not have the kind of resources and money for painting your entire home then you are quite justified in wondering how to decorate home in limited budget. However, never say never.

Well, if you do not have the kind of money to paint your entire home even then we are sure you certainly can consider painting an accent wall in your home.

This wall is sure to impart a brightened look to your home and give it a new look and feel.

Customize What You Already Have 

If you do not have the resources to impart an all new look and all new décor theme to your home then the practical and creative option that you have in your hand is none other than customizing what you already have.

Consider small and economic changes like painting the edges of your table in a contrasting color or adding trims to curtains.

May be you can paint your ceilings in a new color or maybe you can introduce some new rugs in your house to infuse a breath of fresh air to your home.

Add Light Fixtures

You may add a light fixture in a way that it shines over a colored object like a colored plant. Similarly, you can also add lights that change colors.

Bring in a Few Indoor Plants

Bring in a few indoor plants to decorate home in less budget and thus add beauty, color and life to your home in a highly affordable manner.

Indoor plants will not only bring décor but also add natural beauty to your room and perhaps help your home smelling fresh and soothing all the time. Therefore, if you have been thinking how to decorate home in limited budget consider bringing in a few indoor plants to your home

Summing it All Up

If you are also facing the limitation to decorate home in less budget then the above mentioned tips for decorating home in less money i.e. decorate home in less budget would be of great help to you.

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Bold and Colorful Palettes for High Traffic Places at Homes

Times are fast changing and with the passage of time, the things are evolving fast too including colors for home with kids and yes how could we forget colors for home with pets.

Though we often tend to think that bold, colorful and spicy colors are not a good choice yet as we mentioned above, times have changed and tastes have evolved. This article will serve as a guide to dark colors for home.

High-Traffic Areas

We all have high-traffic areas in our home like the living room or the kids’ room etc. If your living room and kids room tend to get messed up and the paint tends to look old, dirty and worn out sooner than it ought to, then you definitely need to rethink your choice.

Let us take a look at the colors that may prove to be ideal and suitable for high-traffic areas of your home. Though it may occur as surprising to you yet reds, yellows and spicy oranges are very much in and trending.

Not only do these colors manage to hide any dirt, splashes and marks that may make their way to your walls but also manage to stay new and exude shine.

However, you are entitled to be as creative as you wish to be and can even use all these colors in the same room of course on the different walls of the room. Just imagine the energy and the positivity it will bring along with it in your room and we are sure you would absolutely love it.

Therefore, when thinking of colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets, make sure you give it a consideration.

Consider Bright Colors However, With Gray Undertones as your Room Color

For those who would like to adhere a little to tradition, the option of coloring your home with bright colors however, with gray undertones is a good idea.

This is a popular choice among people who have to choose colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets and prefer a touch of bold colors with gray underlying tone.

This color scheme would include 3 colors i.e. 2 warm colors of your choice and the third color which would be a cool one.

Deciding on the Gloss Factor

For long, people opted for high gloss colors for home with kids and/or colors for home with pets thinking that the gloss factor renders it easier to take off the stains.

However, things seem to have evolved in this aspect too and today more and more companies are concentrating on offering paints that are not only stain resistant but also render it easy for you to take off the stain with the help of mere water and soap.

Therefore, you no longer have to go for high gloss exclusively for the fact that it is stain resistant as now even the matte finish offers stain resistance properties.

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A Guide to Choosing Wall Color for Home

Choosing the right color for your home can make all the positive difference. Similarly, choosing the wrong colors, in absence of professional guidance, can stand in the way of achieving your desired look.

Therefore, we suggest that you seek a guide to choose wall color for home so you may achieve outstanding and desired results for your home.

If you are wondering how to choose a wall color and thus looking for a color guide for homein this aspect then we can be of professional help.

Consider Trends

Consider trends, as one way or the other, some colors or some color combinations are always trending. Therefore, take in consideration these trends.

However, there are certain rules that you need to follow. For e.g. if you wish to give a limited space a spacious and bright look then you will need to go with light and bright colors.

Similarly, if you are looking to give a spacious space a rather cozy look then you need to go for dark colors. The same stands true for ceilings i.e. if you wish your ceiling to look higher than it is then you need to paint it in a light color.

Similarly, if you wish your ceiling to look lower then it is then you need to paint it in a darker color.

Eco-friendly Trends and Drives

If you have done your homework properly, then you must have noticed the eco-friendly drive which is in full swing when it comes to how to choose a wall color.

Therefore, if you would also like to follow the eco-friendly drive, consult a guide to choose wall color for home.

Consider your Furniture

Though it may not be your primary consideration still you will have to consider your furniture and curtain treatments as a color guide for home.

Therefore, make sure you also take into consideration your furniture, window treatment, fixed furniture and appliances etc. Otherwise, your chosen color may look out of place and poorly selected.

Complementary Colors

A guide to choose wall color for home also suggests taking into consideration complimentary colors for your wall colors. The colors that lie opposite to each other in none other than the color wheel are known as complementary colors.

Therefore, if you wish to go for contrasting colors then take the help of color wheel for the purpose.

Analogous Color Scheme

Acolor guide for home also suggests that you can also think of taking advantage from the analogous color scheme i.e. the ones that lie none other than directly next to each other on the color wheel.

Monochromatic Color Combination

If you are thinking about monochromatic color combination then go through a professional color guide for home and you will get to know that a monochromatic color combination makes use of a single color’s various shades.

The purpose of this color combination is to impart an elegant, subtle and serene ambiance to your home. If you are thinking of going for this color combination make sure your monochromatic color combination adds texture along with various scales of pattern in respect of the material you choose to attain the desired look and feel.

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Preparing your Exterior Walls for Paint.. Know The Hacks

If you have already decided which colors to choose for outdoors, we think that you need a guide to exterior paint and more specifically how to prepare exterior paint.

Remember that once you have decided which colors to choose for outdoors the next job waiting for you is none other than preparing your exterior walls for the paint. A guide to exterior paint suggests that the more you prepare your walls for the exterior paint the better and the more professionals the results are going to be. After you have decided on which colors to choose for outdoors the next thing to know is how to prepare exterior paint.

Carrying out an elaborate homework on which colors to choose for outdoors will not only help you save cost but also additional efforts. You may also consider taking a look at the neighboring exterior walls so your house may not look isolated in terms of colors.

Consult a professional to know which colors are likely to go best along each other along with which colors will blend best to provide the desired color.

There are a couple of things to decide and know in advance like how much of the exterior you would like to have painted along which colors to choose for outdoors. Similarly, the outdoor areas that are to be left out.

Choosing a Color

Though oil-based paints are a popular choice when it comes to exterior wall painting, latex seems to have evolved to become an ideal paint for outdoors owing to the ease with which it can be cleaned.

Make sure the color you choose for your outer wall coverage is in alignment with any brick or other foundation work that you may have on your exterior walls.

Preparing the Surface of the Exterior Walls

The more prepared are the exterior wall surface, the more professional the results are going to be. never make the mistake of applying latex paint coat over a wall that is already covered with oil-based paint or the latex paint will not be able to put up with the weight of the oil-based paint.

Therefore, if you previously have an oil-based coat on your exterior wall, a guide to exterior paint would suggest that you stay with the oil-based paint rather than switching on to the latex.

Work on the surface of the exterior wall and make sure that any cracks and peeled off surface is scrubbed off. Once you have used the sand paper effectively, it is time to apply the primer to the surface.

Consider painting the trim once you are finished with the primer.

The Brush Factor

Once you have decided which colors to choose for outdoors and decided whether you would like to go with the latex paint or the oil-based paint, it is now time to decide on the brush accordingly.

If you are using the oil-based paint it is best to use a natural-bristle brush. Similarly, if you have decided in favor of the latex paint, a guide to exterior paint suggests that you use the natural-bristle brush.

Towards, the end we would like to suggest that you avoid painting on a humid day rather paint on days with low humidity level. Similarly, allow the primer to dry for a minimum of 24-48 days for the best results.

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Tips for Selecting the Best Paint for your Home Exterior

Well selecting the best paint for your home is certainly not something that you do not require guidance in respect of. Therefore, if you are also thinking about how to select exterior paint colors for a home that may well be yours then we can be of help.

You may think of this article as a guide to exterior paint that will guide on various aspects of outdoor painting including which colors to choose for outdoors.

Stay Away from the Temptation of Settling for Cheap or Compromising on the Quality of the Paint

This is one of the gravest mistake that many make when it comes to which colors to choose for outdoors. Remember first impression is often the last one. Therefore, you may well think of your exterior home paint as the first impression that you leave on your visitors.

Avoid the temptation of settling for cheap quality paint or compromising on any other similar aspect. Settle for only the best paint that is capable of taking the wear and tear associated with weather and any other similar factors.

Similarly, you may also think of investing in a paint that resists stain.

Choosing the Color of the Paint

Another challenge is none other than which colors to choose for outdoors? However, you need to take certain things into consideration before you decide on the colors. These include any stone foundation, existing brick foundation, accents and patio or any other work that you may have with along with any underlying tones.

While some may like to go along with the existing color scheme some may also consider by choosing paint opposite in terms of the none other than the color’s temperature.

Take Advantage of the Technology

What makes you think that you cannot take advantage of technology when it comes to how to select exterior paint colors for a home? A guide to exterior paint also includes availing technology to the fullest in this aspect.

This includes taking your permanent material to the consultant or the paint store for expert advice on professional color selection.

This would help you obtain an idea in advance about what the final and finished look is going to look like.

The Trim

People who are trying to wonder how to select exterior paint colors for a home should stay away from making the mistake of forgetting the trim.

You are likely to want something which is a little or let’s say way different from the typical and traditional white color.  Therefore, if you are also facing a similar situation and wondering which colors to use for outdoors then think about opting for shades that are a little elegant and subtle.

Trying it Before Hands with the Test Sizes of the Paint you are Thinking of Selecting

Finally one of the most informed ways in case you are wondering how to select exterior paint colors for a home is a guide to exterior paint that suggests that you apply the test size of the paint you are planning to paint your exterior with on north and south sides of your house exterior walls in small portions.

Now take a look at the paint at different times of the day to get a practical idea on how the paint would look like at different times of the day.

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Tips for 2018 to help you Paint like a Professional

People often wonder how to paint in professional way when it comes to painting. Below, we will offer you great and useful tips to paint like professional.

Therefore, let us just start right away without wasting any time to see what it takes to paint like a professional.

The Nap Factor

Do you know that there is also a nap factor to painting? Felling a little confused about what it is let us be of help.  Walls with more texture require a thicker nap as compared to a situation where your walls may have less texture.

Wondering why because it will allow you complete coverage apart from allowing you to reach cervices.

However, you need to be very careful because in the event you nap is too thick it may actually end up adding more texture to an area you may not want to begin with.

Therefore, know about the nap factor if you are looking for tips on how to paint in professional way

Cover the Areas you do not wish to Paint

There must be certain areas that you do not wish to paint. Therefore, as a precautionary step make sure that you cover all these areas that you do not wish to paint.

Cover these areas before you start painting as it considered among the most professional tips to paint like professional.

Therefore, make sure you have all these places covered even if these places are as simple as door knobs.

Remove All Light Switches Along with the Outlet Covers

If you wish to know how to paint in professional way leave no stone unturned. Though you may feel tempted to skip this step yet make sure you do not and by no means skip this step or it will not give off an utmost professional look and feel.

Make use of the Primer if Needed

Well, let us be very clear in this aspect. If you are seeing professional solutions on how to paint in a professional way then you need to take this one very seriously.

If you have a smooth and clean surface then probably you can suffice with a combination as simple as a paint combined with a primer.

However, if your scenario is such that your walls have not been painted for a while then our tips to paint like professional would suggest that you use a bonding primer.

Paint from Top to Bottom

Other tips to paint like professional include painting the walls from the top to the bottom. Therefore, if you are also wondering how to paint in a professional way, make sure that you paint from top to the bottom. The first thing to do is to cut in at the baseboard and ceiling edges making use of the brush. The next thing you would need to do is to use the roller from the top to bottom for painting your home.

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A Comprehensive Guide to how to Select the Right Paint and Color for Your Home?

Which paint will be the best for my walls and/or how to choose perfect wall color these are the two questions that we face multiple times in our lives. However, the answer is embedded in the look that you are looking to achieve with the paint.

This article will take a comprehensive look at the colors you should choose.

When you are planning to sell your Home

In the event you are planning to sell your home the question which paint will be the best for my walls is more than likely to spring in your mind, we suggest that you opt for off-white or a white color as there are a number of benefits to it.

First, it will allow the person who is buying the house to give the home colors of his/her own choice. Secondly, it imparts your home a brighter and spacious appearance.

If you wish your Room to give off a Feeling of Tranquility and Peace    

In the event, you wish your room or let’s say the whole of your place a feeling of peace and tranquility then we suggest that you paint your room and/or your place in colors like pinks, blues, and lavenders along with soft yellow colors. At least, we are sure after reading this you will not have to bother yourself with how to choose perfect wall color.

If you wish your Room to give off a Calm Look

In the event you wish your room to boost a calm and relaxed ambiance then we suggest that you paint your walls in lighter shades of warm and/or cool colors.

Drift from the Old Rule of Similar Shade and Texture

You are fully allowed to drift away from the old rule that dictates the need for shade and texture being similar. Try different colors as shades and textures and then see the result for yourself.

If you wish a Simple and Soothing Feel and Look Along with a Monochromatic Look

If you are wondering how to choose perfect wall color then we are sure that there may be places in your place where you may be better off with a simple, soothing and monochromatic look. Needless to say that these places may include your washrooms. This color scheme is aimed at imparting the feeling of calmness to the place.

Now what you can do in such a situation is to select the color of your choice and then overlap it with shades of your favorite colors.

If you wish to opt for an Elegant Look

There is always a room or a place where you cannot do without an elegant look and if you wonder which paint will be the best for my walls in this case we would suggest that it would be more than relevant to note here that elegance is no longer restricted to whites and beige colors etc. Now there is far more to elegance than the long-reigning white and beige colors.

Therefore, when thinking to impart an elegant look to your room you may opt for let’s say the almond color walls and subsequently add color splashes throughout with none other than a color throw that can help very elegantly setoff the neutral base color of your room.

Another way to add color to your elegant base color is to add colored accessories to your room. However, we suggest that you chose colors wisely and do not go overboard when it comes to adding colors to your elegant base color.

If you wish to Add Energy with Vibrant Colors

If you wish to add energy to your place and wondering how to choose perfect wall color then we suggest that you opt for vibrant colors such as reds, oranges, dark purples along with color like gold. To add in some class along with vibrancy you can opt for elegant color contrasts.


The same simple rule still reigns when it comes to ceilings. A high ceiling can be made to look lower if you paint it with a darker color than the wall paint. Simply a room can be made to look more spacious and the ceiling higher with the help of a color that is lighter than that of the walls.

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A Short Guide to Exterior Paint Selection

If you are looking forward to exterior wall paint then we are sure seeking a little guidance from a guide to exterior paint selection cannot hurt.

Below, we will offer a guide to exterior paint that will help you in respect of which colors to choose for outdoors. Therefore, let us just start so you may know what to do when it comes to exterior paint selection.

To start with, let us tell you that there are 2 types of exterior paints namely the oil-based and latex.

Though oil-based paints are a clear favorite when it comes to which colors to choose for outdoors yet the latex has clearly evolved when it comes to exterior paint. Let us take a brief look into both the oil-based and latex paints.

The Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints are a clear favorite and is often the first choice of people when it comes to exterior paint selection.

There are many benefits of using an oil-based paint for exterior walls. To begin with, they offer an immaculate finish secondly, they are more durable as compared to other paints when it comes to protecting the exterior walls.

However, a guide to exterior paint selection is sure to suggest that you strictly opt for the oil-based paint in the event your walls are previously covered with it.

However, a fact associated with oil-based paint is that these need to be stirred consistently as the oil in these paints have a tendency to separate from the paint.

A guide to exterior paint selectionwould also suggest that once you have decided to use oil-based paints make sure you use a roller or a brush that has been especially designed for the purpose.

Latex Paints

However, having analyzed the oil-based paints as an answer to the ever looming question which colors to choose for outdoors, the latex paints seem to have evolved over a period of time too.

Therefore, you are sure to come across a guide to exterior paint that suggests that latex paints are a good choice. Why? Because these are easier to be used and work with. However, one thing to look out for when using a latex paint for outdoor paint is that it is exclusively meant for exterior walls.

Refrain from using latex paints that are meant for interior wall paint purpose. There are many pros of using latex paints for exterior wall paint as along with being easy to apply, these are also easy to be dried. Experts suggest that the latex paint also shows resistance when exposed to direct sunlight.

Again, for those individuals who like to change their exterior wall paint frequently, the latex paint is also easy to be cleaned and requires little effort to be cleaned in most of the cases requires merely water.

However, when using latex paint, for the first time, on your exterior walls make sure you do not apply it over a previous oil-based paint coat.

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